The Importance of Body Positivity in 2018

on July 19, 2018

In recent years, body positivity is much more accepted than ever before. People are more comfortable wearing the clothes they like and do not feel as though they have to look a certain way to wear them. Brands are also becoming much more size inclusive, adding clothing sizes that are meant to fit everybody, not just people between sizes 0 and 8. Additionally, many companies have started to feature models of every shape and size, which is an incredible step in the fashion industry. However, body positivity still has a long way to go.


Net-A-Porter’s request for a model to be slimmed down was accidentally uploaded to their website.

Photoshop is still widely used on pictures of models on websites, in magazines, and throughout social media. It is also becoming more and more available to just about anyone who wants to use it, not just editors and other professionals. Apps and programs that allow people to edit their own photos are extremely popular in today’s society, meaning that people can see retouched photos all over, not just from famous models on magazine covers. This can cause major insecurity since average people are now able to edit themselves to look much different than they actually do.

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FASHOM’s goal is to include everybody and spread body positivity.

Here at FASHOM, we believe it is important to embrace your inner beauty. Our brand is meant for everybody, not just a select group of people. We celebrate the fact that everybody is different, and that’s okay. FASHOM is centered around the phrase “Better As I Am,” meaning that you do not have to change yourself to be beautiful. We welcome everybody, all you need to do is download the FASHOM app (Google Play version) and get started!

What are your thoughts on body positivity? Let us know in the comments below!

PS Methods on How to Overcome Body Shame & Do Not Let Self-Hate Ruin You

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fashomadminThe Importance of Body Positivity in 2018

Styling tips for curvy women

on October 10, 2017

Some women think they don’t have to care about what they are wearing because they are curvy, however, this is a wrong belief. We dress well to look well and that affects our own self-image and our self-esteem. So no matter how you look like or if you are skinny or curvy you have to care about your look. Here you are some tips about what to wear if you are curvy

  • Shop from a plus size brand:

I love this idea of plus size brands. You will find lots of cute outfits that will fit on you if you shopped from those brands and it will not make you feel disappointed as you will find various designs in different sizes.


  •  Try darker colors:

Try to wear dark colors bottoms and light color tops that will give you a nice look


  • Wear accessories:

Always wear accessories that will add a nice touch to your look especially wide belts.


  • Boots!!!

As a curvy woman, I always use boots to take the attention of my body. Wearing a nice ankle boot will give you a very cute look.


  • It’s all about confidence

Being confident is the key. If you felt that you are confident in what you are wearing everyone will see it.../Desktop/Fashom/plus-size-fashion-Halter-Swimsuit-SwimsuitsForAll.jpg

fashomadminStyling tips for curvy women

Do Not Let Self-hate Ruin You

on August 28, 2017

All of us are repeating the confidence and self-love all the time. Do we really understand how to love ourselves?

Even though we know that It is important to treat ourselves good, we still influenced by some bad motions. There are some ways that we can understand the real meaning of self-love and do not let self-hate ruin your life.

#1 Know your situation

When you feel that your pants are little big tight, do not panic and immediately start a diet. Know your body’s real situation and make a reasonable diet plan.

#2 Share your feelings

You can always talk with your friend and family about your situation and your concern about your body. You should let people know your situation and help you. You can also write a blog about your feelings to share it with people who have a similar situation.

#3 Treat yourself well

Treat yourself good is another important way to overcome the self-hate. You should really know why you need to do the exercise and control your food. Do not just copy what others every day. Do not let your self-hate ruin your life! Enjoy your daily life and try to know your body’s need.

Written by: Scarlett

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fashomadminDo Not Let Self-hate Ruin You

Self-love wins: Plus Size Models

on July 14, 2017

What is your size? Are you confident?? Some girls are super confident, who wears size 16 clothes. Who are they?? They are the models for all plus size girls and full of confidence.

Let us get to know those girls and get inspiration from them

1. Naomi Shimada

Naomi is a half Japanese model who became the voice of this generation.


2. Liris Crosse

A leading plus size model shows her confidence and her personality in every shot!


 3. Ashley Graham

Plus size super model, Ashley Graham, rocks the model field!

What can we learn from them??

  • Confidence! Every girl should know her body and love it. Do not let people judge your body or your size. Confidence comes from self-love, which is inside but not outside of the body.
  • Smile! Always put a smile on your face and show happiness. Do not let yourself become your biggest enemy.
  • You deserve a perfect life! Healthy does not mean skinny, be yourself and fight for your perfect life!

    Written By: Scarlet

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fashomadminSelf-love wins: Plus Size Models