Age of Aquarius

on January 27, 2020

People who are born between January 21st and February 20th fall under the zodiac sign of Aquarius; they are independent, easy-going, and have great style. Their style is so unique that you can probably spot an Aquarian simply by how they dress! Aquarians always like their style to stand out but if you’re a fellow Aquarian in need of some styling inspiration during your season (or even if you’re not but you just like their style ), we’re here to help with a few tips on how to incorporate some of the hottest trends into your wardrobe! 

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Wild Cat

    Animal print items are a must for Aquarians this season. Luckily, chic animal prints are everywhere right now and come in many forms including coats, shirts, skirts, dresses, accessories, and pants. Our favorite four-legged inspired print for Aquaruius though is leopard because it can be dressed up or down for any occasion! A tailored leopard print dress is great for a night out but can also transition into work the next day by either layering it under a bold colored blazer or layering it under a fitted black turtleneck with pumps and a bright clutch! 

Cozy Chic

    Aquarians are known to prioritize comfort whilst still keeping their outfits stylish. A simple way to do this and incorporate the fun texture trend simultaneously is by pairing a velvet skirt with a slightly oversized printed knit sweater and over-the-knee boots! We all want to feel good in the clothes we wear but we admire Aquarians so much in this particular regard because they have a particular talent for making comfortable look effortlessly cute. 

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Turquoise Dreams 

     Each Zodiac sign tends to be associated with a color and, although there is some debate over the definitive one for each sign, turquoise is the most common hue that pops us for Aquaurius. This makes perfect sense for the water sign that is Aquarius because blue hues are most linked to the look of water and something brighter or bolder than the basic navy fits in perfectly with their personality. Turquoise can range from a summer to a winter color depending on how it’s styled and is a great replacement if you’re looking for a color to make a look pop that is not red. You can pull this in with some chunky turquoise jewelry on an all-black outfit, a fitted sweater/turtleneck tucked into a striped/animal print skirt, or just add a touch by throwing on a turquoise scarf with a fun printed top and faux leather leggings! 

The Aquarian sense of style is just as strong as they are. Whether they are drawing from their inner animal, cozying up a cool trend, or bringing the boldness with a pop of turquoise, we can all find a little inspiration by looking to the amazing Aquarians. All of us here on the Fashom team wish every Aquarian a very happy birthday!

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How to Blend Seasons: The Distressed Sweater

on January 18, 2019

Cover photo credit: @tarabuono

Merging seasons together with style can be tedious and tricky; one season is relatively warm while the other is relatively cold. So, you might ask: What do I wear? Moving into the Spring time while it’s still Winter is not all that difficult. Or, merging from the summertime into the Fall isn’t all that tricky. In fact, it’s quite fun because you get to mix warm clothing with Spring, bold colors, or Summer clothing with darker colors. I take this experience as a challenge to see which direction your different tastes and particular styles go in. 

1. Winter into Spring

We’re in that weird “in-between-seasons” season where it’s still freezing and relatively cold in some areas of the globe and beginning to get cool and warm in other parts. Merging from the depths of freezing Winter into the chill and relaxed Spring season is the hardest way to clean out your whole wardrobe between seasons. Sweaters keep you warm for the Winter, while pastel colors such as blues, pinks, and yellows can keep the Spring vibe ongoing throughout the outfit. The distressed hinges add a lightweight feel to the silhouette and roughens up the look, as opposed to the usual oversized Winter sweater that hangs low on the body and makes the look too baggy. This sweater adds a savage physique that can be fitted for every body type.

2. Spring to Summer

Sweaters in the Summer!? No way! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s how you wear it. Summer is scorching hot pretty much 24/7 (unless you live in Alaska), and you need something aerated or lightweight to keep you from dying. A lightweight, brightly colored distressed sweater is breezy and comfortable in the Spring and summertime. It’s edgy, bohemian, and chic, especially to wear along the shore or by the beach. Having it cropped by the waist allows that real summer look to sink in. Pairing this with shorts or bathing suit bottoms adds a stylistic flair and statement piece to your fit of choice.

3. Summer to Fall

One of many people’s favorite seasons: Fall. It’s the layering, the plaid, the boots and booties, the scarves, the vests… Fall is a fun season to individualize style and coziness. This is another tricky “in-between-seasons” season because we just came from really hot Summer, and now we’re drifting into breezy cool Fall. The distressed sweater is perfect for this occasion. Think about it, when it’s freezing in the mornings but really hot in the afternoons, the distressed sweater allows you to walk out of the house in just that and you’ll be fine for the rest of the day. It keeps you warm in the mornings and will leave you comfortable in the afternoons because you don’t have to wear any other heavy coats or vests for the rest of the day. Orange, cranberry red, and white are perfect colors for the October-December months. Orange for Halloween, cranberry red for Thanksgiving, and white representing purity for Christmas. Pair these outfits with slim jeans, your favorite booties, and a statement crossbody to finish the look.

4. Fall to Winter 

Cold, cold Winter is approaching. This is the time to break in the oversized sweaters because it is almost too cold to not to. Oversized sweaters are cute and homey for the wintertime and can be worn for any special occasion. Grays, reds, and taupes are perfect to match the cold season. Pairing the top with slim jeans, knee high boots, a knit hat, and turtle neck layers underneath keep you alive during this brutal season. When you aren’t too busy hibernating in the Winter, take on the new trend of the distressed sweater as your first pick when you strut outside.

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The 10 Best Dresses for Summer

on July 9, 2018

Jannely Espinal is the author and founder of The Fashion Buffet, a fashion and lifestyle blog offering a mix of styles, trends, and culture designed to inspire women of all backgrounds. Jannely brings a fresh perspective to fashion blogging, influenced by her Latina roots and being raised in a multi-cultured community. Here, Jannely shares her top style tips for easy summer dresses…


Summer is the perfect season to wear dresses. Dresses are versatile and easy to style, something we’re all looking for during the hottest months of the year! This season, keep an eye out for these ten trends to follow when picking out the perfect dress:


1. The Long-Sleeve Mini Dress. For a sophisticated and feminine look, choose dresses with thigh-high hemlines. Keep it short but sweet with long sleeves and floral prints. A lightweight fabric with ruffles or fringes creates the perfect youthful attitude.


2. The Ruffle Dress. Ruffles create movement and drama. Choose dresses with different ruffle layers and cascade to show a romantic vibe. The off-the-shoulder element echoes a soft silhouette ad girlish charm.


3. The Slim Dress. This dress style emphasizes the female body and adds a lady-like mood. Choose dresses that have mid-calf length and place emphasis on the contours of the body. This will also make you look taller and thinner!


4. The Chemise Dress. This simple and practical dress is so easy to wear. Choose ones with gingham prints, crisp cotton, or soft silks. Also, try pairing this dress with tennis shoes or flats for an easy weekend adventure.


5. The Asymmetric Dress. Generating an innovative silhouette, the asymmetric dress gives off a glamorous vibe. It provides a contemporary edge with soft cuts, and is great for fancy events, or any time you just feel like dressing up!


6. The Fit & Flare Dress. Fitted on the waist, relaxed on the bottom. This type of dress accentuates the body and adds symmetry. Try styling them with belts, boots and even sandals.


7. The Lace Dress. Lace is sophisticated and a timeless fabric. Lace dresses can be worn any time of the day and come in different variations to provide elegance to any look.


8. The Sheer Dress. For a more relaxed and edgy look, wear a sheer dress. Sheer dresses are great for statement looks. You can layer them over bathing suits, shirts and even shorts. The delicate material combined with embroidery details creates a playful yet refined look.


9. The Kaftan Dress. If you are into maxi dresses, the kaftan dress is perfect for you! It’s loose, bohemian inspired and artfully crafted. You will look whimsical in this piece yet still feel comfortable wearing it during the summer. Try a kaftan dress with embroidery details and different color combinations for a fun addition to your wardrobe!


10. The Beach-to-Bar Dress. A loosely cut dress with layered pieces will work well from the beach to the bar. Contrasting hues and bright colors are this season’s trends, and their minimalist aesthetic works effectively for different settings, which is perfect for this kind of dress.

Which of these dresses was your favorite? What’s your go-to dress for the summer? Let us know in the comments! 

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Images 1-9 via WGSN & 10 via The Fashion Buffet

Thanks to Jannely Espinal for contributing this piece.

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