Take your fashion to the world

on September 11, 2017


Take your style to the world!

–essential travel clothes and tips

I am going to France for two weeks, and I am going to take a lot of pictures!!

What should I do to pack my clothes for 14 days’ trip?

Before you go

• Check out the local weather before you go so you can decide what to pack for the trip.

• Make a plan for your trip. You can pack your shoes and clothes base on the plan.

Essential travel clothes



The tank can be matched with a lot of styles. You can pair your tank with skirt, shorts or jeans. It is light, and you do not need a lot of room for it.


A simple T-shirt never goes wrong. Same as the tank, T-shirt can be a perfect match with any bottom. The good idea is bringing a simple and one color T-shirt.



Always bring a cardigan with you because you will never know if the weather changes. You can bring a light color cardigan to match your dark or white shirt or tank.



It highly depends on the weather of your destination. You can always bring a jean with you. You can also bring some short and skirt depend on the weather.



You need a sneaker if you walk a lot in the upcoming trip. Also, you can bring a ballet shoe which is flexible and easy to carry




A beautiful scarf can be a plus for your look. You can bring two different color silk scarves with you.

For a long time trip, do not pack heavy clothes and take a picture of every outfit you will wear for each day! Now, you will never forget what to bring, and you do not need to spend time on what should you wear every day.

Most importantly is to have a good mood, be happy and confident! Enjoy your trip!

fashomadminTake your fashion to the world

Always in Trend—Polka Dots

on September 2, 2017

Always in Trend—Polka Dots

Every girl at least has one item which has Polka dot. Polka dots always in trend because it is so classic!  At the first place, it intended to cover the moth holes in women’s wool dresses. In the late 19th century, Polka dot became common on clothing in the United Kingdom. (Wiki).

Disney put Polka Dots in trend because it created a cartoon character “Minnie Mouse” and started to be used on kids’ furniture, clothing, and accessory.

Polka Dots never leaves the trend, because more and more designers are using polka dots as the main pattern of some collections.

It makes women look full of energy and like a lovely girl. Women who wear Polka Dots want to show their attitude that they are happy and never be negative.


Shop this at ESTHER


This blouse is elegant and has small dots on it. Girls can wear this top with a slim fit pants or skirt. This top also can be worn as business casual.


Polka-dotted silk scarf


Shop this at MYTHERESA

PRICE: $485


Women’s Polka Dot Neckerchief

PRICE: $12.99


Those scarves both has eye-catching white-on-black polka dot design makes them looks similar but everyone has its own style. The first one is more luxury, which can be worn at more formal events. The second one is more casual.


Burnout Polka Dot Fit & Flare Dress


Price: $106.8

Shop at: Nordstrom

Check out this Polka dot dress. It combines modern and vintage together makes it classic and timeless and does not go out of style! Can be matched with bright color shoes or handbags.

Minnie Mouse Pic(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Minnie_Mouse.png)

Written by: Scarlet

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fashomadminAlways in Trend—Polka Dots

Do Not Let Self-hate Ruin You

on August 28, 2017

All of us are repeating the confidence and self-love all the time. Do we really understand how to love ourselves?

Even though we know that It is important to treat ourselves good, we still influenced by some bad motions. There are some ways that we can understand the real meaning of self-love and do not let self-hate ruin your life.

#1 Know your situation

When you feel that your pants are little big tight, do not panic and immediately start a diet. Know your body’s real situation and make a reasonable diet plan.

#2 Share your feelings

You can always talk with your friend and family about your situation and your concern about your body. You should let people know your situation and help you. You can also write a blog about your feelings to share it with people who have a similar situation.

#3 Treat yourself well

Treat yourself good is another important way to overcome the self-hate. You should really know why you need to do the exercise and control your food. Do not just copy what others every day. Do not let your self-hate ruin your life! Enjoy your daily life and try to know your body’s need.

Written by: Scarlett

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fashomadminDo Not Let Self-hate Ruin You

Bag trends for Fall 2017

on August 25, 2017


Clutch is coming back! Many designers bring the clutch into the trend, small clutches always the best fit for the event and special occasions.


Price: $695

Shop: Net a porter

Velvet Bags

Gucci starts to make bags use velvet. Velvet bags look elegant and fun!


Price: $2700

Shop: Neiman Marcus

Logo Bag

Dior’s new design makes big logo back to the trend.



More Information: In Boutiques

Cool Bag

More and more girls are chasing their own personality. Girls love cool bags more than the traditional elegant bags.


Chanel Gabrielle Bag

Price: $3,200

Shop: In the Boutiques


Price: $2,150

Shop: Net a Port

fashomadminBag trends for Fall 2017

Self-love wins: Plus Size Models

on July 14, 2017

What is your size? Are you confident?? Some girls are super confident, who wears size 16 clothes. Who are they?? They are the models for all plus size girls and full of confidence.

Let us get to know those girls and get inspiration from them

1. Naomi Shimada


Naomi is a half Japanese model who became the voice of this generation.


2. Liris Crosse


A leading plus size model shows her confidence and her personality in every shot!


 3. Ashley Graham


Plus size super model, Ashley Graham, rocks the model field!

What can we learn from them??

  • Confidence! Every girl should know her body and love it. Do not let people judge your body or your size. Confidence comes from self-love, which is inside but not outside of the body.
  • Smile! Always put a smile on your face and show happiness. Do not let yourself become your biggest enemy.
  • You deserve a perfect life! Healthy does not mean skinny, be yourself and fight for your perfect life!

    Written By: Scarlet

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fashomadminSelf-love wins: Plus Size Models