We speak through what we wear

on December 26, 2017

Clothes are not some pieces of material you cover your body with, it’s a complete language. You can say many things through what you are wearing. You can also tell too much about your personality, culture, religion, and even your profession through what you are wearing.

Nada is one of those people who cares about her style of dressing and about the message that she wants to send. She works as a financial advisor at a well-known firm in Connecticut. She told us that she loves the business casual style, she also loves shoes and long boots.

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In the photoshoot, she appeared with a maroon dress, long black boots, and a black turban. Her style represents her profession as you can tell from the first look at her that she works in a bank or a job that is related to numbers. You can see that she cares about the small details through her photos.

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We speak the language of fashion and we can help you in understande this language and teach how to speak through your style.

If you haven’t tried it already, Fashom offers personally styled outfits that represent you.

fashomadminWe speak through what we wear

Fashion says “me too” style says “only me”

on December 5, 2017

We believe that your body is a great gift that you should care about and show that you love it. Amazing outfits not only show your beauty and express your personality.

Such representation of culture and personality is displayed by ‘Asmaa Elamrousy’ who is a Community Engagement Coordinator for an NGO that is called the Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA), which dedicated to promoting diversity, leadership and celebrating Muslim American heritage through storytelling.

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Asmaa told us about her different styles of dressing depending on the environment. For a normal workday at MALA, she tends to rock comfy shoes, blazers, dress shirts, long vests and flattering bootcut pants. But her personal style preference is to wear statement accessories, heels, embellished jackets, sparkly/sequin dresses, leather jackets and hats for her artist’s lifestyle.

In this photoshoot, Asmaa is dressed in a burgundy dree top with navy blue bootcut pants, she wore burgundy half boots and put on a navy blue hijab scarf that matches with the clothing colors. She chose to wear a grey bag to add contrast to her outfit, in addition to a long necklace with a cute squared pendant.

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Stayed tuned to know more about how Fashom is styling with a personal touch.

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Photography by: JGoldbergProductions

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fashomadminFashion says “me too” style says “only me”