What You Need in Your Spring 2019 Wardrobe

on April 15, 2019

Spring is in its peak and it’s time to talk what essentials you need in your spring wardrobe. As the weather begins to get bipolar, it’s hard to correlate what is needed in your closet. And, as the season is slowly beginning to get hotter, we have some pieces that we think can help with the comfortability people seek in the sun. As of Spring 2019, these are the trends and must-haves that belong in your closet for comfortability, longevity, and chicness.

1. T-Shirt Dresses

Long, comfy, and chic, T-shirt dresses are so uncomplicated to pull over and style. The design is loose and make getting dressed effortless and easy. A T-shirt dress is super versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. You can wear flats, sneakers, heels – any type of shoe, really. You pair it with a blazer, denim jacket, cardigan, kimono, wool coat – you cannot go wrong with a T-shirt dress. It’s a must-have for spring and it can be layered as well. With a staple piece this simple, flattery is even more crucial. It works for all body types, hides what needs to be hidden, and accentuates what you want to flaunt. At FASHOM, we have so many different types of t-shirt dresses ranging in all different sizes, such as our Papermoon Lucie Striped Lace-Up Dress and our Crescent Lillian Plaid Dress. Both lay so nicely on the body and give you room to grow.

2. Oversized Blazers

I know what you’re thinking: oversized blazers are messy and unprofessional. However, this blazer is not a statement piece for work, but for nights out and casual weekends. It is chic and breathable as well as perfect for creating an eclectic silhouette. It has become a recent trend in the spring time to wear a loosely fitted and oversized blazer with shorts, flats, and a funky hat. It’s masculine and strong all in one, and makes up for a quick on-the-go must-have layered piece for your wardrobe. Our Naked Zebra Drop Shoulder Blazer is perfect for this oversized look.

3. Embroidery/Boho

It seems like this trend will always be timeless for the warmer seasons. Crochet detailing and embroidered boho accents will always be “in” and each spring and summer season, this trend keeps proving it to us that it will make a return. Boho is such a laid back and relaxed look that feeds a natural 60’s hippie vibe from the roots of it all. It’s a mix of vintage and floral collections that make you feel natural and close to the mother earth. Embroidery and crochet blends perfectly with bohemian styles with a beachy-esc. No wonder there hasn’t been a loss of touch from boho; it’s been around since the 60’s. At FASHOM, ask your stylist for bohemian kimonos and crochet-detailed pieces.

4. Loose Trousers

The flare leg made a comeback for the past two years, but in 2019 the loose fitted trousers are making a sneaky appearance this spring. They are called loose trousers for a reason: they fit loosely, don’t tug on the parts of the body you wish to hide, and hugs the right places. They are super aerated and leave room to breathe. If you find the right pair, you can definitely wear them to work and spunk up your outfit. For those bipolar seasons filled with cool chills in the mornings and hotter breezes in the afternoon, these are a must-have for your spring wardrobe. We have such similar picks at FASHOM, such as our Blu Pepper Button Detailed Side Open Pants and Blu Pepper Overwrap Stripe Pants.

5. Mini Skirts

The 90’s mini skirt; we loved her. Now, it has never been more desired than ever. They’re scandalous, sensual, and flirty. It’s been quite a while since you’ve been able to flaunt your legs; the past few months have consisted of leggings, jeans, and joggers. With spring approaching in full swing, we need to flaunt those legs now. The mini skirt also doesn’t have to be tucked away in your closet the whole season; wearing tights or leggings underneath can keep your legs warm for the early cool mornings. Mini skirts are fun and can be worn in so many different ways. At FASHOM, our Wild Honey Lurex Snake Mini Skirt is the perfect choice to follow up with this trend.

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Pinterest. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from @saragailvickers. 

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fashomadminWhat You Need in Your Spring 2019 Wardrobe

Spring FEVER: 10 FASHOM Essentials for all Body Types

on March 19, 2019

Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to plan ahead on outfits as the days get longer. Pastels, florals, and a pop of bold colors have been our favorites while prepping for this upcoming season. Here at Fashom, we have put together our top ten must haves for this upcoming season that you too can enjoy.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 12.30.33 PM

1. Naked Zebra off the Shoulder Ruffled Tie Dress in Mustard (also available in Deep Navy):

Mustard and yellows are great colors for warmer seasons, and look especially illuminating on darker skin. Whether you’re looking for something for the weekend or something to go to work in, we suggest the Ruffled Tie Dress. The tie can emphasize what you want to show off and covers what needs to be hidden. It’s flowiness isn’t too flowy yet also doesn’t cling. It’s super comfortable for the warmer seasons. Pair this with your favorite strapped sandals and you’re spring ready.

2. Articles of Society Carly Skinny Crop Pants in Tobago:

Pop of color is one thing, and for the springtime it completes the entire outfit. A pop of color can take a dull blank canvas and create an entire ensemble of an outfit. This is why we suggest the Articles of Society Skinny Jeans in a bright coral color. Jeans are usually predictable in fashion; denim, dark denim, distressed denim… usually the furthest people go with their pant color is white. We want you to branch out this season and try a bold color pair of jeans. You can pair these with your favorite sneakers, a white plain tee, and you’re ready to go.

3: Skies are Blue Lace Embroidered Printed Kimono in Blue/White:

Kimonos are the “it” factor of spring fashion. Too cold to wear them in the wintertime, but too clingy and hot to deal with in the summer. Our Blue Lace Embroidered Kimono is the perfect top layer to complete an outfit. Crochet detailing and embroidery adds a bohemian and contemporary fresh look to the piece, but also adds classical notes as well. This is paired adorably with espadrille flats or wedges.

4: Ivory Cupro Aztec Embroidered Top in Mint: 

Bright colors. Aztec embroidery. Tee Shirt Worthy. This is the top for you. This bright blue and mint top is perfect on its own; you really don’t want any other accessories to upstage it. You cannot go wrong with this top either, as it standing alone is enough. When the climate gets a little bit hotter, pair this with some denim distressed jeans and your favorite sneakers – then you’re good to go.

5: Staccato Floral Print Dress in Navy:

Staccato is a brand new vendor for us with Fashom. And, they do not disappoint. Their styles are so easy to pair and layer together. This Floral Print Dress has a touch of flirtiness as well as some cute cuts throughout. This dress is the perfect choice for vacation spots like cruises or visiting the shore in Miami, FL. It’s not constricting and there’s a self-tie along the waist, which adds curvature to your silhouette.

6: Staccato V-Neck Criss Cross Front Tank in Ivory:

Another Staccato piece! This one is the shirt you’ll be wearing all spring and summer long. It’s perfect for brunch, the beach, the boardwalk, work, the weekend… what isn’t it for!? It can be paired with classic white jeans, chic blazer, tassel shorts, or tucked in a denim skirt. Sneakers high wedges, or sandals are also suggested with this top; the top makes the outfit. You cannot go wrong with this palm tank.

7: Leto Bohemian Gypsy Tassel Scarf in Pink:

Spring is not all about warm weather, so we included one of our all time favorite scarves. Unsettled weather causes the need to carry a couple more warmer items. It’s pastel pink hues gives an Easter basket vibe and the gypsy embroidery adds a fresh bohemian look. It’s the type of color that stands out without taking away from the rest of your outfit. This is so cute paired with a denim jacket and some cropped jeans, or you can take the casual route and wear joggers with this. There’s no going wrong with this scarf.

8: Skies are Blue Waist String Belt Jumpsuit in Blue-Orange:

Jumpsuits… we need them. Jumpsuits could be tricky, but one of our favorites is the Skies are Blue Waist String Belt Jumpsuit. The color palette is filled with bright pastel stripes running along the suit to elongate the silhouette. It’s loose fitting so you can breathe but not too flowy where it bubbles out. This fits amazingly and this piece is an entire look itself. Wear your favorite flats or sandals to add the finishing touches.

9: Andreé by Unit Embroidery Suede Skirt in Black:

Fashion has been riding the bohemian wave right now, and crochet and embroidery is entirely apart of that. This Andreé by Unit Suede skirt is one of our boldest prints within this trend, so we definitely suggest that this is a must-have for your spring and summer wardrobe. You can pair this with a light sweater tucked in the front, plain tank, or a kimono and you would be set for this bohemian vibe. This skirt is one of many items at Fashom that bumps to that Coachella look.

10: Mittoshop Multi Stripe Button Down Tie Front Knit Top in Cranberry/Aqua (also available in Army/Mustard):

This top is amazingly colored in bright and pastel colors running along the shirt vertically to elongate the figure. The tie front knot is how we suggest this to be worn. When user’s receive this in their box, they get a bit confused on how to wear it. The knot is so cute to play around with. The colors in our Mittoshop Stripe Down Shirt are mixed with cranberry reds, aquas, and mint blues to coordinate with the transition of winter to spring. Pair this with your favorite dark jeans, crushed velvet heels, and you’re all set!

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