Self Care Tips for Winter Blues

on February 24, 2020

The winter blues can find anyone at times, no matter how well we think we’re avoiding it . It can come in many forms from that feeling of just being down to simply wanting to hibernate until it’s Spring. This is something we can feel isolated by but you might be surprised to hear that some of those closest to you feel the same way. Here are some of our tips to change that “gloomy mood”

  • Wear fun, bright colors – Throw on a fun, funky, and/or bright piece in your wardrobe to help brighten up your day from the start! Wearing brighter colors can change one’s mood in the blink of an eye. 
  • Take time for yourself – Many of us have kids (fur-covered or otherwise), work, a partner, friends, obligations, and a myriad of other things happening all at once, which often does not leave us with more than a few seconds to ourselves. It can sometimes reach a point where it feels that if we aren’t up and running, the house may literally fall apart. However, it’s important to take that ‘me’ time to yourself daily at least once a day just to keep you at your finest whether it’s to watch a favorite show or take a bath with a glass of wine. 
  • Try new things – This can be anything at all for you and the family, you and a friend, or just you and yourself. Going to that new restaurant you’ve wanted to try or heading out to see that new comedy with your girls can surely help lift your spirits. Break the routine and find that hint of vibrancy only the element of surprise can add!
  • Plan a trip – It doesn’t have to be to Cancun or Paris but a trip to the nearest beach for the day or a weekend in the mountains where you and/or your loved ones can go to get away from the stressors of daily life might be just the ticket. This can create both something to look forward to and an opportunity for you to get out of your everyday environment.
  • Exercise- Whether you are a Yoga fan or marathon lover, at least 10 minutes of any exercise can help change those negative thought patterns instantly.

Always remember that you are not alone, and that there are so many people out there rooting for you. As a small company that is built on helping women embrace the beautiful individuals they are, we believe that self-love comes from both within yourself and the support you feel from the community around you. We want you to know that, whatever the season, we are with you 100% of the way ! #Fashom #BetterAsIam

fashomadminSelf Care Tips for Winter Blues

New Year Resolution Follow-Through

on January 26, 2020

As this month comes to a close, we truly start to see how committed (or not) we have been to keeping our new year resolutions and the tone this sets for the next 11 months of the year ahead for us. As part of our intention-inspiration blog series here at FASHOM, we used the third-most given response by our staff on what they would like to work on for themselves this year. This answer was actually the simplest of all; to try to stick to the resolutions they created for this year. 

Compared to other resolutions made, this sounds somewhat basic but really it might arguably be the most important of them all. If we can’t keep up with small promises we make to ourselves at the beginning of the year, then how can we make those more significant positive improvements in our lives? Below, we pulled together a few simple tips that can help you keep your new year goals;

1.) Make a list – Jot down your resolutions somewhere whether it be on a piece of paper you fold up in your bag or under the notes tab on your phone. Having something you can tangibly feel in your hand and visually mapped out for you can help you reaffirm the importance of it in your daily life.

2.) Build a support system with family/friend(s) – When you share your resolution(s) with a friend or family member, you are also creating another way for you to check-in with yourself. Having someone or a few people who are aware of what goals you are trying to achieve can create both a system of support when you’re not feeling your strongest about it and an accountability source.

3.) Acknowledge when you do mess up and accept it – We are only human so there are of course going to be times we mess up our schedule and/or flow in how we follow our resolution(s). No matter what the reason for those interruptions are though, the most important thing we can do is accept what has happened and then continue pushing forward with our original mission(s). 

*Disclaimer: No references from any other texts have been made throughout this piece. All thoughts and opinions are our own as team members of Fashom. Image retrieved from Pexels.

fashomadminNew Year Resolution Follow-Through

Postively Productive

on January 22, 2020

January may be most known as the time when we make the strongest efforts towards setting our intentions for the year or following through on our new year resolutions…before they tend to drop off of our radar somewhere towards the end of the month. Most of these efforts though are typically focused on our physical appearance because we are surrounded by messages that tell us ‘we’ll feel better at this weight’ or ‘happier at this size’, which is why this month here at FASHOM we are giving you some intention-inspiration straight from our amazing staff on what we are focusing on this year; improvements for ourselves, and no one else. In this blog, we’re honing in on the second-most given response by our staff on what they would like to work on for themselves this year. The answer in this case was improving upon productivity.

There are some days where we wake up in the morning and feel like we can conquer the world with an abounding energy, and yet by the time we go to bed at night, we find there are another 1,000 things left to do. Sometimes this is because we set too many goals for ourselves to fit into just one day and sometimes it is because we find ourselves falling into unproductive habits like starting one thing but not finishing it before moving onto something else or getting distracted easily by our phones. So here are a few tips on how we have started on our productivity goals both at work and at home:

1. Make sleep a priority – Many of us can view sleep as something that can easily be pushed back to fit the schedule we want but what we don’t realize is that putting off sleep can also make us exhausted the next day and seriously impact our productivity. This can then make us fall behind on our regular workload for the day and set a continuous, vicious cycle. Instead of forcing yourself to stay up a few more hours that night, try waking up an hour or two earlier the next morning to help get a jump on the day and leave your sleep schedule in tact.  

2. Set 1 major goal and 1 minor goal each day – Pick one big thing you want to get done for the day (perhaps something for work) and then one small goal for the day (something as simple as picking up vitamins or doing the towel-load of your laundry). What this can do is help you prioritise what you need to get done and what you want to get done whilst also making sure you go to bed feeling like you have achieved something and without overwhelming yourself by trying to do too many things. 

3. Give yourself deadlines – Set specific times you want to accomplish your tasks by each day. When you set a deadline in which to complete a goal by, you are making that goal a focus and can help limit the amount of times you could be distracted throughout the day until your goals have been accomplished. 

*Disclaimer: No references from any other texts have been made throughout this piece. All thoughts and opinions are our own as team members of Fashom. Image retrieved from Pexels.

fashomadminPostively Productive

Mindfulness Tips for a More Mindful You

on January 12, 2020

After New Years, it seems everywhere starts to scream ‘new year, new you’ with all sorts of ways on how to change your body but here at FASHOM, we believe you are beautiful as you are. We all have room for improvement in ways however these need to be done for you and your peace of mind, not because you are trying to achieve something someone else is telling you that you should be trying to achieve. So, this month, we went around the office here and asked everyone what they would like to work on for themselves throughout this year. The number one answer we received was how to be more mindful at work. 

As a start-up, it can be very hard to keep yourself in-check during the busier times of the day when you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and have to wear multiple hats but we put together some easy and practical tips on how to be a little more mindful whether its before, during, or after work: 


1: Bring your attention to your breathing: Focusing on your breathing doesn’t mean you have to sit down and meditate each time but just taking attention away from our minds to breathe can lower stress and help center you. This can be done for even just 5 – 10 seconds a few times a day.* 


2: Bring your attention to things around you: Stop and look at a plant or even a chair for a few seconds; this will break your thinking pattern and help reset it. Many of us here have used this technique when we feel like we might be hitting a wall with something or feel like we’re running low on ideas.*


3: Take short walking breaks: When possible, take a quick stroll around the office or outside and remove your thinking self from the environment. This is also an easy way to help get in a little movement throughout the day if you have been sitting or standing in one place for a long period of time.*


4: Meditate: If there are facilities like a break room or even a meeting room, you can take 5 or 10 minutes to do a quick meditation session even just before/after a lunch break. You can find a lot of short, guided meditation apps and videos on the web that you can follow as a daily practice. Here at FASHOM, we try to practice 10 -15 minutes together a few times a week.*


Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 4.40.53 PM.png

(Retrieved via Unsplash)


The idea of being mindful is not to stop thinking or to sit down and meditate for hours but to more so just disengage from a mindset that is only making us hit a wall or more frustrated so we can be more aware of life around us. 


*Disclaimer: No references from any other texts have been made throughout this piece. All thoughts and opinions are our own as team members of Fashom.

fashomadminMindfulness Tips for a More Mindful You

A Night in Nashville

on September 28, 2019
     We still cannot believe our #BeOneWithFashom event and meet-up alongside five fabulous influencers friends in the beautiful and bustling city of Nashville, TN was over two whole weeks ago now! Throughout the night, we loved having the opportunity to meet some of you Fashomistas IRL, answer your questions in the Q & A with our very own CEO Mitali Saxena, showcase some of our favorite new pieces for autumn presented by one of our stylists, talk a little about what is new and upcoming for Fashom (BIG news coming to you all soon, btw), and simply have an amazing time with some amazing members of our tribe!
     As an online styling company, we strive to ensure that you feel we not only understand your style but your lifestyle because your style reflects your daily life. Instead of feeling as if a computer is selecting your clothes for you based off of certain buzzwords you gave in the answers to your styling quiz, we have stylists who hand-pick options for you so that you can have a real person better understand the real you. Communication is at our core and we feel that keeping that line open with you constantly whether through our styling calls, emails, comments and messages on social media, or at events like the one held in Nashville, is what makes us the only real option which is why we always understand that we are all #BetterAsIAm.
     In case you missed any of our time in Music City, check out our socials to relive parts of this wonderful night and our Facebook for the full album but here’s a small sample just for you 😉
fashomadminA Night in Nashville

The Rise of Body-Positivity

on October 31, 2018


Missguided #MakeYourMark campaign. Image source The Pool

The fashion industry is usually tied up with polished, aesthetically pleasing pictures forcing people to alter their appearance to match the beauty standards in magazines and social media.

However, in the last years, we witnessed a huge shift into “raw” beauty, inclusivity and female empowerment. Numerous fashion brands have stopped retouching, antibody shaming and discrimination movement to show us natural beauty. They started promoting diverse models of every shape, color, and size in their ads and runway shows. Certain clothing brands are expanding their sizing to cover all types and body shapes.

screen-shot-2017-12-07-at-5-18-45-pm (1)

Image source Women in the World

Missguided created a winter campaign with completely un-retouched with the models’ cellulite and stretch mark on full display.  Another example is American Eagle Outfitters’ underwear brand Aerie that launched a non-photoshopped campaign in 2014. According to Business Insider, the Aerie body-positivity campaign #AerieReal – has seen a 38% increase in its same-store sales for the first quarter, while Victoria Secret’s was struggling with 1% increase of sales and received complains from its customers for over-sexualizing its ads to entice men rather than women. This dynamic shift clearly shows the changes in people mindset that prefer to see products highlighted by women from their community.


Image source Kitkateventz

While the industry is still far from perfect, Fashom believes that it is slowly changing for the better and every initiatives count and matter. Body positivity is an essence of the Fashom’s philosophy and our top priority is to inspire and motivate modern women to embrace their uniqueness instead of trying to fit in a mold.


fashomadminThe Rise of Body-Positivity