Summer Must-Have Trends

on July 10, 2019

Summer is at its peak and so is the fashion that falls behind the hot weather. We have been on the hunt for the most popular trends that have been circulating this season and we have found them. We have similar styles here at Fashom that you can easily try out in your own box. These styles are perfect for ALL body types and look amazing on everyone. Read below for a quick little recap on what trends are skyrocketing this summer:

1. Palazzo Pants

The ultimate summer bottoms… next to shorts. Slouchy trousers are super comfortable. You can dress them up for work, wear them to a party, and even stroll on the boardwalk in these. They’re super versatile and are the best cover ups for the warmer seasons. Palazzo pants give you room to breathe and are not restricting at all.

2. Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress. It’s the staple piece for the summer and almost everyone needs to have one in their wardrobe. It’s aerated, gives you room to grow, and is super stylish for all occasions. For the summertime, you need something versatile and the maxi dress is that option.

3. Bucket Hats

Seemingly and surprisingly, the bucket hat is making a comeback. What used to be known as the “fisherman’s” hat is now branching off into the fashion world. Bucket hats have been the reigning supreme in accessories for this summer and it is an ultimate must-have to complete your summer look.

4. 80’s Flare

Similar to the 90’s making an appearance in 2019, the 80’s are also pulling through. It’s not necessarily the baggy pants or loose fitted blouses, but just the colors and silhouettes in general have been super popular. Tucking your shirt into your pants and pulling off complimentary and primary colors in one outfit has been super popular. Also, denim on denim as well as mini skirts/dresses are creeping their way through this summer. Wearing different shades of denim all throughout your outfit is a great way to blend the 80’s into your style. As for mini skirts and dresses, the shorter the better. During the summer it gets blazing hot, so women have been getting away with bringing “mini’s” back.

5. Knit Tank

The ultimate summer style is boho. Crochet pants, knit tops, and kimonos have always been making appearances through the summertime. Knit tops are a must have and they work perfectly for all body types. Pair them with palazzo pants, a bucket hat, and a pineapple and you’re good to go!

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Shop Look, Pinterest, and Trendy Curvy. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from Pinterest. 

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fashomadminSummer Must-Have Trends

A Fashom Rainy Day Look

on March 29, 2019


It seems like many people don’t talk about what to wear on rainy days. Mostly because on rainy days, people choose to stay indoors (we don’t blame you). On separate occasions, some people have to venture out into the weather and run some errands, start the day at work, or celebrate a birthday party. While the rain is tricky to style around with, we have some solutions here at Fashom that will hopefully better your style on a mucky and gloomy day like so. April is approaching, and as we all know, it is prone to being the rainiest month. Let’s kick off our rainy day essentials to keep you stylish and dry. Photo  credit to @dresscoralynn above.

1. Striped Shirt

The simple striped shirt can never steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to casual wear in the rain. It’s the type of shirt that becomes your best friend when situations like this occur; it can get damaged, ripped, or drenched in the downpour, but it’ll always be the perfect choice for when it comes to rainy days. On top of all of this, it is super casual, fashionable and can literally go with any outfit. The casual striped shirt can never do you wrong. We have very similar picks at Fashom such as our Natural Life Striped Hi Lo Sweater or V-Neck Sweater and our Skies are Blue Striped Knit Top.

2. Vests Upon Vests


With your accessorized umbrella of course, vests are the best way to keep dry during the rainy seasons. April is a month of on and off downpours, and with vests you can look cute and fashionable as well as keep yourself warm and dry. Vests allow you to layer your outfit with a sweater, hoodie, or long sleeve tee underneath to create the ultimate rain shield. We have similar styles at Fashom such as our Skies are Blue Soft Corduroy Vest, which is also filled with cute polka dots all over!

3. Bomber/Rain Jacket

Instead of the bland and boring raincoats, try a bomber styled jacket with wick protection from the rain. These jackets are almost considered raincoats because when water hits them, it wicks right off. The silhouette is super flattering to any body type because with the jaw string waist, it can give a curvature to the look. Put on your favorite rain boots and strut in the rain with this stylish pick. We have very similar outerwear at Fashom such as our Staccato Draw String Utility Coat and our Fate Drape Parka Coat.

4. Signature Boots

Every fashion wearer needs a pair of nice rain boots. Firm fitted boots keep you looking sleek and chic in the rain. The signature red rain boots help keep your rain day ‘fit colorful and bold. If you want to stay fashionable while you have to run out in the rain, slim fitted and bright red rain boots are the way to go. A most recent trend are ankle length rain boots, which are also super stylish. This trend has surpassed throughout major cities such as New York, Philly, and Boston; and they’re super cute. They produce the illusion on booties so you can also pair these with an every day outfit.

5. Sleek Black Pants

So we have the rain boots,  a rain jacket, vests, and shirt, now it’s time to talk pants. The simplest way to finish your rainy day outfit is to add a pair of sleek black pants. Black is the easiest to tame when it rains because droplets are hidden in the material (if you spill something on you too, it’s not as noticeable as opposed to denim and brighter colors). Black pants are easy to deal with when it rains. We have some nice black pants at FASHOM such as our RD Style Black Leggings and our Faux Leather Panel Leggings. Easy to tame and stylish at the same time.

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Pinterest. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from Pinterest. 

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fashomadminA Fashom Rainy Day Look

ARIES: This Months Picks for the Feisty Fire Sign

on March 25, 2019

It’s Aries month! Aries are known as a hardheaded, independent, direct, and energetic women. Aries move quickly, sometimes with the appearance of more haste and impulsiveness than thought, patience, or follow-through. You know what you want, and you will find a way to get it done. Your zodiac symbol is the Ram, so you approach life “head-on” in most scenarios. Your straight forward personality shows through your fashion and style, so Aries tend to be the chameleon of the fashion world and blend with what is “in,” however they always make it look even better. Here are this months picks for the iconic Aries woman:

1. Street Style & Boss Basics


Aries LOVE comfort, athleisure, and the NYC street lifestyle. Signature luxury pieces are added to the mix, but Aries don’t really need that to produce a statement. Their fiery red status evokes a mystery behind each piece and it’s shown in each fit. In a way, Aries don’t think too much into their clothing, however that’s what makes it so unique. Their bold characteristics are shown through their personality – not much their style. Here are some styles that represent that “boss” side to an Aries that many people desire to have.

2. Everyday Comfort, Work Flow, and Weekend Getaways


Everyday looks to work, to class, or just a general weekend stroll around the block to run errands all fall within the same wavelength. If an Aries could wear sweats all day, they would. They have a business professional side to them like all signs, but they embark it in their own casual flare. Check out the pieces above that enlist an ideal look for an Aries for work, everyday style, and weekend adventures.

3. Night Owl Rouge


The best part about an Aries fashion sense is the carelessness put into it. Not saying necessarily there is no effort, but the effortless aspect is what makes it so intriguing. Without even trying, an Aries pulls off the ultimate challenge that many people struggle with: statements. Aries need to unwind and have a night out once in a while, and while they do, their fashion sense ultimately pulls through.

4. Hats and Head-On Apparel


Aries are “head-on,” which can be taken literally in their sense of style. The Aries woman tends to embellish in beanies, head pieces, and head jewelry in their clothing. The way they incorporate this is by adding it in as their final touch to their wardrobe. The ultimate Aries fit is not complete without some sort of head piece accessory. This can come across as a very grunge look, as some might say. Band tees and rock apparel fall very closely to this trend. Above are some inspired picks of headpieces an Aries might be caught red handed in.

5. Badwood Take


Natalie Wood is an LA native with her own streetstyle brand that was established in 2013. Personally, her entire take has an Aries aura specifically with style and grunge. She is a Capricorn (shoutout to the workaholic sign) but one of her dear friends Gabriella Abutbol models for her clothing and she is an Aries. Above are some inspo divided toward the visual representation of a pure Aries woman.

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Polyvore, Badwood, Shop Look, Pinterest, and Fashionkill21. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from Pinterest. 

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fashomadminARIES: This Months Picks for the Feisty Fire Sign

Male Body Image Is An Issue Too

on August 8, 2017

For years there have been hundreds, even thousands of campaigns used to promote a positive body image for women in the entertainment and fashion industries. Here at Fashom, we too have worked hard to introduce a positive self-image to women around the world who might not have had the tools to manifest one for themselves.

Ashley Graham via

Companies in beauty, fashion, and entertainment have taken tremendous strides in the past decade on dismantling the “ideal woman” image. Still lingering, however, is one outdated misconception about body image: Men don’t care about it. In 1965, sure, it makes sense for there to be an absence of campaigns about men loving themselves, but it’s 2017 and America is not in the middle of the Vietnam War. It is a time in history where the mindset of men is well past starting a family and providing for it in some grimy, ‘manly’ nine-to-five.

Our question is: when will the standard change? Where is the Dove beauty patch experiment for men? Perhaps this is a question company should be asking themselves. Every day, men all over the world battle the ideal male prototype that stands 6’2” with a chiseled stomach and ridiculous flowing hair. They may not be as outspoken about it as those spearheading women’s body positive campaigns, but that’s because men have been programmed not to talk about these issues and to “suck it up”.

Tommy Lee Jones in “Coal Miners Daughter” 1980

Zach Miko, IMG’s first male plus-sized model

Although plus-sized men may not deal with every issue that plus-sized women must fight through, they still share issues on their own. Bigger men find it harder to build up a wardrobe, have to grow up dealing with ‘fat jokes’ and belittlement because of their weight. But as a man, talking about your own insecurities openly is un-masculine or a sign of weakness – issues that a woman doesn’t have to deal with.

While defending the male body image is not a heavily publicized movement, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people or organizations out there looking to shed more light on the issue. Take into consideration sites like,,, and just to name a few.

Media outlets like Chubstr and Good Men Project are examples that we would like to see a lot more of at Fashom. Women aren’t the only ones struggling with body image and there is enough research to prove it.

If you liked this post or have a strong opinion on this issue let us know in the comments and on social media!

fashomadminMale Body Image Is An Issue Too

Self-love wins: Plus Size Models

on July 14, 2017

What is your size? Are you confident?? Some girls are super confident, who wears size 16 clothes. Who are they?? They are the models for all plus size girls and full of confidence.

Let us get to know those girls and get inspiration from them

1. Naomi Shimada

Naomi is a half Japanese model who became the voice of this generation.


2. Liris Crosse

A leading plus size model shows her confidence and her personality in every shot!


 3. Ashley Graham

Plus size super model, Ashley Graham, rocks the model field!

What can we learn from them??

  • Confidence! Every girl should know her body and love it. Do not let people judge your body or your size. Confidence comes from self-love, which is inside but not outside of the body.
  • Smile! Always put a smile on your face and show happiness. Do not let yourself become your biggest enemy.
  • You deserve a perfect life! Healthy does not mean skinny, be yourself and fight for your perfect life!

    Written By: Scarlet

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fashomadminSelf-love wins: Plus Size Models