The Rise of Body-Positivity

on October 31, 2018


Missguided #MakeYourMark campaign. Image source The Pool

The fashion industry is usually tied up with polished, aesthetically pleasing pictures forcing people to alter their appearance to match the beauty standards in magazines and social media.

However, in the last years, we witnessed a huge shift into “raw” beauty, inclusivity and female empowerment. Numerous fashion brands have stopped retouching, antibody shaming and discrimination movement to show us natural beauty. They started promoting diverse models of every shape, color, and size in their ads and runway shows. Certain clothing brands are expanding their sizing to cover all types and body shapes.

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Image source Women in the World

Missguided created a winter campaign with completely un-retouched with the models’ cellulite and stretch mark on full display.  Another example is American Eagle Outfitters’ underwear brand Aerie that launched a non-photoshopped campaign in 2014. According to Business Insider, the Aerie body-positivity campaign #AerieReal – has seen a 38% increase in its same-store sales for the first quarter, while Victoria Secret’s was struggling with 1% increase of sales and received complains from its customers for over-sexualizing its ads to entice men rather than women. This dynamic shift clearly shows the changes in people mindset that prefer to see products highlighted by women from their community.


Image source Kitkateventz

While the industry is still far from perfect, Fashom believes that it is slowly changing for the better and every initiatives count and matter. Body positivity is an essence of the Fashom’s philosophy and our top priority is to inspire and motivate modern women to embrace their uniqueness instead of trying to fit in a mold.


fashomadminThe Rise of Body-Positivity

The empowering couple: Stephanie and Arryn

on September 25, 2017

How to get the perfect body? This question takes too much of our time thinking about how to answer it and apply it. But really, who define beauty and perfection. Who put those standers. What makes women all around the world spend too much money and time on losing weight and diet programs. Is it their dream for getting a healthy body and achieve something they want to do in order to feel happy about themselves or it’s because of the hard standers that the society put for the definition of beauty?


Every woman is beautiful no matter how she looks, how much she weighs, or how her body looks like. There is nothing called beauty standers. The only scale that can measure beauty is your own self-satisfaction and approval of how you look. If you are happy with your weight and with your look, so you are beautiful. You should love yourself no matter how curvy you are or how skinny are your legs.


One of the amazing photoshoots that have been taken recently was the one of Stephanie and Arryn. They decided to take some photos that show their love to each other. Those photos were uploaded onto Wolf & Rose Photography’s Facebook page. Stephany decided to give her message of body positivity to everyone through this photoshoot and it was an amazing one that had a great response. Not only the beauty of Stephanie and Arryn was shown through the photoshoot but also their pure love to each other.


Stephanie wanted to tell all the people who saw her photos that she loves herself as it is and everyone should do the same and stop thinking about the unrealistic standards of beauty that the social media presence. The photoshoot gave Stephanie the opportunity to express her love to her fiancée and to her body.


Beauty is relative, there is no actual scale that can measure it. Don’t listen to others who tell you that you should look in a certain way to be beautiful, you are beautiful just the way you are. You have to love yourself and your body, it’s the only body you have and you look beautiful in it!

Fashom/plus-size-topless-women-photoshoot-wolf-rose-photography-59c257c013bb0__700.jpgWritten by: Amira Mohamed

fashomadminThe empowering couple: Stephanie and Arryn

5 Empowering & Inspirational Body Positivity Bloggers

on September 10, 2017

Beautiful, bodacious and bold, these five women are unapologetically confident and they have every right to be. Each and every one of the influencers that are listed below celebrates and promotes body positivity, self-love and the true art of fashion. These ladies encourage people through blogs and personal movements that urge individuals to break the unrealistic and idealistic beauty and body standards that have been heavily portrayed by the media, fashion industry, and celebrities through various platforms.

These five women are showcasing the importance of using your voice to speak on and stand up for what you believe in, especially when you’re lucky enough to have a large following base. It’s imperative that humans remember that their shapes, sizes, and colors aren’t what makes them beautiful, so Fashom thanks, those individuals that are constantly reminding people it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters!

Below are Fashom’s top FIVE empowering and inspirational body and beauty activist.

One. Jasmine

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Two. Stephanie Eboah

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Three. Melissa

Follow Melissa on Instagram @yourstruelymelly

Four. Megan Jayne Crabbe


Five. Saucyé West

Follow Saucyé on Instagram @saucyewest

It is Fashom’s duty to continuously encourage women to accept themselves just as they are. Whether or not if an individual’s physique is labeled as “slender,” “curvy” or “fat” is irrelevant to us because all bodies are beautiful regardless of what society has labeled their body type. To all the women out there who are suffering and having trouble loving their bodies to the fullest, remember that you are #BetterAsIAm!


Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes


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fashomadmin5 Empowering & Inspirational Body Positivity Bloggers

Methods on How to Overcome Body Shame

on September 6, 2017

In this current day and age, the media and our society have made it extremely hard for individuals to love themselves. The media, their various platforms, and celebrities have created this “ideal’ body type that’s honestly not even the average body type of most humans in the world. The idealistic body views have caused body shaming to really skyrocket over the last few years. Body shaming primarily takes place through social media, where users are bullied through comments, personal messages and more. I’d also like to point out a very important fact, that the people being targeted are both curvy and thin women. This is a very important topic, so I’ve decided to give a little personal advice that I hope helps anyone who’s struggling to love him or herself fully.

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One. Choose wisely whom you surround yourself with: I know we’ve all heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together” and that is one of the truest quotes. You should always pay close attention to the people that you let in your circle. Those that are close to you will be the individuals that shape your views and mindset, so in that means you want to always surround yourself with loving, body positive and body accepting people so you can be around people that personally make you feel good.

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Two: Watch who you allow to follow you on social media platforms: you should intentionally only allow people to view your social media platforms who promote body acceptance and self-love, this is important so that you can ensure that you won’t ever have to face the wrath of internet trolls and bullies.

Three: Try to locate the root to your problems: I know this can be a difficult one, but it’s important to take time out of your day, each day, and really spend time trying to pinpoint the reasons why you’re feeling certain ways. Yes, you know you feel some ways because of the Internet and others views, but the most important thing is to find your inner reasons.

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Remember, I am only human and my advice and answers may not always be correct, but these are a few things that allowed me to overcome my downfalls. I hope the things that helped me, help you all.

Written by: Darean Derae Rhodes

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fashomadminMethods on How to Overcome Body Shame

“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

on September 4, 2017

Real Words From a Self-Image Coach

Summer Innanen, a professionally trained coach on body-image, self-worth, and confidence, recently tackled the question of whether body acceptance is an excuse to not take care of oneself. In this video, Summer analyzes and evaluates this very powerful and controversial question.

“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

Summer’s answer to this question is a strong no.

First, she defines what exactly body positivity is. She takes a stance on just the word “excuse” and how it is a “justification of an offense”. Innanen explores how excuses develop from mistakes, which have very negative connotations.

Summer, then, reveals the bigger issue of the question. The question assumes that body size is suggested on how “well” you take care of yourself. Summer lays down real words of wisdom and explains that care for oneself is very subjective, therefore, very individualistic.

This short, yet powerful video on body acceptance is a great one. Summer Innanen broke down the question and turned the negativity of the question into positivity. At Fashom, we believe what Summer preaches. Thank you for this insightful video!

fashomadmin“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”