The SAG Awards

on January 25, 2018

Did any of you Fashomistas watch the SAG Awards? It was a great award show wasn’t it, but did you see the FASHION?! The SAG Awards, like many other award shows, is known for its red carpet fashions. Celebrities walk the red carpet in some of the most fashion-forward and extravagant pieces out there.

You may be thinking, “How can I be fashion forward without breaking my bank and being way too extra?” That’s where we come in. Inspiration is everything in style. Fashion is what you were; style is how you wear it! Remember that difference. You don’t have to carbon copy someone’s outfit just because you like it. All you have to do is be inspired by it. Then you can make it your very own.

Our top eight favorite SAG Awards red carpet looks came from the following (in no particular order): Tracee Ellis Ross, Marisa Tomei, Yara Shahidi, Danielle Brooks, Clea DuVall, Diane Guerrero, Saoirse Ronan, and last but certainly not least Dasha Polanco. These eight women used the red carpet as their runway. They showcased their own personal style and their fashion sense. They wore pieces that were good for their own bodies and skin complexions as well. Sometimes we forget about those two factors and just wear anything because we think it looked hot on someone else. You have to wear what is right for you! Some trends these ladies inspired for us were: all white, all black, A-line dresses, midi dresses, jumpsuits and pantsuits, crop tops, and figure-hugging dresses!

Now let’s, take a look at each and see how we can use this in the day to day life-“style”.

First, we have Tracee Ellis Ross, who never disappoints on the red carpet. She is a Fashion diva much like her mother! She strutted her stuff in an all-white ensemble even down to her shoes which popped in contrast with her skin complexion. She chose a bold red lip in contrast to her neutral colored ensemble. When is it appropriate for us to wear an all-white ensemble? They are most fitting in the summer or winter. A nice white dress and heels in the summer will do the trick or a white sweater with white tights or jeans and a white coat for the winter.


Next, the lovely Marisa Tomei stepped out in one of our personal favorite styles of dresses which is the midi dress! She even paired it with a pair of single-soled sandal heels which are also our fave! Every woman, no matter the height, need at least one staple midi dress and a pair of single soles sandal heels in their closet. A midi dress is considered below the knee unlike a mini but doesn’t touch the floor like a maxi. As a short woman midi dresses are key to making you look longer and thinner depending on the color and pattern of your dress. Try dark shades to thin and lengthen you out.


Another staple piece is the A-line dress or skirt. Saoirse Ronan looks chic and classic in her black A-line dress. She finished the look with pointed toe heels, which are our fave for an A-line! If you have more of a classic look an A-line will do you well. They do, however, tend to make you look shorter, but both a-lines and pointed to us heels should have a place in every woman’s closet especially the working woman or businesswoman.



We’re going to address Yara Shahidi and Clea DuVall together. Yara killed in in an all black jumpsuit that had a cool train attached to it. Clea worked a black pantsuit. Black is our happy color so anything black we are drawn to, but these ladies really did it and went out of the box. We know trains on jumpsuits aren’t practical, but you could easily find a jumpsuit to wear for any occasion. If you’re not into dresses for your more dresses up occasion go outside of the box and wear a pantsuit like Clea. Both of these looks have the ability to make you look longer. We love a good jumpsuit, and pants are everything when it’s cold or We just don’t feel like being in a dress.



Danielle Brooks and Dasha Polanco looked stunning on the red carpet. Where are our curvy, full-figured Fashomistas at? These ladies are amazing at showcasing their curves in the correct way for their bodies. This is a major key in both fashion and style because it is what and how you wear pieces. Both women are wearing a fit just where they need it. Danielle is showcasing her bust while Dasha is showcasing all her curves, but it is done subtly and elegantly. If you want to show off a little there’s nothing wrong with that, but you don’t want to show off too much. Danielle’s dress fits her body, but she isn’t showing too much. She wants the attention up towards higher where her bust and beautiful face are. We all have an asset we like to show the most whether is it your bust or legs or curves. Dasha is a curvy woman she loves to showcase her figure not by baring it all but by framing it nicely. Her figure-hugging dress isn’t showing much, but those curves shine through as the center of attention. Even her wavy dresses are cohesive with her curvy aesthetic. So, for our everyday women: find your favorite asset, and then find the best way to showcase it without letting it all hang out. Don’t be afraid to be sexy!



Winter is withering away and Spring is near! Diane Guerrero came out in a crop top. She’s our kind of woman because we love crops. As soon as it gets warm I’m busting mine back out! There are so many types of crop tops. You can wear fitting ones like she has here, or you can wear a flowy boxy blouse shaped one, there are even cropped sweaters and hoodies for our lounging ladies. You can pair them with leggings, joggers, skirts, or jeans. If you have some tummy that’s nothing high waist bottoms can fix. We love high waist 90s style jeans personally because they flaunt our curves better.


If you need some help because you’re inspired by celebrities, but aren’t quite sure how to make it fit with your everyday life, then download Fashom App. We are here to help you. We can find pieces that fit your body, your work, and any occasion. Our new stylist feature matches a stylist with you who will personally style you. Remember it’s not just about fashion but your own personal style!

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Dressing in Public

on November 12, 2017


Have you ever thought why women wear dresses and men wear suits? Why it is not the opposite. Why people see it is normal for women to wear pants, trousers, suits and even ties, but it is not that common for men to wear dresses and high heels. Why society changes only for women when it comes to clothes but it is hard to change for men. Who put these rules!


I think that the answer is social acceptance. Humans always find it hard to accept what is different. In many cases, they can deal with it but can not accept it that easily. They will always be afraid of what is new and different. Most philosophers stated it that people hate change they like everything to be the same. That’s why people at the beginning of every new and different idea or phenomena they start to fight it and hate it but with time they start to adapt it and accept it. History shows many of these examples.

When it comes to dressing and choosing what people wear in public, they only want to choose the things that will make them fit in the small community that they are entering. That’s why you will find a great pressure on a new student, for example, who are new to a school. They normally take too much time to choose what they will wear and if what they wear will make them look amazing in order to be easy for them to fit in the new school.


Also when someone starts a new job he/she will take time to find the good attire that will fit with the company culture and he/she will ask a lot about the dress code of the company in order to look like everyone else in the company.


Dressing like everyone makes people feel comfortable, but what about what you really want to wear. What if you want to wear a jeans and shirt and just to make your hair a ponytail and go out to a party, why we should dress up and wear our best clothes. Is it because of people acceptance or because we are afraid of what will people say.

I remember one time I was in New York City and having a walk with my friends and saw a man wearing a pink bikini and riding a pink bicycle. At the beginning, I found it was awkward but when I saw him again later,  I was very happy and admired his courage. He didn’t care about what will people say, he cared only about what will make him happy.

The problem with us is that we are scared from other and from what they will think and say about us. But do you know what? LET THEM THINK! The most important thing in this life is to be happy.

Life is too short and we have to please ourselves and not to focus on what people say or think. And believe me, people will not leave their life and their problems to only think about what you are wearing they will look at you just for a second and then will ignore you and ignore what you are doing. Just be happy with what you are and what you are wearing this is what really matters.

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For the love of Culry Hair

on October 30, 2017


Two days ago a friend on Facebook added me to a group that gives some tips on how to take care of the curly hair. I loved the idea of the group. Most of the members of the group started to share their stories and struggle with curly hair and with how some people were very cruel toward them because of their hair.

Some societies put standards for hair and how it should be in order to be beautiful. One of the members shared her story about how she was bullied by people because of her curls starting from her mother, father, and siblings till her friends and her school. She said that she used to be ashamed of her hair and she used to straighten it all the time in order to fit in. When she finished her high school she got cancer and she was so scared of losing her hair. She said, ” being a girl with a curly hair was a nightmare, but imagining being bold is a horror movie”. When she shared her fears with family and friends they told her it’s not a big deal as her hair is bad anyway so losing it doesn’t cause a problem.


This cruelty made her feel insecure for so long then she decided that she will overcome that. She started to be better and heal from cancer and started to take care of her hair. She said, “I decided to be myself and love my hair, no more straitening my hair, no more letting anyone to makesme feel less of myself”.

We at Fashom wants to tell every girl that has a curly hair that curly hair is amazing and you should love it and be proud of it. Don’t let anyone makes you feel bad or that you have a problem. Those kind of people have a problem with their way of thinking and with their understanding of beauty. And we can help you at Fashom to have the amazing look that can match with your curls. Follow us and you will find creative tips that will help you in showing your beauty.


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No makeup celebrities movement 

on October 23, 2017

Some people are crazy about makeup. They think that makeup can hide their age, change their look, or even make something extraordinary. All of that because they think that celebrities and actresses look exactly as how they look in the movies all the time. They don’t see them as normal people with messy hair when they wake up from sleeping. They think that those celebrities never have any face problems.

However, some actresses and celebrities decided to show the world that they are normal, that they have daily problems that everyone else has. One of these celebrities is Julia Roberts. She started to talk about her age and how she is proud of it and how her face skin started to change while she is aging. She started also to post many photos for her without makeup to show the world her real beauty and that there is no shame about aging and having it shown on her face.

Another example is Adele. She started to post photos for her without makeup and during her daily routine. She wants to show her fans how she looks when she is away from cameras and that she looks normal like everyone else.

Those celebrities want to tell everyone that there is nothing bad about being normal and about having face, body or style issues. They want to say that they are not perfect and there is nothing called perfection when it comes to the body. And the most important thing is that everyone should love himself/ herself as it is. We as Fashom share the same idea of body positivity and self-love. We believe that you should not hide your age, body marks, or even face issues. We believe that you should love yourself as it is and we can help you in doing so through our app and our website.

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“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

on September 4, 2017

Real Words From a Self-Image Coach

Summer Innanen, a professionally trained coach on body-image, self-worth, and confidence, recently tackled the question of whether body acceptance is an excuse to not take care of oneself. In this video, Summer analyzes and evaluates this very powerful and controversial question.

“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

Summer’s answer to this question is a strong no.

First, she defines what exactly body positivity is. She takes a stance on just the word “excuse” and how it is a “justification of an offense”. Innanen explores how excuses develop from mistakes, which have very negative connotations.

Summer, then, reveals the bigger issue of the question. The question assumes that body size is suggested on how “well” you take care of yourself. Summer lays down real words of wisdom and explains that care for oneself is very subjective, therefore, very individualistic.

This short, yet powerful video on body acceptance is a great one. Summer Innanen broke down the question and turned the negativity of the question into positivity. At Fashom, we believe what Summer preaches. Thank you for this insightful video!

fashomadmin“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

Do Not Let Self-hate Ruin You

on August 28, 2017

All of us are repeating the confidence and self-love all the time. Do we really understand how to love ourselves?

Even though we know that It is important to treat ourselves good, we still influenced by some bad motions. There are some ways that we can understand the real meaning of self-love and do not let self-hate ruin your life.

#1 Know your situation

When you feel that your pants are little big tight, do not panic and immediately start a diet. Know your body’s real situation and make a reasonable diet plan.

#2 Share your feelings

You can always talk with your friend and family about your situation and your concern about your body. You should let people know your situation and help you. You can also write a blog about your feelings to share it with people who have a similar situation.

#3 Treat yourself well

Treat yourself good is another important way to overcome the self-hate. You should really know why you need to do the exercise and control your food. Do not just copy what others every day. Do not let your self-hate ruin your life! Enjoy your daily life and try to know your body’s need.

Written by: Scarlett

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fashomadminDo Not Let Self-hate Ruin You

Male Body Image Is An Issue Too

on August 8, 2017

For years there have been hundreds, even thousands of campaigns used to promote a positive body image for women in the entertainment and fashion industries. Here at Fashom, we too have worked hard to introduce a positive self-image to women around the world who might not have had the tools to manifest one for themselves.

Ashley Graham via

Companies in beauty, fashion, and entertainment have taken tremendous strides in the past decade on dismantling the “ideal woman” image. Still lingering, however, is one outdated misconception about body image: Men don’t care about it. In 1965, sure, it makes sense for there to be an absence of campaigns about men loving themselves, but it’s 2017 and America is not in the middle of the Vietnam War. It is a time in history where the mindset of men is well past starting a family and providing for it in some grimy, ‘manly’ nine-to-five.

Our question is: when will the standard change? Where is the Dove beauty patch experiment for men? Perhaps this is a question company should be asking themselves. Every day, men all over the world battle the ideal male prototype that stands 6’2” with a chiseled stomach and ridiculous flowing hair. They may not be as outspoken about it as those spearheading women’s body positive campaigns, but that’s because men have been programmed not to talk about these issues and to “suck it up”.

Tommy Lee Jones in “Coal Miners Daughter” 1980

Zach Miko, IMG’s first male plus-sized model

Although plus-sized men may not deal with every issue that plus-sized women must fight through, they still share issues on their own. Bigger men find it harder to build up a wardrobe, have to grow up dealing with ‘fat jokes’ and belittlement because of their weight. But as a man, talking about your own insecurities openly is un-masculine or a sign of weakness – issues that a woman doesn’t have to deal with.

While defending the male body image is not a heavily publicized movement, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people or organizations out there looking to shed more light on the issue. Take into consideration sites like,,, and just to name a few.

Media outlets like Chubstr and Good Men Project are examples that we would like to see a lot more of at Fashom. Women aren’t the only ones struggling with body image and there is enough research to prove it.

If you liked this post or have a strong opinion on this issue let us know in the comments and on social media!

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