Mad for Plaid

on December 8, 2019

     Tis’ the season to see a rise in one of those prints that seems to be all around us but that we often have trouble discerning whether we love or hate…Plaid. Plaid, whether it be checkered or tartan, can bring up a variety of feelings within us based on whatever we associate with it with most. When people think of plaid, some can think of school uniforms, some can think of lumberjacks, some can think of kilts, and, of course, some can think of everything southern or western inspired but plaid can be so much more than the categories it’s subconsciously placed into.

    In the mighty words of Lizzo, ‘truth is’ girl, plaid has expanded its reach and is no longer as stereotypical as we’ve been led to believe. Plaid has become a fun and, sometimes even playful, print that allows us to have fun with our wardrobes whilst still sticking to semi-classic roots. This print always comes back to popularity in true or various forms each year because, even though it does have origins in various firm points throughout history, it is also so easy to update with bright and bold colors, modern accessories, and even a subtle mix of other chic prints to spruce up any ensemble! Here are a few ways to pad your plaid with your own unique style this holiday season: 


Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 11.54.41 PM.png

(Retrieved from: Pexels)


Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 11.54.48 PM.png

(Retrieved from: Pexels)


Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 11.54.31 PM.png

(Retrieved from: Pexels)


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Fall Trend Report

on October 6, 2019

        When the weather turns cooler, so does our style. Gone are the days of sandals and shorts…Now we must saddle up, and throw on our prints and our cowboy boots. As we welcome the new autumn season, we welcome the new fashion trends as well.

         Aside from the animal prints we are seeing everywhere, tailored power suits, neon colors, English tweed, dark florals, lace, oversized denim jackets, metallics, cowgirl accessories, and lots of pockets are what to watch out for this season. Already we can see ourselves pulling out a few fashion-forward pieces inspired by these when our own Fashom boxes deliver some of these exciting trends! This season has shaken things up with these updated twists on classic Fall styles:

  • The Fall power suit has well-tailored angles, padded shoulders, and a belted waist to help you embrace your curves. 
  • Prepare to wow your friends with neon! If you’re feeling really edgy, you can do the look from head to toe or simply add a bright belt for a pop on an all black outfit. 
  • Tweed gets a fresh look in perfectly cut capes, belted coats, and pleated asymmetrical skirts.
  • Florals for spring? Not exactly…This autumn offers a new take on florals by making them dark and woodsy yet still feminine. 
  • Rock n’ roll metallics are perfect for a night out on the town in chic party dresses or skinny coated jeans. 
  • Cowgirl accessories are predicted to be more common than you might think with data showing a huge increase in searches for rancher hats (whether you live in the West or just like listening to Old Town Road). Fringe, western boots, and embellished denim all help make up the trendy, ‘urban cowgirl’ look.  
  • Pockets are a trend? Yup, and here’s why we’re excited; we are able to not only be trendy but can utilize these for our absolute essentials rather than toting around a heavy bag with us all day. 
  • Lace also receives an update in the shape of risqué yet still conservative mini and maxi dresses.


        We love that this season encourages women to step out of their comfort zones while staying true to their own styles. Although some of these trends may not be your cup of tea, this season offers a little something for everyone. Tweeds for the woman with more classic tastes, the sophisticated working woman gets an update to the staple power suit, the woman who love taking risks with a bit of edge can make an entrance with neon pops, and if you’re like us, you can mix and match some of these trends together to create a look that is as unique as you are! Here are a few pics to help give you some seriously stylish inspo 😉


Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 6.08.17 PM.png

 -Givenchy Show (Getty Images).   


Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 6.08.36 PM.png

  -Fringe, Urban Cowgirl Trend(Retrieved from: Unsplash)


Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 6.08.47 PM.png

-Comfy Pockets Trend (Retrieved From: Unsplash)

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Springing into Trends

on January 19, 2018

Fashomistas, we are more than halfway through January now! Time is flying by. Spring will be here before you know it, which is great because I’m ready to shed my black and white minimalist palette for some Spring colors, especially pastels. The official first day of Spring starts on the Spring Equinox, March 20th. So, we need to start stocking up and shopping for it now before the time is here ladies because the time is already near.

This Spring is coming fast Fashomistas, and here are what colors you can expect to see trending in this upcoming season! There will be blues, purples, reds, browns, yellows, greens, pinks, and greys. Pastels are coming in season again ladies, and I can’t wait! I am here for the blues, purples, and pinks for sure. Some of you may be wondering why there are browns and greys listed as a part of the Spring Color Palette. The reason for this is because with all of these beautiful bright and bold spring colors sometimes you need a neutral to mellow it out and to make it fashion. I am all for color blocking, but if you try every color under the sun you’ll end up looking like a rainbow. In fashion, that’s usually never a good thing.

Here are some Fashom outfits I personally styled for some different Spring occasions.

First up, I utilized the colors listed as “taffy”, “yolk”, and “soft grey.” Taffy is a lilac tint that belongs to the purple family and yolk is a yellow shade. If you know anything about color theory, purple and yellow are known as complementary colors because of they… Yes, you guessed it… because they complement each other. Spring is still “sweater weather.” However, it can be a bit warmer with a cool breeze. I paired this sweater and cardigan with a cute denim skirt for a nice Spring date. Don’t forget this cute little daisy bag with that small, but a saturated pop of color in it. The soft grey acts as a neutral even though the taffy is relatively muted.

Taffy, Yolk, & Soft Grey

Second, I have an outfit that utilizes the colors listed as “rose water” and “rubber sole.” These colors go together so fittingly. A nice pastel pink blouse paired with a suede mini skirt and leather booties. This could be a cute working outfit depending on your job. If you can’t wear it to work, then you could always wear it to the movies or the mall!

Rose Water & Rubber Sole

Up next is a simple, casual day outfit with the use of the colors listed as “catalyst” and “woke.” Every woman needs a good dark wash denim; it is a staple in every wardrobe no matter the style for sure. These dark jeans go great with the breezy and dreamy green blouse with its simple string bow tie. The matching bag and neutral flats complete this look. This is a nice daytime, nowhere really to go, but still, want to be a cute outfit.

Catalyst & Woke

Last but certainly not least, is the outfit that pictures the colors listed as “baby blue” and “iD.” My favorite pairing for Spring would have to be baby, light, or powder blue on light wash denim. It is a match made in Heaven! Here’s some more color theory for you. Because blue and purple are next to each other on the color wheel they are considered analogous colors. “iD” is listed as a red, but I would say it is more like the color, red-violet, which a very deep or rich hue consisting of red and purple which makes even more sense as to why this bag and these shoes look good with this blue sweatshirt; because blue and red literally make purple. Blue is already a part of red-violet. Enough book sense for you and back to the fashion sense. Who said comfy couldn’t be cute. Maybe it’s a little breezy this sweatshirt will keep you warm. My favorite parts of this outfit are the bows on the sweatshirt as well as on the pants. It makes this simple ensemble stylish and fun. This outfit is perfect for a walk in the park or anything that causes for you to be out in the Spring air.

Baby Blue & iD

If you like this Spring color palette and if these outfits seem to be just your style, then download the Fashom App ( for more outfit inspiration. Check out our new stylist feature if you want to “spring” into these trends, but need some help finding what you need, want, and actually like.

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NYE Trends Blog

on December 28, 2017

Season’s greetings, Fashomistas! It’s almost that time of year. The “New Year, New Me” time of year. Who cares about resolutions we don’t intend to keep anyway? If we do nothing else, let’s end this year and begin next year with style!

New Year’s Eve is a night for food and family or drinks and partying. There were so many trends this year even just in this one season for Winter. The following trends will have you shining brightly just like the New Year’s first fireworks: Leather, sparkle, fur, velvet, suede, satin, black and white, pop of color.

Fall and Winter are when the true fashionistas come out to play. It’s cold so we can wear more clothes and show off our style. Some of these trends are year-round like black and white or pop of color. For maximum style, factor tries pairing your favorite New Year’s Eve trends together.

Everyone brings in the New Year in their own way. We’ve put together some outfits for different outings on the holiday by combining some of this holiday’s trends.

Maybe you bring in the New Year at a party. If so, outfit one is a great option to strut your stuff!

nye blog 1

Shine bright with the sparkle trend and add some edge to the leather. Whoever said all leather had to be black and real? This silver moto jacket enhances the bright red dress. The white PU leather booties serve as a cool neutral. The outfit speaks for itself keep the jewelry simple and to a minimum. Who’s going to Time Square to see the ball drop? Of course, you want to be cute, but you’ll also want to be comfortable since you’ll be standing up and walking around for a while.

Outfit number two would be great for you.

nye blog 2

Light up the night with this silver sequin short dress, but stay on trend by adding a black PU leather jacket and knee high boots. Top it off with some dark lipstick if you’re feeling really spunky.

“Oh, but i need to be a more sophisticated” If you feel that way outfit number three will do the trick.

nye blog 3

Get on that off-shoulder black  jumpsuit and maroon coat. You can’t be on trend with black and white without adding a pop of color right? Unless you’re a minimalist, then it’s okay. For a pop of color pair the outfit with these embroidered sandals and finish it up with red gloss!


nye blog 4

If you’re spending the holiday on a fancy date you should be lavish with a bit of glamor.


Pull it off with the velvet and fur trend (faux of course, we love our furry friends!). This is a sequin dress paired with velvet boots with a nice coat. Perfect the look with some smokey eyes and silver toned jewelry. Get those head turners at the restaurant with your boo.

End the year on trend and bring in the New Year on the same note. Looking for your last minute outfits, send a styling request on Fashom App.

*All outfits above are representation of products available on Fashom.
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Make your Christmas special with Fashom

on December 20, 2017

It’s Christmas time and the time of the year where you find celebrations all around you. Kids running in the streets enjoying the snow and singing in joy, families in their houses gathering around the Christmas tree, decorating it and enjoying their time. And the sound of Christmas carols everywhere filling the air with joy and happiness.

xmas creative

We want to celebrate and share this cheerfulness with you. As a special offer to our lovely users, we are giving our E-gift cards at a 50% discount for your women friends and family. What’s in it?

  • You pay 50% of the value, ie, you pay $5 for your $10 gift card.
  • Your friend/family gets professionally styled clothes worth your e-gift card amount. Shipping and return are on us.[contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Gift Card Value” type=”select” options=”$25,$50,$100,$150,$200,$250,$300″ required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Comment” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”Fashom Username” type=”text” /][/contact-form]

For additional questions send us an email to

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all us here at Fashom.

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From Day to Night Outfits in Seconds

on November 8, 2017

Ladies, we’ve all been in that unbearable position where we’re rushing home from work in order to put together a sassy ensemble for the night. By the time you’re finished throwing an outfit together and your shoes on, it’s time to run out of the door and begin your night. Well, Fashom has a solution for this unbearable common struggle that all ladies seem to share.


We understand how frustrating it can be to constantly be in a rush after work so Fashom would like to help with a few style tips. It can be daunting when you try to spice up a dull outfit, so below we’ve listed three styles that we feel are most versatile. These outfits require minimal effort to transform your look from day to night in seconds.


There’s just something that’s captivating about jumpsuit. Choose a chic, but not too flashy style and watch the wonders you can do. Start your day off in a jumpsuit with a pair of flats and throw a flashy pair of pumps in your bag for later. When it’s time to go out for the night, throw on those heels, accessories, and you’re ready for the night!


Wide-leg pants are always a great choice if you’re in need of a versatile look for the day. Choose a pair that is sleek and chic and you’ll be able to transform your outfit from sophisticated to sassy, fierce, and seductive in minutes. Watch the heads turn as you walk by!



Now I know blazer can seem simple and casual, but you’d be amazed at how versatile it actually is. Take a few notes from fashion icon Rihanna and celebrity “it” girl Kim Kardashian and turns your blazer into spicy nighttime get up.


Written by Darean Rhodes

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fashomadminFrom Day to Night Outfits in Seconds

Weddings around the world

on October 25, 2017

A certain feeling of happiness we feel when we hear the word wedding. We remember the beauty of the bride and the elegance of the groom. The nice wedding cake and the amazing music and dancing. The whole atmosphere of the wedding is cheerful and the idea of happiness and having a family is a fascinating idea.

There is a certain tradition for weeding and that changes according to every culture. In this article, we will have a look on a different kind of wedding dresses that brides wear in some different culture and country.


















fashomadminWeddings around the world

Day to night looks for men

on September 23, 2017

As a guy, one thing that we have going for us is that most of the things made for us to wear are pretty versatile. We can put something on in the morning, wear it to lunch, run errands, then have a night out with friends; and no one bats an eye. If you don’t know exactly what that outfit looks like, don’t worry. We’ve drafted a shortlist of outfits that you can count on to take you from day to night without a problem.

Oxford, Jeans, Chelsea Boots

The occasions where men need an outfit to take them throughout an entire day tend to fall on the weekend. Not to say that guys don’t have long work days, but those ensembles are dedicated to the suit and tie uniform. Fashom wants to provide casual, stylish looks that enable men to feel confident in their own skin.

A plain oxford shirt with a nice pair of dark jeans, (ripped or not), and some Chelsea boots is a great outfit for all seasons and occasions.

Bomber and Basic Tee

The bomber jacket is stylish, charismatic, and on trend. Combine it with a white tee and dress it up with a nice pair of cropped trousers. Walk the streets with confidence in a nice pair of sneakers or brogues. This outfit with giving you a casual look without lacking attention to detail.

Leather Jacket Combination

Like many outerwear choices, there are many ways to wear a leather jacket. However you wear it, Fashom can guarantee that it will adhere to the masculine confidence you need to face the day. This is a look that can take you from the office to the nightlife effortlessly.

Take the sweater off and unbutton the shirt at the top to make it look more casual. This is a simple wardrobe choice that is applicable to whatever activity you participate in throughout your day.

Polo and White Pants

With summer right on our heels, it’s time to get the white pants out of your “summer clothes” tub in your basement. Pair some appropriate-fitting white pants with a polo shirt of your choice and brave the summer heat.

The beauty of this outfit is you can dress it up or down with the shoes. Whether you want to sport dress shoes, Chelsea boots, or your favourite summer kicks; it is sure to look good with a white pants and polo combination. Be bold!

Written by Martin Lang

Source: Outfit Trends

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fashomadminDay to night looks for men

The Plus Size Clothing Line of The Year

on August 30, 2017

There’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than wanting to shop in popular retail stores that consist of the chicest and trendiest clothes, but you can’t ever find one clothing piece that fits your frame properly, or more importantly, fits you AT ALL. Thankfully, for all my ladies in this same boat, the Goddesses Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg have officially answered our prayers.




Natalie Mason and Gabi Gregg have been best friends for nearly a decade, but beyond that, independently and together these two women have become two of the most trusted body activist and influential beauty & style bloggers within the plus-size industry.



As curvy and bodacious women, these two are constantly being faced with the difficulty of finding trendy, unique and “cool” clothing items that fit their size, flatter their shape and make them feel confident. These challenges resulted in Mason and Gregg disrupting the fashion industry and creating their OWN fashion brand, Premme, which consists of sizes ranging from 12 – ___. Premme released their first collection of 15 pieces on July 25th and their second installment will include 26 pieces and is expected to drop early September.

With Premme’s first installment selling out so quickly, it’s clear that the demand for this clothing line is high. If you want to guarantee that you’ll get your hands on any items from the second installment, I would advise that you act fast when the next collection drops!

Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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fashomadminThe Plus Size Clothing Line of The Year

Back to School Looks

on August 6, 2017

The 2017-18 academic year is approaching and what better reason (or maybe an excuse ha-ha) to spend money and fill up your closet with new looks! I understand that putting together the perfect outfit can be one of the most daunting and annoying things, so I took the liberty to list four outfits that will make getting dressed easy, fun and leave you turning heads.

Macintosh HD:Users:dareanrhodes:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.41.16 PM.png

One. Boyfriend jeans are the ultimate go to pants. They’re tight enough yet loose enough to flatter anyone’s shape and they’re also comfy. That’s right, jeans that actually comfortable! Pair your denim bad boys with a simple top, sneakers and bold accents for the perfect first-day ensemble.

Macintosh HD:Users:dareanrhodes:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.28.31 PM.png

Two. You can never go wrong with a vintage t-shirt and denim shorts. Keep it appropriate and choose a pair of shorts that aren’t too short, but flatter your shape. Slightly tuck your shirt into the front of your shorts for a more fitted look, grab a pair of sneakers and your classroom ready!

Macintosh HD:Users:dareanrhodes:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.34.08 PM.png

Three. Make a classroom statement and throw on an oversized sweater, but purposely forget those pants of yours. This look is casual, yet chic and the ultimate mix between summer and fall. Grab a pair of comfy shoes and jazz up this look with the perfect accessories and a bold lipstick.

Macintosh HD:Users:dareanrhodes:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.38.08 PM.png

Four. Ladies, I saved the best look and perhaps the comfiest for last. Leggings and ANY type of shirt have never done anyone wrong. Am I right?! I prefer to pair my leggings with a crop top, white sneakers, and oversized earrings and for a sweet finishing touch; I throw my hair in a messy bun.

I hope one of these outfits’ works out for you and remember any outfit will look 10x cuter if you rock it with confidence. ENJOY your first day back in class!

Written: Darean Derae Rhodes

fashomadminBack to School Looks