The Psychedelic Aquarius: This Months Picks for the Most Unpredictable Sign

on February 4, 2019

Many people get the misconception that Aquarius is a water sign, due to the “aqua” prefix. However, it is an air sign, and many people assume that in relation to the “aqua” prefix, the colors that resemble Aquarius fashion must be blue. That is false. If you follow zodiac, Aquarius is one of the most mysterious and unpredictable signs among all of the months. According to their fashion style, it can be completely mysterious and unpredictable just like their personalities. Each zodiac sign has a “color chart” that depicts their mood in different wavelengths of color, and for Aquarius, it is the entire color of the rainbow. Speak about psychedelic, Aquarius is one of the most quirky and funky sign when it comes to fashion and playing the part. Rich in color, and in taste,  here are some looks inspired by the foxy Aquarius gal:

1. Gaudy in the Classy Way

Aquarius’s are mysterious and kept hidden, but when their personality strikes fashion, they go all out. They make it known that an Aquarius is walking down the street strutting in their attire. They make it known that they are trendsetters and know how to dress. With that said, they make it known that they are the kingdom of fashion. Gaudy is key, color is key, and designer is key. Aquarius’s go all out or they go nothing at all.

2. Casual Meets Street

Casual and comfy, but make it street. Bomber jackets, baggy joggers, strap heels, and a signature crossbody embodies the inner Aquarius. With a pop of color, you have yourself a true dime piece that’ll have heads turning on the street. Check out these styles for inspo on how to make a street style look classy.

3. City Nights, City Lights

Aquarius’s need time to go out and unwind, which is almost always. They are huge party people and night owls. Sleek, holographic, and shiny leather pants, matching sunglasses, a neon top, and a clutch is the sexy and edgy way to go in order to maintain their eclectic style. These inspired pieces above are just prime examples of what you would catch an Aquarius wearing while clubbing up in the city.

4. Work Flow

We all need income, and office-wear is super restricted and regulated in some places. An Aquarius will read between the lines if applicable, and will add touches of color to their  work wear. Keep it professional, but add some bold from your psychedelic color chart by adding hues of coral, turquoise, and oranges blended with neutral palettes. This balance is perfect and these inspirations above are just some examples of how to get away with the boring and dull attire at work.


5. Fur

Faux fur or real fur, they are huge staple pieces on an outfit. A huge throw over bulks up the look and adds a richness to the entire silhouette. Aquarius’s make it known that they own designer items and never any off brand pieces. Whether it be a faux piece or real fur piece, fur will always add a rare and exclusive appeal to any look.


Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Polyvore, Shop Look, Pinterest, and Fashionkill21. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from

fashomadminThe Psychedelic Aquarius: This Months Picks for the Most Unpredictable Sign

Love is in the Air… February Month Picks!

on January 31, 2019

Whether you have a hot date, planning a night out with your girlfriends, or spending the night in, Valentine’s Day is a stylish and fashionable holiday to celebrate. Here are some top looks for the month of February to channel your inner flirtatious and playful persona!

1. Knit Your Love, inspo: @chicwish


Warm, chic, and flirty all in one. This playful cardigan in red can be dressed up or down creating a fun and flirty look. It’s the perfect way to cozy up with your loved one and maintain sophistication while out on your date. The rich and warm wine color will have necks turning and compliments flashing at you from every angle! Pair this with matching strap heels, ripped jeans for flavor, and a fedora hat for class.

2. On the Prowl


Leopard, cheetah, zebra… All print styles are back in! Large areas or pieces of print mixed with bold patches of color and warm undertones has taken over this season of fashion. Prints add a youthful facade to the look that engages in a flirty, fun, and playful attitude. Top off your look in a leopard cardigan, zebra throw over, or cheetah sweater on your night out this Love Day!

3. Long and Flowy


Jumpsuits are easy – they might look difficult to work with, but that’s because they’re different. They’re casual, classy, and simplistic, which could also be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. It’s easier than a tight dress, and classier than pants, yet it’s merged into the two making it a super comfortable piece. Picking between a black, cranberry, or pink silhouette should be easy on Valentine’s Day. The look for the evening can be paired with strap heels, flats, or pumps, along with your favorite signature bag. To keep warm, throw over your favorite blazer or wrap shawl.

4. Cozy and Sporty


Cozy and sporty, more like cute and preppy! Sporty is another way to make an outfit more comfortable to your liking. You may be thinking, “Isn’t that tom-boyish for Valentine’s Day?” No, not in the slightest. Cozy and sporty works for all body types, and in hues of baby pinks, it can easily become a flirtatious look for your night out. Whether you spend the night in with friends, or out on your date, you will feel super comfortable and it will show! Drop the dressy attire… spunk it up in what makes YOU cozy. Take your favorite jogger pants or leggings and match them with a turtleneck top. Pair the outfit with sleek white sneakers and a comfortable black bomber jacket!

5. Wrapped Up in Crushed Velvet


This look can easily go from casual to sexy, depending on which direction you want to go with this. Crushed velvet is code for extra seductive and elegant. If you really want to make a statement tonight, go this route. Crushed velvet adds different hues and elements of color whenever the light catches it. Where the light hits adds luminosity, while the shadowy hues where the light doesn’t touch the fit adds depth. Wrap tops or dresses adds a “peek-a-boo” detailing on the bust, which is perfect for a sensual feel. Pair the tops with sleek black jeans and pair the dress with studded strap heels.

fashomadminLove is in the Air… February Month Picks!

Bebe Rexha: The Queen of Body Positivity

on January 28, 2019

Bebe Rexha slams fashion designers for allegedly calling her “too big” to style her a custom made dress for her recent Grammy nomination. Rexha, the American singer, songwriter, and record producer, brought light to the situation last Monday, January 21 on an Instagram post where she cursed out the fashion designers that her team reached out to in order to style her.

The story goes that Rexha, 29, had recently been nominated for a Grammy. She praised the fact that this happened to her in her Instagram post because this is what music artists work for; winning a Grammy, let alone being nominated for one, is an ultimate dream in the music industry. Usually, an artists team reaches out to designers in order to create a custom dress for the artist to walk on the red carpet in. Upon receiving her feedback from these designers, this was her response in the Instagram video:

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 9.19.48 am

“So, I finally get nominated at the Grammys and it’s like, the coolest thing ever. And a lot of times, artists will go and talk to designers and they’ll make them custom dresses to walk the red carpet,” Rexha explains. “So, I had my team hit out a lot of designers, and a lot of them do not want to dress me because I’m too big. Literally, I’m too big,” Rexha continues.

“If a size 6/8 is too big, then I don’t know what to tell you,” she lashes out. “Then I don’t want to wear your f—— dresses because that’s crazy ‘cause you’re saying that all the women in the world that are a size 8 and up are not beautiful and they cannot wear your dresses. So to all the people who said I’m thick and I can’t wear your dresses, f— you, I don’t want to wear your f—— dresses.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 9.59.09 AM.png

Moral of the story, the Fashion Industry continues to slander body positivity throughout every season and platform. It is understandable that the runway has a specific silhouette to abide by in order to showcase a show’s season, however moments like this where they refuse to dress someone because they are “too big” is just plain juvenile. This is basically telling women and men that they can’t wear their clothing because their body is not beautiful enough. Saying that someone who is above a size 6 is too big to style is saying that body positivity doesn’t exist within that brand. These brands will forever be known for not empowering women and instead belittling them to these high beauty standards that this industry has been trying to get over for years.

We’re in a generation where body positivity has been an ongoing process in acceptance, but seeing fashion designers – the Gods and Kings of the entire industry – slander women like Rexha for being too big to style is taking a step back. Seeing fashion designers who are praised as role models in the industry pull this stunt completely demolishes any chances for them to become a voice for body positivity anytime soon.



FASHOM thrives on making people feel comfortable in their own skin. Having these big fashion brands discriminate against women of any body shape is something that should not be taken lightly. This is a huge developed issue that has seemingly gotten worse throughout the industry and we want to make women feel comfortable enough to love their body. Rexha is a voice for women of all body types and it needs to be remembered that regardless what size you are, you are beautiful no matter what; embrace it.


fashomadminBebe Rexha: The Queen of Body Positivity

#10YearChallenge: Styles Coming Back From 10 Years Ago

on January 21, 2019

The #10YearChallenge isn’t just making a comeback with how people looked from ten years ago to now. 90’s styles and early 00’s are making a comeback into the fashion industry, and it has been showing on recent runway shows. With F/W 2019 shows approaching in February, there is high expectancy on what styles and trends from ten years ago will be making an appearance onto the runways. Here is the #10YearChallenge in the fashion industry, and you should jump on the bandwagon too 😉

1. Multi-Denim

Wearing denim on denim used to be a joke to flaunt around in. People looked at you funny if you walked out of the house looking like that. However, in the late 90’s and early 00’s, it was socially acceptable to walk out of the house in denim jeans and a denim jacket. This S/S 2019 season, we will be seeing patchwork of denim and washed out fabrics from Isabel Marant, Missoni, and Coach 1941.

2. Kinky and Short

The short skirts and short mini dresses are back in! Nights out are becoming revolutionary, to the glamor and delicacy that Miu Miu represents in their show, the confident sex appeal in Versace’s partake on the look, and the hardcore rock-glam that Celine showcased.

3. The Fanny Pack

What used to be a a side piece to carry personal belongings around the waist in the early 00’s is now being worn as a statement piece on the body. The fanny pack has made a comeback as an accessory to put together the overall look for an outfit. Of course, it is still used as an essential to carry personal belongings inside, however the most recent take on this fad is to show it off on the body with a sparkled pattern or designer logo symbolized on the front. Gucci and Salvador Ferragamo in particular have proven the industry with their take on the comeback of the fanny pack.

4. Bandanas and Head Pieces

Talk about that, “Aaliyah Look,” bandanas and other head wraps are returning for that summer of 95 vibe. Bandanas are edgy and a super stylish way to tuck away perspiration from the hair. A recent trend with the bandana is to wrap the accessory around the neck which portrays a Southern feel, or to tie it around your favorite bag to underscore your favorite bag.

5. Overall All Day Long

Overalls were left behind in the early 00’s and were only seen on farmers, construction workers, and toddlers since then. In recent months, celebrities and fashion designers have been showing off in them to extenuate their physique. Don’t be shocked if the runway shows off their thin and voluptuous body this season.

6. The Revolutionary Choker 

Chokers have made a recent appearance back in 2015… and they’re STILL not losing taste in the industry. If anything, more people keep jumping on the bandwagon on adding this piece to their overall look for their nights out, to attend class, for a scheduled interview, and for their day at work. Chokers are sexy, chic, playful, and fun – and they can also be dressed up or dressed down. These are one of the many fads we wish to stay “in” forever!

Disclaimer: All photo’s are credited to Pinterest.

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How to Blend Seasons: The Distressed Sweater

on January 18, 2019

Cover photo credit: @tarabuono

Merging seasons together with style can be tedious and tricky; one season is relatively warm while the other is relatively cold. So, you might ask: What do I wear? Moving into the Spring time while it’s still Winter is not all that difficult. Or, merging from the summertime into the Fall isn’t all that tricky. In fact, it’s quite fun because you get to mix warm clothing with Spring, bold colors, or Summer clothing with darker colors. I take this experience as a challenge to see which direction your different tastes and particular styles go in. 

1. Winter into Spring

We’re in that weird “in-between-seasons” season where it’s still freezing and relatively cold in some areas of the globe and beginning to get cool and warm in other parts. Merging from the depths of freezing Winter into the chill and relaxed Spring season is the hardest way to clean out your whole wardrobe between seasons. Sweaters keep you warm for the Winter, while pastel colors such as blues, pinks, and yellows can keep the Spring vibe ongoing throughout the outfit. The distressed hinges add a lightweight feel to the silhouette and roughens up the look, as opposed to the usual oversized Winter sweater that hangs low on the body and makes the look too baggy. This sweater adds a savage physique that can be fitted for every body type.

2. Spring to Summer

Sweaters in the Summer!? No way! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s how you wear it. Summer is scorching hot pretty much 24/7 (unless you live in Alaska), and you need something aerated or lightweight to keep you from dying. A lightweight, brightly colored distressed sweater is breezy and comfortable in the Spring and summertime. It’s edgy, bohemian, and chic, especially to wear along the shore or by the beach. Having it cropped by the waist allows that real summer look to sink in. Pairing this with shorts or bathing suit bottoms adds a stylistic flair and statement piece to your fit of choice.

3. Summer to Fall

One of many people’s favorite seasons: Fall. It’s the layering, the plaid, the boots and booties, the scarves, the vests… Fall is a fun season to individualize style and coziness. This is another tricky “in-between-seasons” season because we just came from really hot Summer, and now we’re drifting into breezy cool Fall. The distressed sweater is perfect for this occasion. Think about it, when it’s freezing in the mornings but really hot in the afternoons, the distressed sweater allows you to walk out of the house in just that and you’ll be fine for the rest of the day. It keeps you warm in the mornings and will leave you comfortable in the afternoons because you don’t have to wear any other heavy coats or vests for the rest of the day. Orange, cranberry red, and white are perfect colors for the October-December months. Orange for Halloween, cranberry red for Thanksgiving, and white representing purity for Christmas. Pair these outfits with slim jeans, your favorite booties, and a statement crossbody to finish the look.

4. Fall to Winter 

Cold, cold Winter is approaching. This is the time to break in the oversized sweaters because it is almost too cold to not to. Oversized sweaters are cute and homey for the wintertime and can be worn for any special occasion. Grays, reds, and taupes are perfect to match the cold season. Pairing the top with slim jeans, knee high boots, a knit hat, and turtle neck layers underneath keep you alive during this brutal season. When you aren’t too busy hibernating in the Winter, take on the new trend of the distressed sweater as your first pick when you strut outside.

fashomadminHow to Blend Seasons: The Distressed Sweater

New Year, New Cap: The Most Fashion Forward Sign

on January 13, 2019

Happy birthday, January ladies! Where are all of my zodiac lovers at? The New Years is a great chance for a clean slate and fresh start with clothing; which is exactly what the zodiac counterpart, Capricorns, are known for. Capricorns’ styles are never consistent and are always evolving throughout the months – hence, why they are known for being the most fashionable sign. Ambitious, intimidating, and powerful, Capricorns adapt their personality to their styles – and it shows.

Simple, bold, and classic are the ways Capricorns gravitate with each style, yet they always manage to remain comfy and cozy all at the same time. There’s an eclectic style and rich power that beholds within each Capricorn, and when they strut everyone wishes to be like them.

Look at some of our biggest Fashion Designers and Influencers for example: Diane Von Fürstenberg, Carolina Herrera, Alexander Wang, Raf Simons, and Christian Louboutin – they all share the same qualities of work. Diane with her signature wrap dress where thousands of women defer it as their top staple piece. Carolina Herrera with her best sense of formal wear and signature stylistic flare for dressing iconic First Ladies. Alexander Wang for his out-of-the-box and urbanist designs, as well as his seemingly incomparable Fashion Shows each year. Raf Simons for his legendary 8 week time frame to create an entire fashion line for Dior before the show started in 2012, while maintaining his own street style and athleisure brand in France. And lastly, Christian Louboutin for his bold red bottoms that fiercely ablaze past pedestrians on the streets of New York. Each of these designers leave jaws dropping, necks turning, and eyes fixated on their wearers, and what do these all have in common? They are all Caps.

Work Flow to Date Night

Capricorns are workaholics. In fact, it is known that one of the main topics of discussions is their work life. Normally, there is an entire separate section in their wardrobe dedicated to wear just for work. As an Earth sign, Capricorns love to incorporate their grounded personality into their work attire because it shows professionalism and classicism. Start off this New Year with a new professional spunk as opposed to the same old boring earth tones in your closet.


Dating isn’t in the sight for most Cap’s, as work, themselves, and rising to the top is on their plate 24/7. But when it is time for Capricorn’s to leave the nest, they make it known. After your day at work, keep on the same black slacks. Change the top into this gray, suede, turtleneck tank (which could also be used for work), and pair it with a flirty, mauve, earth-tone clutch. Have the earrings match the shoes for balance and pair it with a mauve lip. Credit to @highfashionfiles.


New Year, New Take

Capricorn’s take work very seriously. While they have the free time off, they love to party and unwind, which is why New Year’s is the capstone for this zodiac sign. Keep the hues on the darker side of the palette, but flash the bold print in the middle of your silhouette. A deep royal blue adds the richness to the look, while a sequence jacket and shiny accessory piece adds the seductive and playful side to this look. Owning a suit jacket with shiny sequins keeps your look polished, yet fun. A comfy black pant will keep you on your toes all night long, making sure your energy is saved for the dancing. Credit to @fashionkill21.


Bon Voyage!

Capricorn’s are very busy business women, and most of the time they don’t have time to travel. If so, it is usually with their job or whenever they have the free time to do it. Like their inconsistent personality, Capricorn’s love any type of destination. Caps love secluded islands with lots of relaxation space, with a drink in their hand, and skin glistening in the sun. Caps love backpacking through Yosemite Falls, camping, and hiking. And Caps love exploring new areas such as the Seychelles, Maldives, and Atacama Desert. Traveling in style comes with comfortability for Caps. 


Capricorns are always evolving in style and adapt to the environment around them. That is why they don’t have one particular trend that they abide by. All in all, they revolve around earth tones and characteristics of simplicity, boldness, and classicism. When you see a woman strutting like she just walked off the runway, you’ll know she’s a Cap.

fashomadminNew Year, New Cap: The Most Fashion Forward Sign