A Night in Nashville

on September 28, 2019
     We still cannot believe our #BeOneWithFashom event and meet-up alongside five fabulous influencers friends in the beautiful and bustling city of Nashville, TN was over two whole weeks ago now! Throughout the night, we loved having the opportunity to meet some of you Fashomistas IRL, answer your questions in the Q & A with our very own CEO Mitali Saxena, showcase some of our favorite new pieces for autumn presented by one of our stylists, talk a little about what is new and upcoming for Fashom (BIG news coming to you all soon, btw), and simply have an amazing time with some amazing members of our tribe!
     As an online styling company, we strive to ensure that you feel we not only understand your style but your lifestyle because your style reflects your daily life. Instead of feeling as if a computer is selecting your clothes for you based off of certain buzzwords you gave in the answers to your styling quiz, we have stylists who hand-pick options for you so that you can have a real person better understand the real you. Communication is at our core and we feel that keeping that line open with you constantly whether through our styling calls, emails, comments and messages on social media, or at events like the one held in Nashville, is what makes us the only real option which is why we always understand that we are all #BetterAsIAm.
     In case you missed any of our time in Music City, check out our socials to relive parts of this wonderful night and our Facebook for the full album but here’s a small sample just for you 😉
fashomadminA Night in Nashville

Summer Must-Have Trends

on July 10, 2019

Summer is at its peak and so is the fashion that falls behind the hot weather. We have been on the hunt for the most popular trends that have been circulating this season and we have found them. We have similar styles here at Fashom that you can easily try out in your own box. These styles are perfect for ALL body types and look amazing on everyone. Read below for a quick little recap on what trends are skyrocketing this summer:

1. Palazzo Pants

The ultimate summer bottoms… next to shorts. Slouchy trousers are super comfortable. You can dress them up for work, wear them to a party, and even stroll on the boardwalk in these. They’re super versatile and are the best cover ups for the warmer seasons. Palazzo pants give you room to breathe and are not restricting at all.

2. Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress. It’s the staple piece for the summer and almost everyone needs to have one in their wardrobe. It’s aerated, gives you room to grow, and is super stylish for all occasions. For the summertime, you need something versatile and the maxi dress is that option.

3. Bucket Hats

Seemingly and surprisingly, the bucket hat is making a comeback. What used to be known as the “fisherman’s” hat is now branching off into the fashion world. Bucket hats have been the reigning supreme in accessories for this summer and it is an ultimate must-have to complete your summer look.

4. 80’s Flare

Similar to the 90’s making an appearance in 2019, the 80’s are also pulling through. It’s not necessarily the baggy pants or loose fitted blouses, but just the colors and silhouettes in general have been super popular. Tucking your shirt into your pants and pulling off complimentary and primary colors in one outfit has been super popular. Also, denim on denim as well as mini skirts/dresses are creeping their way through this summer. Wearing different shades of denim all throughout your outfit is a great way to blend the 80’s into your style. As for mini skirts and dresses, the shorter the better. During the summer it gets blazing hot, so women have been getting away with bringing “mini’s” back.

5. Knit Tank

The ultimate summer style is boho. Crochet pants, knit tops, and kimonos have always been making appearances through the summertime. Knit tops are a must have and they work perfectly for all body types. Pair them with palazzo pants, a bucket hat, and a pineapple and you’re good to go!

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Shop Look, Pinterest, and Trendy Curvy. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from Pinterest. 

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What You Need in Your Spring 2019 Wardrobe

on April 15, 2019

Spring is in its peak and it’s time to talk what essentials you need in your spring wardrobe. As the weather begins to get bipolar, it’s hard to correlate what is needed in your closet. And, as the season is slowly beginning to get hotter, we have some pieces that we think can help with the comfortability people seek in the sun. As of Spring 2019, these are the trends and must-haves that belong in your closet for comfortability, longevity, and chicness.

1. T-Shirt Dresses

Long, comfy, and chic, T-shirt dresses are so uncomplicated to pull over and style. The design is loose and make getting dressed effortless and easy. A T-shirt dress is super versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. You can wear flats, sneakers, heels – any type of shoe, really. You pair it with a blazer, denim jacket, cardigan, kimono, wool coat – you cannot go wrong with a T-shirt dress. It’s a must-have for spring and it can be layered as well. With a staple piece this simple, flattery is even more crucial. It works for all body types, hides what needs to be hidden, and accentuates what you want to flaunt. At FASHOM, we have so many different types of t-shirt dresses ranging in all different sizes, such as our Papermoon Lucie Striped Lace-Up Dress and our Crescent Lillian Plaid Dress. Both lay so nicely on the body and give you room to grow.

2. Oversized Blazers

I know what you’re thinking: oversized blazers are messy and unprofessional. However, this blazer is not a statement piece for work, but for nights out and casual weekends. It is chic and breathable as well as perfect for creating an eclectic silhouette. It has become a recent trend in the spring time to wear a loosely fitted and oversized blazer with shorts, flats, and a funky hat. It’s masculine and strong all in one, and makes up for a quick on-the-go must-have layered piece for your wardrobe. Our Naked Zebra Drop Shoulder Blazer is perfect for this oversized look.

3. Embroidery/Boho

It seems like this trend will always be timeless for the warmer seasons. Crochet detailing and embroidered boho accents will always be “in” and each spring and summer season, this trend keeps proving it to us that it will make a return. Boho is such a laid back and relaxed look that feeds a natural 60’s hippie vibe from the roots of it all. It’s a mix of vintage and floral collections that make you feel natural and close to the mother earth. Embroidery and crochet blends perfectly with bohemian styles with a beachy-esc. No wonder there hasn’t been a loss of touch from boho; it’s been around since the 60’s. At FASHOM, ask your stylist for bohemian kimonos and crochet-detailed pieces.

4. Loose Trousers

The flare leg made a comeback for the past two years, but in 2019 the loose fitted trousers are making a sneaky appearance this spring. They are called loose trousers for a reason: they fit loosely, don’t tug on the parts of the body you wish to hide, and hugs the right places. They are super aerated and leave room to breathe. If you find the right pair, you can definitely wear them to work and spunk up your outfit. For those bipolar seasons filled with cool chills in the mornings and hotter breezes in the afternoon, these are a must-have for your spring wardrobe. We have such similar picks at FASHOM, such as our Blu Pepper Button Detailed Side Open Pants and Blu Pepper Overwrap Stripe Pants.

5. Mini Skirts

The 90’s mini skirt; we loved her. Now, it has never been more desired than ever. They’re scandalous, sensual, and flirty. It’s been quite a while since you’ve been able to flaunt your legs; the past few months have consisted of leggings, jeans, and joggers. With spring approaching in full swing, we need to flaunt those legs now. The mini skirt also doesn’t have to be tucked away in your closet the whole season; wearing tights or leggings underneath can keep your legs warm for the early cool mornings. Mini skirts are fun and can be worn in so many different ways. At FASHOM, our Wild Honey Lurex Snake Mini Skirt is the perfect choice to follow up with this trend.

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Pinterest. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from @saragailvickers. 

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fashomadminWhat You Need in Your Spring 2019 Wardrobe

Pregnancy Looks for the In-Between Stages

on April 8, 2019

Your baby bump is starting to peak through! Pregnancy is such an exciting experience to share with your loved ones and it’s so thrilling to welcome a new little one into the world. However, your clothing is beginning to become a little snug and too tight to fit into. The next question is: how do I find my style for my in-between stages? Maternity options could be tricky because when you’ve reached the middle stages of pregnancy, some options end up being too big or too small. It all depends where you shop. Here are some styles that help for those not sure what to wear during their in-between stages of pregnancy.

1. Leggings

LEGGINGS! Perfect for lounge wear and lazy days. They’re simple and easy to style by dressing up or down – depending on your mood. Leggings are perfect for everybody, especially with a baby bump showing through. They stretch and mold perfectly to the shape of your body. They aren’t stiff like jeans but not too casual like yoga pants (although we do suggest yoga pants 100%). These are great for running errands and there is plenty of room to grow in them. There are smart leggings which look like work trousers, so basically leggings are a win-win.

2. Flowy Dresses

You need breathable clothing. Flowy dresses creates an illusion of hiding that baby bump while at the same time keeps you comfortable with room to breathe. These help you not look as pregnant as you really are. Dresses with either no waistbands or stretchy fabric helps you move freely when you’re on the go. They keep you and your little baby happy when you have no fabric squeezing your tummy. Flowy dresses come in all different types of styles and fabrics – such as cotton, linen, polyester, etc. – so you have so many options to choose from.

3. Kimonos

Kimonos are super bohemian and have been in-style for a while. Just like flowy dresses, these give you room to breathe without getting in the way of your daily tasks; and you look cute while doing them.  Kimonos are aerated and can be wrapped around your midsection or hung off to the sides from a draped and loose fitted appeal. These are so easy to handle while you are pregnant because they are long enough to cover your belly and leaves you room to keep growing.

4. Non-Lined Bralettes

No one talks about this too much, and I think we should address it. Finding the right pregnancy apparel doesn’t have to do with just outerwear. Bras are the most difficult transition because when you’re reaching your second and third trimester, lined and wired bras become so uncomfortable. Bralettes or unlined bras are super great to alleviate the soreness and stiffness you would feel with lined or wired bras. They’re also super cute! Most are laced and dainty, so they are very delicate on the body. These are so much nicer to wear.

5. Or, show off that bump!

There are no wrong turns showing off that bump. We’re aiming for comfortability and if you don’t have any of the symptoms related to the clothing up above, then wear the look that makes you happy. Tightened dresses, secured skirts, and bathing suits will definitely accentuate the curvy baby belly. Be proud of being a new mama, it’s exciting and thrilling all at the same time!

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Pinterest. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from @saragailvickers. 

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fashomadminPregnancy Looks for the In-Between Stages

The Passionate Pisces: This Months Picks

on March 4, 2019

It’s Pisces season! And it’s time to celebrate their most prominent styles for this month. Pisces are passionate, flirty, and intuitive and their style reflects off of that. This imaginative and dreamy woman must determine how she will swim through life: with the flow or against it. She is spiritual and caring amongst her friends and strangers. Florals and girly patterns float around a Pisces’ style, yet they have a little spark of sexiness added to their chicness due to their artistic persona. Pisces are very strong and wise, which embarks in a great partner to have in life. They are the mermaid of the Zodiac and this water sign takes to flowy and iridescent patterns. Take a look at this months preview for the true Pisces style.

1. Flirty and Fun

Pisces are the reigning champions with flirty and fun styles. Pinks, dainty blues, and floral prints are key to their delicate aura. Above are some styles that Pisces could easily rock anytime and anywhere. Probably one of the girliest signs, Pisces have no problem expressing it through their style.

2. #Workflow: Casual and Chic

Every lady loves casual wear, especially if it looks chic while it’s comfy. When it comes to workwear, Pisces’ go with the flow while maintaining that superior professionalism. Work is very important to them, and they take superiority when needed be. If they can also get away with a stylish wardrobe in the workplace, these pieces above would be their signature.

3. Bohemian 

The queens of boho and festival wear, one of the most fun styles to mess around with is boho chic. Pisces dominate music festival wear and are the gypsies of the Zodiac. They wear bright, iridescent, mermadic colors and it illuminates through their personality. Knitted crop tops, crochet bralettes, and kimonos are apart of many Pisces’ wardrobes.

4. Dainty and Bold

When Pisces go out, they definitely rock the designer shield. They make it known to everyone that their bold looks represent who they are inside and out. With a delicate touch from their soft side, a Pisces can easily rock these bold looks above. There is a touch of daintiness as well as strong and bold highlights within these pieces. Parties or not, when a Pisces breaks through their fashionable side, you’ll be able to tell right away.

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Disclaimer: All images are from Pinterest. If you see a photo of yourself uncredited, let us know and we will add your name. 


fashomadminThe Passionate Pisces: This Months Picks

Which Color Tone Are You?

on February 19, 2019


Everyone knows that you either have a cool or warm undertone. But finding out how could be tricky and figuring out which colors on the color wheel look best on you is equally as difficult. Some people are in between and have neutral undertones that require more attention to detail in their everyday clothing. This article will produce a better understanding on how to figure out which color tone or undertone you are in order to pair outfits together using the correct color blocking techniques.

First and foremost, if we take a look at the color wheel we see that the warm colors are reds, oranges, and yellows, while cool colors are greens, blues, and purples. Someone with a warm undertone would usually stand out in those bright reds, oranges, and yellows while someone with a cool undertone would look best in deep greens, blues, and purples.


Neutral undertones is a bit more complicated. People with neutral undertones are also lucky in the sense that they primarily look great in any color. However, neutral colors is where a cool color has warm undertones or if a warm color has cool undertones. For example, green is a cool color, but an olive green brings warm qualities. Red is a warm color, but a cranberry red brings cool qualities. Olive green would be considered more of a warm color and cranberry red would be considered a cool color. Mixing warm qualities with cool undertones and vise versa creates a neutral dynamic. Pinks, pale blues, cranberry reds, and olive greens are examples of neutral undertones.

Color blocking is another technique that neutral undertone people can get away with, which is where two opposite colors of the color wheel are worn to compliment one another. Red and green are complimentary, blue and orange are complimentary, and purple and yellow are complimentary. Below are some examples of each scenario:

Cool Undertones:


Warm Undertones:


Neutral Undertones:


Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold?

The most common technique is seeing if silver jewelry looks best on you or if gold jewelry looks best on you. This usually is the first and only indicator to tell if you are a cool undertone or a warm undertone. Silver jewelry will bring out the cool undertones in your skin and pigmentation while gold will bring out the warm hues in your skin. Whichever stands out the most and looks best on you is which to abide by. This solves whether or not reds, oranges, or yellows look best or if greens, blues, and purples look best.





Rose Gold:


Rose Gold on the other hand stands neutrally between the other two metallics. It brings out all skin tones, the undertones, and beautiful pigmentation in skin. If you are the one of many who can’t seem to find whether silver or gold looks best on you, try rose gold. Rose gold is so beautiful, lustrous, and rich and it meets in the middle between both color tones.

Check Your Veins

Another odd, yet helpful technique is to check your veins on your wrist. Blue veins indicate that you have a cool undertone, while green veins indicate that you have an olive or warm undertone. Once you figure that out, you’ll start to notice that blues, purples, and violets look best on you and bring out your complexion if you have bluer veins, and yellows, reds, and oranges will look best if you have greener veins. If you think you are stuck in the middle or can’t tell, you might be a neutral undertone.

White or Off-White?

Another tactic is to compare white clothes. White is a blank canvas and allows the pigment of your skin to stand out amongst it. Look and compare if a pure white or an off-white looks better on you. If a pure white looks better, you have a cooler undertone. If an off-white or washed out white looks better on you, you most likely have a warm undertone.


Natural Hair Color and Eye Color

If you have blue, grey, or green eyes with blonde, brown, or black hair, chances are you’re a cool undertone. If your eye color is brown, hazel, or amber eyes with strawberry blonde, auburn, or black hair with golden tones, chances are you have a warmer undertone.

Do You Tan or Burn? Or Both?

People who have a tendency to burn or not tan at all in the sun have a less likely chance of being a warm undertone. When people tan, chances are you have higher levels of melatonin in the skin. Melatonin gives the skin that yellow to olive pigment, which incidentally means you’re warm toned. If you burn or don’t tan easily, chances are you have cooler undertones because of the lack of melatonin in the skin. If you’re a neutral undertone, chances are you burn first before it turns to tan.


There are not rules to this, please feel free to experiment however you’d like. This article isn’t telling you what you should and shouldn’t wear, it’s just to help figure out your undertones in order to see which colors of clothing compliment you best.

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Disclaimer: All images are from Pinterest. If you see a photo of yourself uncredited, let us know and we will add your name. 

fashomadminWhich Color Tone Are You?

The Best Winter Styles for Curvy & Plus Sized Figures

on February 11, 2019

Curvy women are killing it in the styling game! Body positivity is one of the most important qualities that a woman can have. You were born with the perfect body, so you might as well flaunt it! One of Fashom’s main mottos within the brand is body positivity and self love, and we aspire to share this with every woman. Before winter comes to an end, catch the styles that are trending and perfect for plus sized women.

1. Faux Fur

Faux fur is everywhere, AND it is cruelty free, which is even better. Fur vests, fur coats, fur scarves, and fur cardigans have been strutted across all street styles, and they specifically look flawless on curvy women. It is a well-rounded piece that can easily dress up an outfit or dress down an outfit. Shown above, there are so many different ways to wear fur.

2. Long Dresses

Long dresses elongate the figure, and hides all of the spots that us curvy women want to keep hidden. They also give that curvature silhouette that extenuates the parts of the body we don’t like. Long dresses are fun and come all the way down to the ankles where you can pair your favorite booties or heels with the outfit.  They make curvy and plus sized women stand out.

3. Trenchies

Trench coats are long, stylish, and fashionable – they never go out of season and will always be in style. These beauties look amazing on plus sized women and also keep you warm throughout these brutal cold seasons. Monochromatic, color blocking, patterns, and different tie-ups are many ways to show off these classic coats.

4. Monochromatic

Monochromatic colors sound boring, but not when they are used correctly. Monochromatic colors keep the silhouette elongated and the figure nice and fitted. Like long dresses, monochromatic outfits hide what you wish to cover up, and induces a lovely shape to the body.

5. Knee High Boots

Knee high boots will always be sexy, sophisticated, and fun all in one. They are seductive enough to make a statement, but professional enough to stay relevant in the workplace. Knee high boots spice up ANY outfit and bring confidence to the figure of the look. Anyone would agree that walking in knee high boots would make them feel more sensual, proud, and confident.

6. Plaids, Prints, and Patches, Oh My!

Stripes elongate the body, plaid brings curvature, and prints bring a fun and snarky look to the appearance. Plaids, prints, and patches are so fun to mix and match with and they seemingly keep repeating throughout each season. A nice plaid poncho, elongated striped jumpsuit, and spotted tench coat are fun ways to discover your printed style.

7. Hats

Fedora’s, berets, or cloche’s, hats are a staple piece and put together the whole outfit. Hats are amazing because there’s one for every occasion and they definitely stand out among other accessories. Whether it be a baseball cap, sunhat, or knit hat, if you think about it, hats can go with any type of outfit. Once you find the right hat for your face, you’ll know.

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Disclaimer: All images are from Pinterest. If you see a photo of yourself uncredited, let us know and we will add your name. 

fashomadminThe Best Winter Styles for Curvy & Plus Sized Figures

The Psychedelic Aquarius: This Months Picks for the Most Unpredictable Sign

on February 4, 2019

Many people get the misconception that Aquarius is a water sign, due to the “aqua” prefix. However, it is an air sign, and many people assume that in relation to the “aqua” prefix, the colors that resemble Aquarius fashion must be blue. That is false. If you follow zodiac, Aquarius is one of the most mysterious and unpredictable signs among all of the months. According to their fashion style, it can be completely mysterious and unpredictable just like their personalities. Each zodiac sign has a “color chart” that depicts their mood in different wavelengths of color, and for Aquarius, it is the entire color of the rainbow. Speak about psychedelic, Aquarius is one of the most quirky and funky sign when it comes to fashion and playing the part. Rich in color, and in taste,  here are some looks inspired by the foxy Aquarius gal:

1. Gaudy in the Classy Way

Aquarius’s are mysterious and kept hidden, but when their personality strikes fashion, they go all out. They make it known that an Aquarius is walking down the street strutting in their attire. They make it known that they are trendsetters and know how to dress. With that said, they make it known that they are the kingdom of fashion. Gaudy is key, color is key, and designer is key. Aquarius’s go all out or they go nothing at all.

2. Casual Meets Street

Casual and comfy, but make it street. Bomber jackets, baggy joggers, strap heels, and a signature crossbody embodies the inner Aquarius. With a pop of color, you have yourself a true dime piece that’ll have heads turning on the street. Check out these styles for inspo on how to make a street style look classy.

3. City Nights, City Lights

Aquarius’s need time to go out and unwind, which is almost always. They are huge party people and night owls. Sleek, holographic, and shiny leather pants, matching sunglasses, a neon top, and a clutch is the sexy and edgy way to go in order to maintain their eclectic style. These inspired pieces above are just prime examples of what you would catch an Aquarius wearing while clubbing up in the city.

4. Work Flow

We all need income, and office-wear is super restricted and regulated in some places. An Aquarius will read between the lines if applicable, and will add touches of color to their  work wear. Keep it professional, but add some bold from your psychedelic color chart by adding hues of coral, turquoise, and oranges blended with neutral palettes. This balance is perfect and these inspirations above are just some examples of how to get away with the boring and dull attire at work.


5. Fur

Faux fur or real fur, they are huge staple pieces on an outfit. A huge throw over bulks up the look and adds a richness to the entire silhouette. Aquarius’s make it known that they own designer items and never any off brand pieces. Whether it be a faux piece or real fur piece, fur will always add a rare and exclusive appeal to any look.


Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Polyvore, Shop Look, Pinterest, and Fashionkill21. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from Tokyofashion.com.

fashomadminThe Psychedelic Aquarius: This Months Picks for the Most Unpredictable Sign

Love is in the Air… February Month Picks!

on January 31, 2019

Whether you have a hot date, planning a night out with your girlfriends, or spending the night in, Valentine’s Day is a stylish and fashionable holiday to celebrate. Here are some top looks for the month of February to channel your inner flirtatious and playful persona!

1. Knit Your Love, inspo: @chicwish


Warm, chic, and flirty all in one. This playful cardigan in red can be dressed up or down creating a fun and flirty look. It’s the perfect way to cozy up with your loved one and maintain sophistication while out on your date. The rich and warm wine color will have necks turning and compliments flashing at you from every angle! Pair this with matching strap heels, ripped jeans for flavor, and a fedora hat for class.

2. On the Prowl


Leopard, cheetah, zebra
 All print styles are back in! Large areas or pieces of print mixed with bold patches of color and warm undertones has taken over this season of fashion. Prints add a youthful facade to the look that engages in a flirty, fun, and playful attitude. Top off your look in a leopard cardigan, zebra throw over, or cheetah sweater on your night out this Love Day!

3. Long and Flowy


Jumpsuits are easy – they might look difficult to work with, but that’s because they’re different. They’re casual, classy, and simplistic, which could also be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. It’s easier than a tight dress, and classier than pants, yet it’s merged into the two making it a super comfortable piece. Picking between a black, cranberry, or pink silhouette should be easy on Valentine’s Day. The look for the evening can be paired with strap heels, flats, or pumps, along with your favorite signature bag. To keep warm, throw over your favorite blazer or wrap shawl.

4. Cozy and Sporty


Cozy and sporty, more like cute and preppy! Sporty is another way to make an outfit more comfortable to your liking. You may be thinking, “Isn’t that tom-boyish for Valentine’s Day?” No, not in the slightest. Cozy and sporty works for all body types, and in hues of baby pinks, it can easily become a flirtatious look for your night out. Whether you spend the night in with friends, or out on your date, you will feel super comfortable and it will show! Drop the dressy attire
 spunk it up in what makes YOU cozy. Take your favorite jogger pants or leggings and match them with a turtleneck top. Pair the outfit with sleek white sneakers and a comfortable black bomber jacket!

5. Wrapped Up in Crushed Velvet


This look can easily go from casual to sexy, depending on which direction you want to go with this. Crushed velvet is code for extra seductive and elegant. If you really want to make a statement tonight, go this route. Crushed velvet adds different hues and elements of color whenever the light catches it. Where the light hits adds luminosity, while the shadowy hues where the light doesn’t touch the fit adds depth. Wrap tops or dresses adds a “peek-a-boo” detailing on the bust, which is perfect for a sensual feel. Pair the tops with sleek black jeans and pair the dress with studded strap heels.

fashomadminLove is in the Air… February Month Picks!

How to Blend Seasons: The Distressed Sweater

on January 18, 2019

Cover photo credit: @tarabuono

Merging seasons together with style can be tedious and tricky; one season is relatively warm while the other is relatively cold. So, you might ask: What do I wear? Moving into the Spring time while it’s still Winter is not all that difficult. Or, merging from the summertime into the Fall isn’t all that tricky. In fact, it’s quite fun because you get to mix warm clothing with Spring, bold colors, or Summer clothing with darker colors. I take this experience as a challenge to see which direction your different tastes and particular styles go in. 

1. Winter into Spring

We’re in that weird “in-between-seasons” season where it’s still freezing and relatively cold in some areas of the globe and beginning to get cool and warm in other parts. Merging from the depths of freezing Winter into the chill and relaxed Spring season is the hardest way to clean out your whole wardrobe between seasons. Sweaters keep you warm for the Winter, while pastel colors such as blues, pinks, and yellows can keep the Spring vibe ongoing throughout the outfit. The distressed hinges add a lightweight feel to the silhouette and roughens up the look, as opposed to the usual oversized Winter sweater that hangs low on the body and makes the look too baggy. This sweater adds a savage physique that can be fitted for every body type.

2. Spring to Summer

Sweaters in the Summer!? No way! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s how you wear it. Summer is scorching hot pretty much 24/7 (unless you live in Alaska), and you need something aerated or lightweight to keep you from dying. A lightweight, brightly colored distressed sweater is breezy and comfortable in the Spring and summertime. It’s edgy, bohemian, and chic, especially to wear along the shore or by the beach. Having it cropped by the waist allows that real summer look to sink in. Pairing this with shorts or bathing suit bottoms adds a stylistic flair and statement piece to your fit of choice.

3. Summer to Fall

One of many people’s favorite seasons: Fall. It’s the layering, the plaid, the boots and booties, the scarves, the vests… Fall is a fun season to individualize style and coziness. This is another tricky “in-between-seasons” season because we just came from really hot Summer, and now we’re drifting into breezy cool Fall. The distressed sweater is perfect for this occasion. Think about it, when it’s freezing in the mornings but really hot in the afternoons, the distressed sweater allows you to walk out of the house in just that and you’ll be fine for the rest of the day. It keeps you warm in the mornings and will leave you comfortable in the afternoons because you don’t have to wear any other heavy coats or vests for the rest of the day. Orange, cranberry red, and white are perfect colors for the October-December months. Orange for Halloween, cranberry red for Thanksgiving, and white representing purity for Christmas. Pair these outfits with slim jeans, your favorite booties, and a statement crossbody to finish the look.

4. Fall to Winter 

Cold, cold Winter is approaching. This is the time to break in the oversized sweaters because it is almost too cold to not to. Oversized sweaters are cute and homey for the wintertime and can be worn for any special occasion. Grays, reds, and taupes are perfect to match the cold season. Pairing the top with slim jeans, knee high boots, a knit hat, and turtle neck layers underneath keep you alive during this brutal season. When you aren’t too busy hibernating in the Winter, take on the new trend of the distressed sweater as your first pick when you strut outside.

fashomadminHow to Blend Seasons: The Distressed Sweater