Forever 21 Hacks

on September 7, 2017

Top Ten Forever 21 Hacks

Forever 21 is a great place for all kinds of body shapes and sizes. It’s a safe haven for those who want affordable and in-style clothes at the same time.

Here are some Forever 21 hacks that will help your shopping experience!

  1. Do Not Shop Online at Forever 21 – It is hard to tell whether a clothing item will fit you the way you want it to. Make sure you read all the details carefully and pay extra attention to the material it is made out of. Some materials shrink after one use. Even if you are a pro at online shopping, Forever 21 is a tricky place.
  2. Check for Rips, Missing Buttons, and makeup Marks – Often, people return clothing after only one use. There is a greater chance to find makeup marks and other discrepancies on returned items. Forever 21 also offers 10% discount on items that have damage!
  3. See-Through Check – To check how see-through an item is, you should always place your hand inside the material. You don’t want to purchase an item that is too see-through for your liking.
  4. Make Sure You Treat Your Purchase Right – Due to Forever’s less quality, make sure you play close attention to the washing directions. Wash everything on delicate!
  5. Studentrate – If you are a student, you can get a discount on top of already low prices by signing up for student-rate. Get additional 4 percent cash back.
  6. Buy Outside Brands – The Branded Shop Collection contains clothes from CC Skye, Gypsy Warrior, and Alternative Apparel.
  7. Last Stop Is Accessories – Look at all of the accessories last if you are planning to try on clothes. You are not allowed to bring any accessories in the fitting room. Look for them last according to the clothes you plan to purchase!
  8. Shop Between 10 AM and 12 PM on Weekdays – To avoid a long line, you should ideally shop at Forever 21 between 10 AM and 12 PM on weekdays. Employees are still unpacking new products when the store opens. You might be lucky enough to come across a brand-new item!
  9. The Good Clothes Are Blended in the Back – When there is only one size left of an item, sales associates are told to place them onto a rack of other clothes. Those particular items were popular and sold fast. They act like hidden treasures!
  10. Look for #F21xMe Hashtag on Instagram – Since Forever 21 combines forces with many bloggers and Instagrammers who feature the brand’s clothing, you can see lots of pieces that will be in store soon. It always great to be ahead of trends!
    Written by: Neharika Shah

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“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

on September 4, 2017

Real Words From a Self-Image Coach

Summer Innanen, a professionally trained coach on body-image, self-worth, and confidence, recently tackled the question of whether body acceptance is an excuse to not take care of oneself. In this video, Summer analyzes and evaluates this very powerful and controversial question.

“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

Summer’s answer to this question is a strong no.

First, she defines what exactly body positivity is. She takes a stance on just the word “excuse” and how it is a “justification of an offense”. Innanen explores how excuses develop from mistakes, which have very negative connotations.

Summer, then, reveals the bigger issue of the question. The question assumes that body size is suggested on how “well” you take care of yourself. Summer lays down real words of wisdom and explains that care for oneself is very subjective, therefore, very individualistic.

This short, yet powerful video on body acceptance is a great one. Summer Innanen broke down the question and turned the negativity of the question into positivity. At Fashom, we believe what Summer preaches. Thank you for this insightful video!

fashomadmin“Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

Mother and Daughter Boutiques

on August 18, 2017

Mother and Daughter Boutiques

Matching mother and daughter outfits are the cutest when it comes to celebrating holidays or having fun with the family. If you’re a mother and would love for your daughter to love fashion as much as you, you can shop at various boutiques that offer cute, trendy, and chic matching outfits to make any day brighter!

One boutique called, Ryleigh Rue Clothing ( ) , has a special Mommy and Me section where you can find all sorts of in-style trends.

Above are some of the outfits sold by this boutique. They sell at affordable prices!

Another boutique called, Be Inspired Boutique, has a section called Just Like Mommy ( This boutique has adorable matching pieces at such affordable prices.

Below is a matching outfit sold by Be Inspired.

These cute outfits make any picture with your daughter better. Better yet, you can order outfits online!

So mothers, go out there and buy matching outfits for you and your little girl!

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Stop Calling Body Positivity “Brave”

on July 13, 2017

The Misconception of Body Positivity

A body positive Instagrammer, Kenzie Brenna, expressed a divergent take on body positivity and the real definition of bravery in her recent post. Society views photos of plus-size women or women with more cellulite or stretch makes as very brave. However, Brenna believes this is not bravery.

To Brenna, bravery needs an act of courage. Courage is something you do out of strength when the odds are all against you. So what is a good example of this? Brenna uses firefighters as a prime act of bravery. They risk their own lives to save civilians. Models are not labeled brave, athletes in sports bras or swimsuits are not labeled brave, but models with “flaws” are labeled brave.

“I just exist”, states Brenna.

As a society, we should accept our insecurities and be better at loving ourselves, and just exist. Not every model who shows his/her flaws is actually “brave”.

Brenna is one of many people out there who feel this way about “bravery”. Here, at Fashom, we emphasize the same qualities that Brenna is preaching. We appreciate our users for existing and presenting themselves just the way they are. It’s that simple.

Thank you, Brenna, for your amazing words!


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Summer Trend: Low-Back Swimsuits

on July 12, 2017

Low back swimsuits are back in style! You can find these comfortable, yet sexy, swimsuits among various brands. It brings back the 90’s era and ultimate beach babe vibes. And who wouldn’t want to embrace their curves? Low back one pieces outline your figure in the best way possible. Time to show off your body at the beach/poolside!

Here are some options (from high price to low) for low–back one piece swimsuits

Solid Striped, The Jennifer Cutout Swimsuit, $160

Norma Kamali Marissa Floral-Print Swimsuit, $100

Cos Swimsuit with Tie Back Swimsuit, $59

Topshop Pamela One-Piece Swimsuit, $38

As you can see, there are a variety of styles, prints, and designs to pull off in a low-back one-piece swimsuit. If you feel that you can’t afford them, there are good quality, in style, products at common stores such as H&M and Nordstrom. There’s one for you out there!

Written By: Neharika Shah

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fashomadminSummer Trend: Low-Back Swimsuits

How To Treat Your Hair This Summer

on July 6, 2017

Summer 2017 is finally here! It’s the best time to relax and enjoy the weather – but the scorching heat can do numerous things to your hair. Good thing there are proactive methods to take care of your summer hair!

One method is to shampoo less than normal. Because summer heat and sun exposure cause hair dryness, it is vital to maintaining your natural scalp oil levels. This can avoid the vicious cycle of dryness! Another method is to avoid styling tools with heat. Your hair in the summer is exposed to more heat than you think, so do not overdo it with extra heat! However, if you need to style your hair for a special event or night out, use a leave-in conditioner before you style it. In addition, you may want to schedule regular trims. Since summer heat takes away moisture, leaving your ends dry and frizzy, make sure your schedule trims every 4-6 weeks! And probably the most important to keep in mind is protecting your hair from chlorine. Make sure you wet your hair before you enter the pool, this will protect it from chlorine as much as possible. Immediately rinse your hair and shampoo/condition after your swim!

These are the most important techniques to save your hair from the damage this summer and for summers to come! Feel your best by staying on top of your hair health.


Written By: Neharika Shah

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fashomadminHow To Treat Your Hair This Summer