What You Need in Your Spring 2019 Wardrobe

on April 15, 2019

Spring is in its peak and it’s time to talk what essentials you need in your spring wardrobe. As the weather begins to get bipolar, it’s hard to correlate what is needed in your closet. And, as the season is slowly beginning to get hotter, we have some pieces that we think can help with the comfortability people seek in the sun. As of Spring 2019, these are the trends and must-haves that belong in your closet for comfortability, longevity, and chicness.

1. T-Shirt Dresses

Long, comfy, and chic, T-shirt dresses are so uncomplicated to pull over and style. The design is loose and make getting dressed effortless and easy. A T-shirt dress is super versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. You can wear flats, sneakers, heels – any type of shoe, really. You pair it with a blazer, denim jacket, cardigan, kimono, wool coat – you cannot go wrong with a T-shirt dress. It’s a must-have for spring and it can be layered as well. With a staple piece this simple, flattery is even more crucial. It works for all body types, hides what needs to be hidden, and accentuates what you want to flaunt. At FASHOM, we have so many different types of t-shirt dresses ranging in all different sizes, such as our Papermoon Lucie Striped Lace-Up Dress and our Crescent Lillian Plaid Dress. Both lay so nicely on the body and give you room to grow.

2. Oversized Blazers

I know what you’re thinking: oversized blazers are messy and unprofessional. However, this blazer is not a statement piece for work, but for nights out and casual weekends. It is chic and breathable as well as perfect for creating an eclectic silhouette. It has become a recent trend in the spring time to wear a loosely fitted and oversized blazer with shorts, flats, and a funky hat. It’s masculine and strong all in one, and makes up for a quick on-the-go must-have layered piece for your wardrobe. Our Naked Zebra Drop Shoulder Blazer is perfect for this oversized look.

3. Embroidery/Boho

It seems like this trend will always be timeless for the warmer seasons. Crochet detailing and embroidered boho accents will always be “in” and each spring and summer season, this trend keeps proving it to us that it will make a return. Boho is such a laid back and relaxed look that feeds a natural 60’s hippie vibe from the roots of it all. It’s a mix of vintage and floral collections that make you feel natural and close to the mother earth. Embroidery and crochet blends perfectly with bohemian styles with a beachy-esc. No wonder there hasn’t been a loss of touch from boho; it’s been around since the 60’s. At FASHOM, ask your stylist for bohemian kimonos and crochet-detailed pieces.

4. Loose Trousers

The flare leg made a comeback for the past two years, but in 2019 the loose fitted trousers are making a sneaky appearance this spring. They are called loose trousers for a reason: they fit loosely, don’t tug on the parts of the body you wish to hide, and hugs the right places. They are super aerated and leave room to breathe. If you find the right pair, you can definitely wear them to work and spunk up your outfit. For those bipolar seasons filled with cool chills in the mornings and hotter breezes in the afternoon, these are a must-have for your spring wardrobe. We have such similar picks at FASHOM, such as our Blu Pepper Button Detailed Side Open Pants and Blu Pepper Overwrap Stripe Pants.

5. Mini Skirts

The 90’s mini skirt; we loved her. Now, it has never been more desired than ever. They’re scandalous, sensual, and flirty. It’s been quite a while since you’ve been able to flaunt your legs; the past few months have consisted of leggings, jeans, and joggers. With spring approaching in full swing, we need to flaunt those legs now. The mini skirt also doesn’t have to be tucked away in your closet the whole season; wearing tights or leggings underneath can keep your legs warm for the early cool mornings. Mini skirts are fun and can be worn in so many different ways. At FASHOM, our Wild Honey Lurex Snake Mini Skirt is the perfect choice to follow up with this trend.

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Pinterest. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from @saragailvickers. 

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Spring Travel Packing List

on April 5, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 12.29.50 PM

The days of unruly static hair, cracked skin, frozen toes, and 8 PM bedtimes are officially behind us—we love you Spring!—and we’re on to dreaming of beach-y weekend getaways to recharge after the long winter.

Do you have any spring trips planned?  To help make your next vacay as stress-free as possible, we rounded up a list of warm-weather packing essentials.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.21.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.21.22 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.21.28 PM

We can’t think of a better way to spend (almost) the entire day of a beach getaway than in a bathing suit, easy slip-on sandals, and a breezy cover-up. We’re all about the dual-purpose pieces, like cover-ups, especially for those shorter getaways when we don’t want to pack a ton.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.23.25 PM.png

Accessories: needed to protect against the sun and to add to an outfit for a day of exploring or an evening out on the town!

Are you taking a spring trip? We’d love to hear some of your spring travel essentials!


Top image via Pinterest.

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Four Fun Fashion Tips & Tricks

on March 30, 2018

Four Fun Fashion Tips

Hey Fashomistas! Spring is finally here, but now that it is we don’t know what to wear! You can take some of your essential pieces or staples and do amazing things with them. You don’t necessarily have to buy something new to feel new. So, instead of Spring cleaning out your wardrobe. Let’s talk about Spring cleaning up your look.

Springing up your look with four fun fashion tips!

  1. Spring is here, so let’s bring the skirts back out! This tip is called the rule of the French: If the skirt is above the knee, wear flats. If the skirt is below the knee, wear heels! Obviously, it is up to your discretion, but the French know fashion!

1. Where are all the short Fashomistas at?! What we wouldn’t give to look a little longer, right? Here’s a trick. When you’re wearing jeans, cuff them. It’s so simple and seems superfluous, but trust us. You’ll thank us later and so will your little legs.


2.  Are you little in the middle? Do you have a small torso? Here’s another lengthening tip, try a v neck shirt for the illusion of a longer torso!


4. What woman doesn’t love jewelry?! Embellished or large hoop earrings look really nice on thinner face structures, while drop or dangle earrings look best in rounder face structures.

Spring into Spring with these fashion tips and tricks, and you’ll be on trend and stylish! Need a little help finding what looks right on you or how to use these tips and tricks? Then, download Fashom App and check out our styling feature for all your fashion needs to be met personally for you!

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Spring Wardrobe Essentials

on March 21, 2018

Hey Fashomistas! Let’s talk wardrobes and the essentials to them. Winter is trying to hold on by a thread, but yesterday was the first official day of Spring. You know what that means right? Spring cleaning! Not just cleaning out your house, but to clean up your wardrobe; out with the old and in with the new.

Spring is the time for pastels as well as neutrals especially nudes, but we aren’t focusing on the colors this time. Let’s focus on the actual pieces and garments themselves. There are three trends that can take your Spring wardrobe whether for work or play to the next level! These three trends will spice up any wardrobe and can become staple pieces for the year.

The Belted Trouser

Sure you could get any pair of pants and grab a belt to go along with it, but the ready to wear belted trouser is currently trending this season. The best thing is that it could really be worn year-round. Flared or wide leg pants are also in so keep that in mind when you go shopping for these. The belted trouser can be worn with a nice blouse for work or for a date night with your boo.

The Button Up Blouse

This is a familiar piece, but don’t let its familiarity fool you. You may already own one of these, but don’t be afraid to try something a little different like patterns or color blocked button-ups. You could always keep it simple and chic with the plain Jane look. There’s nothing wrong with either option. You can dress it up for work with trousers or the classic pencil skirt, or give it some edge with a leather jacket. You can even keep it casual with a denim jacket over it.

The Midi Dress

Want to look long and lean? Then the midi dress is going to be your best friend! You can wear a midi for any occasion. For work pair it with a blazer and heels. Drinks after work anyone? Ditch the blazer, easy fix! Show of the curves with a bodycon and a slit or go for the sheath silhouette that isn’t so clingy.

If you like these wardrobe essentials but just don’t know where to get them or which styles you like the best or which would look the best on you, then download Fashom App and check out the styling feature. Ask your stylists for Spring wardrobe essentials on your next styling box.


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Jewelry Trends 2018

on March 21, 2018

Hello Fashomistas! Who doesn’t love a little bling right? Bling is everything because diamonds are a woman’s best friend right? Jewelry can take a simple outfit to a chic outfit! It can also take your look from day to night. Jewelry is an accessory and an enhancer. It is made to frame and enhances the natural beauty we all as women possess. Be glam, be gorgeous, be-jeweled!

Here are a few jewelry trends to look out for this year! Most of them are familiar, but they are back and better than ever.


Some of you are thinking, anklets are a thing of the past, right? I know it’s so 90s right, but didn’t you know there was a renaissance going on in fashion right now. Out with the old and in with the older! Dainty anklets are the thing to wear in the coming Spring and Summer seasons. Wear an anklet or multiple anklets (because layering is in) to the beach, the park, or even on a date! Go for a simple chain or sport some charms. Feeling tres chic then wear an anklet with diamonds or pearls on them!

Asymmetrical Earrings

Asymmetrical earrings? What’s that? Sounds weird right? Allow us to explain. It almost looks like you are missing an earring, but it’s made to look stylish. Miss-matched earrings are what they are essential. You can rock a short and a long one like the 80s again or a hoop and a stud. It’s yours to decide.

Statement Earrings

Fashion makes a statement of its own, but beauty and jewelry do just the same! Make a statement before you even open your mouth with a jewelry pop! Big earrings, long earrings, textures, colors, you name it! If it stands out it’s a statement earring!

Layered Necklaces

Chokers are out! 2017 drove them into the ground. However, they can be found in this trend. The layered look consists of a dainty short chain that fits like a choker and two different length longer chains. You can use simple dainty chains or chains with charms.

Gold and Brass Pinky and Midi Rings

Midi rings have been on a steady in the curve for the past couple of years. Rock a few or sport them on multiple fingers. Midi rings aren’t just for your ring, middle, and index fingers. Pinkies and thumbs deserve to be adorned too! Wear simple dainty bands or ones with jewels and charms.

If you like these trends, then download Fashom App to see how our fellow Fashomistas are flaunting their jewels. If you need a little help on how to wear them check out our styling feature to get outfits and jewelry styled personally to your preferences!

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Springing into Trends

on January 19, 2018

Fashomistas, we are more than halfway through January now! Time is flying by. Spring will be here before you know it, which is great because I’m ready to shed my black and white minimalist palette for some Spring colors, especially pastels. The official first day of Spring starts on the Spring Equinox, March 20th. So, we need to start stocking up and shopping for it now before the time is here ladies because the time is already near.

This Spring is coming fast Fashomistas, and here are what colors you can expect to see trending in this upcoming season! There will be blues, purples, reds, browns, yellows, greens, pinks, and greys. Pastels are coming in season again ladies, and I can’t wait! I am here for the blues, purples, and pinks for sure. Some of you may be wondering why there are browns and greys listed as a part of the Spring Color Palette. The reason for this is because with all of these beautiful bright and bold spring colors sometimes you need a neutral to mellow it out and to make it fashion. I am all for color blocking, but if you try every color under the sun you’ll end up looking like a rainbow. In fashion, that’s usually never a good thing.

Here are some Fashom outfits I personally styled for some different Spring occasions.

First up, I utilized the colors listed as “taffy”, “yolk”, and “soft grey.” Taffy is a lilac tint that belongs to the purple family and yolk is a yellow shade. If you know anything about color theory, purple and yellow are known as complementary colors because of they… Yes, you guessed it… because they complement each other. Spring is still “sweater weather.” However, it can be a bit warmer with a cool breeze. I paired this sweater and cardigan with a cute denim skirt for a nice Spring date. Don’t forget this cute little daisy bag with that small, but a saturated pop of color in it. The soft grey acts as a neutral even though the taffy is relatively muted.

Taffy, Yolk, & Soft Grey

Second, I have an outfit that utilizes the colors listed as “rose water” and “rubber sole.” These colors go together so fittingly. A nice pastel pink blouse paired with a suede mini skirt and leather booties. This could be a cute working outfit depending on your job. If you can’t wear it to work, then you could always wear it to the movies or the mall!

Rose Water & Rubber Sole

Up next is a simple, casual day outfit with the use of the colors listed as “catalyst” and “woke.” Every woman needs a good dark wash denim; it is a staple in every wardrobe no matter the style for sure. These dark jeans go great with the breezy and dreamy green blouse with its simple string bow tie. The matching bag and neutral flats complete this look. This is a nice daytime, nowhere really to go, but still, want to be a cute outfit.

Catalyst & Woke

Last but certainly not least, is the outfit that pictures the colors listed as “baby blue” and “iD.” My favorite pairing for Spring would have to be baby, light, or powder blue on light wash denim. It is a match made in Heaven! Here’s some more color theory for you. Because blue and purple are next to each other on the color wheel they are considered analogous colors. “iD” is listed as a red, but I would say it is more like the color, red-violet, which a very deep or rich hue consisting of red and purple which makes even more sense as to why this bag and these shoes look good with this blue sweatshirt; because blue and red literally make purple. Blue is already a part of red-violet. Enough book sense for you and back to the fashion sense. Who said comfy couldn’t be cute. Maybe it’s a little breezy this sweatshirt will keep you warm. My favorite parts of this outfit are the bows on the sweatshirt as well as on the pants. It makes this simple ensemble stylish and fun. This outfit is perfect for a walk in the park or anything that causes for you to be out in the Spring air.

Baby Blue & iD

If you like this Spring color palette and if these outfits seem to be just your style, then download the Fashom App (www.fashom.com) for more outfit inspiration. Check out our new stylist feature if you want to “spring” into these trends, but need some help finding what you need, want, and actually like.

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