Wildly Tame

on November 26, 2019

     Are animal prints the new neutral? If you don’t think so at this point…keep reading 😉  From wild to tame, these prints can be amazingly versatile and are a staple in every stylish person’s closet this season. From luxe snake prints to domineering cheetah prints to newly updated prints like giraffe, cow, and tiger, there are a multitude of options everyone can appreciate.

     For the last few years, we’ve been seeing this increase in animal print popularity from top designers and this season is no different as prints have gone wild across the board; pouncing in to all of our wardrobes. Some trends come and go but this doesn’t seem to be one that’s leaving anytime soon. Though it’s extremely ‘in’ this season, there have been other times when it’s been considered ‘outdated’, and yet we all have still dawned these primal prints at least once or twice without such a care. 

     This is the season where we tend to gravitate towards our neutrals that range from browns to cremes to blacks but throwing in a faded or light animal print instead can give us that little something extra to our ensembles without attracting too much attention. Animal prints have become the new alternative neutral because not only are they now proven to be timeless, but they also compliment everything and everyone whether you want to emphasize or keep your tone on the soft side. If you’re on the prowl to stay within budget yet still look chic with ease, here are some ideas on how to keep yourself wildly tame this fall and winter:


  • Blackout: Pair black jeans/leggings with a comfy black sweater and a cheetah print scarf to liven it up! 


  • An All-Denim Look from ZZZ to Zebra – Dark jeans and a dark denim jacket with a pair of zebra printed boots or flats is a super cute and casual upgrade to your everyday look.


  • Prrrrrrinted Jackets – A tiger or cheetah print long coat with a tan sweater and a pair of light blue jeans will keep you warm with a hint of updated edge that can be rounded off perfectly with a pair of black or jewel-tone ankle boots..


  • Bold Layering for the Lazy – If you’re feeling daring one chilly day this year, try pairing a sleeveless/short-sleeve light giraffe print dress with a neutral (white/black/beige/brown/grey) color turtleneck underneath finished off by combat boots.

  • Beanie Baby – Who doesn’t love a thick and comfy beanie? Take a light white blouse and either lightly washed or dark denim blue jeans then pair them with bold boots and a leopard print beanie for a fun take on cozy winter cool!!



Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 11.51.21 PM.png


(Retrieved from: Unsplash)



Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 11.51.27 PM.png


(Retrieved from: Unsplash)



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Jewelry Trends 2018

on March 21, 2018

Hello Fashomistas! Who doesn’t love a little bling right? Bling is everything because diamonds are a woman’s best friend right? Jewelry can take a simple outfit to a chic outfit! It can also take your look from day to night. Jewelry is an accessory and an enhancer. It is made to frame and enhances the natural beauty we all as women possess. Be glam, be gorgeous, be-jeweled!

Here are a few jewelry trends to look out for this year! Most of them are familiar, but they are back and better than ever.


Some of you are thinking, anklets are a thing of the past, right? I know it’s so 90s right, but didn’t you know there was a renaissance going on in fashion right now. Out with the old and in with the older! Dainty anklets are the thing to wear in the coming Spring and Summer seasons. Wear an anklet or multiple anklets (because layering is in) to the beach, the park, or even on a date! Go for a simple chain or sport some charms. Feeling tres chic then wear an anklet with diamonds or pearls on them!

Asymmetrical Earrings

Asymmetrical earrings? What’s that? Sounds weird right? Allow us to explain. It almost looks like you are missing an earring, but it’s made to look stylish. Miss-matched earrings are what they are essential. You can rock a short and a long one like the 80s again or a hoop and a stud. It’s yours to decide.

Statement Earrings

Fashion makes a statement of its own, but beauty and jewelry do just the same! Make a statement before you even open your mouth with a jewelry pop! Big earrings, long earrings, textures, colors, you name it! If it stands out it’s a statement earring!

Layered Necklaces

Chokers are out! 2017 drove them into the ground. However, they can be found in this trend. The layered look consists of a dainty short chain that fits like a choker and two different length longer chains. You can use simple dainty chains or chains with charms.

Gold and Brass Pinky and Midi Rings

Midi rings have been on a steady in the curve for the past couple of years. Rock a few or sport them on multiple fingers. Midi rings aren’t just for your ring, middle, and index fingers. Pinkies and thumbs deserve to be adorned too! Wear simple dainty bands or ones with jewels and charms.

If you like these trends, then download Fashom App to see how our fellow Fashomistas are flaunting their jewels. If you need a little help on how to wear them check out our styling feature to get outfits and jewelry styled personally to your preferences!

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Always in Trend—Polka Dots

on September 2, 2017

Always in Trend—Polka Dots

Every girl at least has one item which has Polka dot. Polka dots always in trend because it is so classic!  At the first place, it intended to cover the moth holes in women’s wool dresses. In the late 19th century, Polka dot became common on clothing in the United Kingdom. (Wiki).

Disney put Polka Dots in trend because it created a cartoon character “Minnie Mouse” and started to be used on kids’ furniture, clothing, and accessory.

Polka Dots never leaves the trend, because more and more designers are using polka dots as the main pattern of some collections.

It makes women look full of energy and like a lovely girl. Women who wear Polka Dots want to show their attitude that they are happy and never be negative.


Shop this at ESTHER


This blouse is elegant and has small dots on it. Girls can wear this top with a slim fit pants or skirt. This top also can be worn as business casual.


Polka-dotted silk scarf


Shop this at MYTHERESA

PRICE: $485


Women’s Polka Dot Neckerchief

PRICE: $12.99


Those scarves both has eye-catching white-on-black polka dot design makes them looks similar but everyone has its own style. The first one is more luxury, which can be worn at more formal events. The second one is more casual.


Burnout Polka Dot Fit & Flare Dress


Price: $106.8

Shop at: Nordstrom

Check out this Polka dot dress. It combines modern and vintage together makes it classic and timeless and does not go out of style! Can be matched with bright color shoes or handbags.

Minnie Mouse Pic(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Minnie_Mouse.png)

Written by: Scarlet

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Bag trends for Fall 2017

on August 25, 2017


Clutch is coming back! Many designers bring the clutch into the trend, small clutches always the best fit for the event and special occasions.


Price: $695

Shop: Net a porter

Velvet Bags

Gucci starts to make bags use velvet. Velvet bags look elegant and fun!


Price: $2700

Shop: Neiman Marcus

Logo Bag

Dior’s new design makes big logo back to the trend.



More Information: In Boutiques

Cool Bag

More and more girls are chasing their own personality. Girls love cool bags more than the traditional elegant bags.


Chanel Gabrielle Bag

Price: $3,200

Shop: In the Boutiques


Price: $2,150

Shop: Net a Port

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The Trends of Summer 2017

on July 27, 2017

Hello again my lovely readers, I’m back to share with you guys some of the more prominent trends that have made an impression in the fashion world.

Trends are ever-changing, so it’s my job to make sure my followers are always kept up to date. These three looks I’ve listed below have come and gone many times, but are finally here to stay and did not come to play!

The “Glowy Dewy Makeup” Look

A bronzed makeup look to create a glowing and dewy skin complexion will always be a winner during the summer time.

Even better, this is an easy look. Choose a bronzer, highlighter or even eye shadow that’s nude with a bit of shimmer. Now apply the shimmer to your cheekbones, eyelids and upper lip area and watch yourself transform into a sun-kissed goddess.

The Beret

Between Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and the latest iconic duo Simi and Haze, the beret has officially made a comeback.

This Parisian, but chic look seems to be the accessory that everyone is choosing. The beret will top off anyone’s outfit and give their style the finished look one envisioned.

The Translucent Sunny’s

Indie vintage sunglasses are BACK and if you don’t believe me, then ask Gigi Hadid.

The internationally known model has collaborated with Vogue eyewear and has exclusively designed a line of trendy glasses for Vogue. Hadid states that she based the style and shape of her newest line off of “stunning retro-chic shapes colors, luminous colors and essential details – all in the eclectic vibes of the 90s.”

Have a great summer being trendy and cute, Fashom gals!

Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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