How To Dress for Success…From Your Living Room

on April 28, 2020

This era of quarantine and isolation is an adjustment for so many, whether it’s just the way we open packages, how we grocery shop or hang-out with friends. One of the biggest and newest changes for a large percentage right now is how we work; transitioning the principles of office life to ‘work-from-home’, learning (and sometimes relearning!) technology to help manage daily tasks, and how to dress for a zoom meeting with your boss are just a few of the hurdles that have come along with this aspect. (Let us not forget homeschooling if you have children!) We may not be able to help you navigate how to work your webcam or babysit your furry friend so you don’t have to keep muting yourself every time the delivery person comes to your door, BUT what we can help you with is how to dress for success…from your living room. Right now, dressing comfortably is a priority so our stylists came up with a few easy ways for you to be both comfortable and stylishly presentable for any virtual office meeting! 

Tops are the easiest piece to pull for without spending an hour pulling yourself together plus you can still wear these without changing out of your sweatpants. ;). Even though a fair amount of us are no longer going into a physical workplace, we still want to look presentable (at least from the waist up) when we have Zoom or Skype meetings with bosses and co-workers. A light, easy button down is a great option to start off with because you can wear it open over a tank casually around the house with a pair of joggers and then simply button it up.  Also any top that has visual interest, be it a cute pattern, or ruffle will work.  Add a pair of simple drop earrings, and a touch of lipstick before hopping on your call.

Request Recommendations: Naked Zebra Long Sleeve Button-Down Blouse with Pleated Shoulders and Gilli Button Down Top 

(Images by FASHOM)

Light Spring sweaters and cardigans for the semi-chilly mornings and breezy evenings are some of our favorite layering pieces right now. These are also easy options to help you hack your way through a quick face-to-face meeting without even changing. If you’re wearing a simple crew neck tee, all you have to do is throw on a slightly more structured cardigan over it, pull your hair up into a quick pony and maybe add a cute necklace to tie everything together. It is that simple sometimes! 

Request Recommendations: Chris & Carol Rayon Knit Cardigan and Les Amis: Polka Dot Cardigan

(Images by FASHOM)

Dresses can be a bit intimidating because we tend to think of them as dressier or even formal business attire when in an office setting, but the secret right now is that you’re ‘technically’ not in an office setting unless your computer is open. This is where the miracle of the casual maxi dress comes into play: A breezy maxi dress with a flowy silhouette is an extra easy piece that can be just as comfortable throughout the day as it is stylish. Brighten this look up with a quick swipe of mascara and even a simple headband and you are ready to rock that webcam!  

Request Recommendations: Chris & Carol: Midi Knit Print Short Sleeve Dress and Chris & Carol: Amanda Striped Pocket Dress

(Images by FASHOM)

Staying in pajamas has its moments and may have sounded great at the beginning of our mandated ‘staycations’ but, aside from needing to still look professional having a little structure to our day even in our clothing routine can be good. The blurring of days feels less extreme and we find ourselves falling back into some of those healthy patterns we lost when our ‘normal’ sense of structure flew out the window. We are always striving for our style to be chic and comfortable, which sometimes feels impossible, but now we have the chance to bring these ideas together through some simple yet successful looks to help carry you through your WFH days! Request for your next styling on Fashom.

fashomadminHow To Dress for Success…From Your Living Room

Neon Jungle

on April 7, 2020

Spring is here but may look a little differently than you’re used to this year since so many are mainly experiencing it through looking outside our windows or quick walks to the mailbox. Despite most of us being in-doors right now though, we can still celebrate the season by brushing aside those dark Winter hues and re-emerging (regardless of if it’s only just into your living room) in bright, bold neon notes. From a WFO Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting to a Facetime catch-up with your girls to a cozy Skype date, here are our 3 fav ways to wear neon this season! 

  1.  For those of you who are ready to dive right in, there’s nothing we love more than a head-to toe-neon look—whether it be a jumpsuit or a t-shirt dress. Both of these one-piece wonders are both so effortless and so comfy for the Spring season! Pair these ensembles with some simple hoops and a high ponytail, and you’ll have an easy yet pulled together look that’s perfect for any FaceTime date. Request Suggestion: Skies are Blue Lace Trimmed Floral Print Dress.

2. Reaching for brighter colors over darker tones is an extra easy way to brighten up your day! Stuck in the same quarantine routine of black, grey, and navy sweatpants for the en-teenth day in a row? Try pulling out a bold tank or bright patterned hoodie instead to pair with them! Request Suggestion: Naked Zebra Side Patch Pocket Tank

If you prefer a more subtle look, we suggest bringing in the brightness through a cute belt, headband, or earrings for an easy pop of color! Other ways that can help you pull-in these bold hues in small increments are through nail polish, eye shadow, and lipstick. Starting off with lesser doses of such a loud tone family is also a great way for you to dip your toe into the neon-trend pond without feeling overwhelmed.

(Image by Pixabay)

This is the perfect time of the year to try new things, and neon is no exception! With this shifting of the seasons comes the opportunity to shift some fun new facets into your day-to-day style. This bold trend is not only great for the season but can help you brighten up a room, really make you pop on any screen, and even help give your mood a little boost!  Request for your favorite pop on color on Fashom.

fashomadminNeon Jungle

Pisces Perfection

on March 2, 2020

Pisces season is officially in full swing and we could all take a little style inspiration from this romantic and whimsical zodiac sign. Those born between February 19th and March 20th are known to be some of the most creative and supportive people you’ll ever meet. With an easygoing, loving, and intuitive nature, it is hard to miss the shimmer that follows these water sign wonders. This same essence is portrayed in their sense of style and they almost always choose their daily look based on their mood. From flowing silhouettes to sign-inspired shades, we’ve highlighted our favorite Piscean pieces this season!

A perfect Pisces-esque piece is a slightly relaxed, yet sexy, V-neck dress that represents both their go with the flow attitude and fun, flirty side. Of course, being as creative and bold as they are, Pisces will gravitate towards colors that stand out such as sea greens, hot pinks, and lavenders. This look is easily accented by simple and chic accessories like nude heels and an acrylic clutch. 

Request Suggestion: Papermoon Emilly Scallop Stain Dress

Pisces also love embracing their femininity and are drawn to ensembles that emulate their fun-loving personalities with whimsical prints including flowers, hearts, and stars. Don’t be surprised to see one sporting a light, embroidered denim or a floral-printed bomber to create a laid back yet romantic feel. This style from Skies are Blue (see below) provides the perfect Spring day vibe when paired with a white t-shirt, bootcut jeans, and suede platform sneakers. 

Request Suggestion: Skies are Blue Floral Print Bomber Jacket

Photo by: FASHOM

One item we can guarantee you’ll find inside a Pisces’ closet is a flowy neon or patterned tank. How is that NOT the perfect Spring staple? It can easily be paired with moto leggings, open-toed pumps, and fun hoops for a date night look!

Request Suggestion: Umgee USA: Sleeveless V-Neck High Low Top 

Photo by: FASHOM

These water signs can walk into any room and instantly brighten the mood — and the same can be said with their style! Now that Spring is upon us, it’s easier than ever to feel inspired by their love of flowy garments, pops of color, and eccentric prints.

Request any of these pieces in your next FASHOM box and bring out your inner Pisces ♓️

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Power Player

on February 12, 2020

Balancing sporty, trendy, and even elegant sounds like a lot of work, right? Think again .

Sporty details are finding their way into everything from casual athleisure to evening wear this season, so we have come up with a few easy ways to incorporate these baller-ready elements into your wardrobe right now. From mesh tops to sweatshirt dresses, now is the time to get ‘physical’ (If you were around during the 80’s, you’ll immediately picture Olivia-Newton John singing in neon) and sport-up your wardrobe!

Starting from the bottom, you cannot go wrong with track pants this season! It is an absolute snap to style these with a white tank top and a matching hoodie or teddy jacket. Depending on how formal or casual you want this look to be, you can also throw on a pair of stilettos to help take your look from athleisure to ath-luxe! Request Recommendation: Bloom Taylor Side Stripe Leggings

Everyone loves dresses because they are one and done staples for a simple look. There are three styles that are super on-trend right now: oversized sports jerseys, t-shirt dresses, and sweatshirt dresses but the one that has us obsessed is the sports jerseys look! This can easily go from glam with a sequined clutch to casual with platform sneakers. To elevate this ensemble to another level, try pairing it with your fav pumps and oversized hoops! Request Suggestion: Chris and Carol Sleeve Trim Tunic

Traditional sweatshirts are great for a lounge day but they can also carry over into a casual-chic outing with friends. Mixed print hoodies are a great choice because they can be worn with faux-leather leggings or even bright neon jeans to create a bold yet pulled-together sport inspired look. Hoodies can also be knotted to the side to add a little waist definition and help show off your curves! Request Suggestion: Panamex: Francie Mixed Media Hoodie

A fun athletic feature you can easily add to your workwear collection is a rugby-inspired blazer with shoulder pads! You can throw this on over a jewel-tone sheath dress and pair it with your most loved pumps. However, you can just as simply pair this piece over a good graphic tee and jeans for a super casual-chic vibe! Request Suggestion: Renee C Plaid Blazer Jacket

From business casual to cocktail, you can incorporate fun sporty details into almost any area of your look right now. We all love our yoga pants and favorite hoodie, but now we have a previously rare opportunity to wear them in so many different ways, whether that be sexy, casual, or elegant! 

If you’re loving what you have been reading so far, make sure to request any of these pieces in your next FASHOM box before they sell out

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Galentine’s Day Love

on February 9, 2020

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we’re already feeling the love in the air. Whether or not you’re coupled up on February 14th, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with loved ones (yes, even the four-legged, furry kind!). One of our favorite ways to share the love is by planning something special with our girlfriends aka our Galentine’s. From a ladies luncheon to girl’s night out on the dance floor or even, a rom-com marathon, here are five styles we’re loving this month.  

If you want a little edge to your standard GNO ensemble, consider a classic little black dress. It might seem simple, but LBDs can also be a glamorous when amped up with the right accessories. Consider styling yours with a bright red pump or an animal print clutch. Request Suggestion: Our Naked Zebra: Flutter Sleeve Shift Dress

A trend we love that shows no signs of slowing down are slip skirts – who can beat comfy and chic?! Our favorite way to style them is paired with a chunky, oversized V-neck sweater, but you can just as easily pair one with crisp, classic button down a la Audrey Hepburn. Request Suggestion: Our Les Amis Midi Skirt

Feeling bold? Try a bright statement piece! A bold pop of color will automatically give you the confidence to rock something you normally wouldn’t! Worried you won’t be able to pull it off? Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Request Suggestion: Very J Wide Legged Pant

If your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day is a movie marathon (aka watching The Notebook for the 20th time), you’ll want something cute and cozy. It’s easy to feel warm when watching Ryan Gosling portray the perfect boyfriend, but those frigid winter temps outside mean you’ll need a bit more coverage. Keep it effortless with a simple cardigan. Request Suggestion: Natural Life Intermingle Waffle Hacci Cardigan

For those with the luxury of a warmer climate in February (or have an upcoming vacation to daydream about!), nothing is more flattering than a light faux-wrap dress? Perfect for a lunch or brunch with friends, this wardrobe staple can be classic or sexy depending on how you style it. Of course, since it is Valentine’s Day, we loving the idea of softer, pink tones. Request Suggestion: Chris & Carol Woven Floral Sleeveless Midi Dress

No matter how you choose to celebrate the season of love, you’ll be sure to warm the hearts of those around you in any of these styles! 

If you’re loving any of these pieces, then request them in your next FASHOM box now before we sell out! 

PS: In need of some more V-Day excitement? From right now until February 20th, you will get a $20 credit (previously $10) for every friend who makes a purchase using your personal referral link and they get a $20 credit too after sign up!

Your personal referral link is available on the ‘Invite’ tab on the and FASHOM app!

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All That Glitters Isn’t Bold

on February 6, 2020

You don’t always need glitter and sequins to make a statement. This season, simple lines and shapes have their own way of standing out. We’re here to break down our favorite jewelry pieces to wear right now that will enhance any outfit and still keep you right on trend featuring our exclusive Verdiarte line, which only uses sustainably sourced materials and every piece is ethically handcrafted in Brazil using Golden Grass. 

Our stylists are loving mismatched earrings right now. Not only will these add a bit of spice to your usual symmetrical routine but mismatched earrings also give you a great excuse to amp up or try out a new hairstyle to show them off! What makes mismatched earrings even better is that they can be worn very casually for a laid back vibe or to add a bit of flair to your evening wear.

(Retrieved from Pexels)

Statement pieces are great for any season and can be worn year-round with ease but one of our all-time favorites has to be statement hoops! They are a great investment for your jewelry collection because they are an extra hot trend right now but they are also timeless and can be worn with any ensemble to give it an elegant yet fun feel. For more formal events, we suggest wearing a pair of these with a layered necklace in the same tone!

Jewelry can jazz up your wardrobe this season in a number of ways. With all the different shapes and sizes of statement pieces that are now in right now, it makes finding the right piece this season a little easier. It only takes a second to put jewelry on but the style it can add to your ensembles lasts for hours!

If you’re loving some of these pieces, then request them in your next FASHOM box now before we sell out

fashomadminAll That Glitters Isn’t Bold

Looks of Love

on February 3, 2020

When February comes into view on our calendars, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is Valentine’s Day. This can mean something different to everyone though. It can be a quiet night in watching rom-coms with your furry friend(s), a fun time at brunch with your girlfriends to celebrate Galentine’s day, or a romantic evening out with your partner. For every occasion this V-day though, our stylists here at FASHOM have compiled a few of our fav looks no matter what your plans are! 

(Retrieved via Unsplash)

Bold Babe – A classic red or bold pink lip is a perfect look to rock this upcoming Valentine’s Day regardless of who you’re wearing it for. This is something that you can incorporate as a pop of color into an all black ensemble, complementary to a hint of pink/red in a patterned dress, or even within a neural toned look that you round off with coordinating colored heels! 

(Crescent Ella Lace with Spaghetti Top: Retrieved via FASHOM)

Lacey Love – Lace has been a V-day standard forever but there are so many ways to bring it into your look that gives it a fresh, fun feel. There is always the classic overlay to a figure-hugging dress but lace can be easily brought in through paneling, trim, or even lace prints! A lace scarf or lace-overlaid heels are another few easy ways to bring in this romantic staple. 

(Skies are Blue LS Collared Fur Jacket; Retrieved via FASHOM)

Faux Sure – Faux fur has always been a favorite of ours but it is seriously have a moment again right now. With so much of it out there, comes so many new ways to style it! The simplest way is to throw on a faux fur vest or jacket over your outfit however you can also pick up a faux-fur clutch, shrug on a faux-fur trimmed cardigan to cozy up with, or even slip into a pair of faux-fur textured animal print ankle boots! 

It doesn’t matter where you end up this Valentine’s Day but as long as you feel the love, whether it be for your partner, girl gang, best furry friend, or even just yourself, then you are bound to have a phenomenal and stylish holiday.

To make sure some of these pieces end up in your wardrobe before V-Day, request your Fashom box with us today!  

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Age of Aquarius

on January 27, 2020

People who are born between January 21st and February 20th fall under the zodiac sign of Aquarius; they are independent, easy-going, and have great style. Their style is so unique that you can probably spot an Aquarian simply by how they dress! Aquarians always like their style to stand out but if you’re a fellow Aquarian in need of some styling inspiration during your season (or even if you’re not but you just like their style ), we’re here to help with a few tips on how to incorporate some of the hottest trends into your wardrobe! 

(Retrieved from Unsplash) 

Wild Cat

    Animal print items are a must for Aquarians this season. Luckily, chic animal prints are everywhere right now and come in many forms including coats, shirts, skirts, dresses, accessories, and pants. Our favorite four-legged inspired print for Aquaruius though is leopard because it can be dressed up or down for any occasion! A tailored leopard print dress is great for a night out but can also transition into work the next day by either layering it under a bold colored blazer or layering it under a fitted black turtleneck with pumps and a bright clutch! 

Cozy Chic

    Aquarians are known to prioritize comfort whilst still keeping their outfits stylish. A simple way to do this and incorporate the fun texture trend simultaneously is by pairing a velvet skirt with a slightly oversized printed knit sweater and over-the-knee boots! We all want to feel good in the clothes we wear but we admire Aquarians so much in this particular regard because they have a particular talent for making comfortable look effortlessly cute. 

(Retrieved from Unsplash) 

Turquoise Dreams 

     Each Zodiac sign tends to be associated with a color and, although there is some debate over the definitive one for each sign, turquoise is the most common hue that pops us for Aquaurius. This makes perfect sense for the water sign that is Aquarius because blue hues are most linked to the look of water and something brighter or bolder than the basic navy fits in perfectly with their personality. Turquoise can range from a summer to a winter color depending on how it’s styled and is a great replacement if you’re looking for a color to make a look pop that is not red. You can pull this in with some chunky turquoise jewelry on an all-black outfit, a fitted sweater/turtleneck tucked into a striped/animal print skirt, or just add a touch by throwing on a turquoise scarf with a fun printed top and faux leather leggings! 

The Aquarian sense of style is just as strong as they are. Whether they are drawing from their inner animal, cozying up a cool trend, or bringing the boldness with a pop of turquoise, we can all find a little inspiration by looking to the amazing Aquarians. All of us here on the Fashom team wish every Aquarian a very happy birthday!

fashomadminAge of Aquarius

Knack for Knits

on January 15, 2020

We all await that time of year where we can pull out our cozy knits for our everyday activities whether it be work, a night out, or just curling up by the fire and binge watching our favorite new series  and we are finally right at peak comfy weather. Knits are effortless and comfortable but have also shown up in so many more forms than just the usual oversized sweater this season. From cardigans to sweater dresses, we’re here to highlight all the stylish ways you can wear knits this winter! 


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 2.09.44 PM.png

(Retrieved from FASHOM)


Our favorite sweaters have been cropped this season either in length or by sleeves. We adore this chic variation on the classic sweater from Papermoon, which can be worn with or without a shirt underneath to casual or formal occasions. Wearing this style can be simple—just throw on a nice pair of high waisted black jeans or printed skirt, a pair of pumps, and you’re ready for anything! 


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 2.11.47 PM.png

(Retrieved from FASHOM)

Sweater Dresses: 

Often thought of as more on the casual side, knits can also be easily worn to formal events as we’ve seen on many runways. Sweater dresses are comfortable and versatile enough that they can be worn from day to night without batting a lash, like this one from Chris & Carol! We’re all for the sweater dress trend, which can be styled with an oversized belt and/or knee-high boots.


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.38.10 PM.png

(Retrieved from Pexels) 


Another favorite trend this season is knit cardigans. Traditionally worn over a shirt or blouse, a great new way of styling these classic pieces is by buttoning them up and wearing them alone. Whether you wear them on or off-the-shoulder, they look put together and give your wardrobe a fresh spin!


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 1.38.17 PM.png

(Retrieved from Pexels) 

This sweater season, we’ve seen knits come in all different shapes, colors, and fabrics. From co-rd knits in bright neon to puff sleeves to button downs to half zips, knits can be worn to any event whether it is easy and laid back or elegant and chic. Warm knits remain one of the most comfortable items to wear and only take an extra few seconds to make perfect for any occasion!


To make sure some of these pieces or trends end up in your own closet, just ask for them in next request with us at!

fashomadminKnack for Knits

Layer Love

on January 8, 2020

     Post-holiday winter season is finally here, which means you can finally put away all the extra glitter and sequins, and start focusing on your everyday looks as you slip into your everyday routine once again (even if we wish we still had at least another week off). If you’re like me, you definitely want to continue living your best, ‘Hot Girl Summer’ life all year long. However, there are many fun and unexpected ways to layer pieces for these cooler months of the year. Wearing layers doesn’t have to be as heavy or complex as it may sound, so here are a few tips from our stylists at FASHOM with easy yet stylish ways to layer this season (featuring some of our new arrivals!):


Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.10.11 PM.png  Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.14.41 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.27.24 PM.png

(Top – Retrieved from Pexels; Center- Naked Zebra Coat with Oversized Lappel retrieved from FASHOM ; Bottom – Chris & Carol Sweater Dress With Infinity Scarf retrieved from  FASHOM)


A colorful over-the-knee coat with pleather gloves and a printed scarf adds a pop of brightness to what can be a dreary ensemble after a while. This is an easy way to make a casual or work outfit feel fun and fresh while staying warm.


Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.10.18 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.20.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.56.33 PM.png

(Top – Retrieved from Unsplash; Center- Gilli Ruched Ankle Cargo Woven Jumpsuit retrieved from FASHOM ; Bottom – Twenty Second Letty Plaid Hi-Lo Duster retrieved from FASHOM )


A solid-color jumpsuit layered under a coated jacket or textured cardigan, a pair of patterned booties, and a daring lip is the perfect transitional combination whether this look be for the office or an evening out with your best gal pals!


Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.10.33 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.23.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.29.48 PM.png

(Top – Retrieved from Pexels; Center – Les Amis: Midi Skirt retrieved from FASHOM ; Bottom – Twenty Second Pippa Zig-Zag Knit Sweater retrieved from FASHOM )


A trench coat and a bold knit sweater paired with a textured skirt under tights is an easy way to bring a hint of chic elegance to your everyday wardrobe this winter. Not only is this outfit fun, but it looks perfectly on-trend without needing the help of a glam squad!


To make sure a few of these pieces end up in your wardrobe before they sell out, submit your request for a FASHOM box today at or through our app!


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