Lyn Slater the “Accidental Icon”

on February 22, 2018

How you will feel if you suddenly become a fashion icon! Lyn Slater is a 64 woman and she is known as the accidental icon.

She is fond of clothes and fashion and that was her life interest. She said in an interview with BuzzFeed news that her love for clothes started when she was very young as she used to go to a private school and they were not allowed to wear anything except their school uniform. She started to create her own style at that time by adding some special accessories to her uniform.

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Lyn launched her blog in 2014 about fashion and she gained popularity by posting different styles and looks of herself. Women around the world followed her and they were inspired by her way of dressing and her passion for life and happiness. One day while she was waiting for her friend to enter a fashion event, everyone started to take photos with her and treating her like a celebrity. Her friend upon arrival called her an accidental icon. She says that’s how she named her blog.


Lyn Slater Is an icon of beauty, fashion, and happiness. You can feel and see through her photos how she is so happy and in love with herself. She is a great example of how one person can show everyone that life will not stop at a certain age and beauty has nothing to do with your face wrinkles.

Fashom has always celebrated self-love in everyday fashion. We continue showing our support by styling in outfits that suit you and your personality. Age no bar, get styled by Fashom.


fashomadminLyn Slater the “Accidental Icon”

Fashom’s color, Color of the year

on December 31, 2017

Colors have meanings and they can make you feel a certain emotion and get a certain message from them. Take Orange, for example, people say that it represents envy, while yellow makes you feel happy. Red is the color of power while White is for peace. Pantone announced that purple especially the shade UltraViolet -that comes from the melding of blue and red- as the color of the year 2018.


Pantone mentioned that the color has a spiritual meaning and a connection to the cosmo. Also, it is a symbolism for counterculture and unconventionality. Moreover, the color has a powerful relationship with many big movements related to women like suffrage movements and also LGBTQ rights. So It’s not only a beautiful color but also a very strong one that represent freedom and rights movements.


At Fashom we chose purple as our brand color too. We believe in the right of being different and being able to express it through your look and your body. We believe in diversity in beauty. That’s why purple is our color!!


fashomadminFashom’s color, Color of the year

We speak through what we wear

on December 26, 2017

Clothes are not some pieces of material you cover your body with, it’s a complete language. You can say many things through what you are wearing. You can also tell too much about your personality, culture, religion, and even your profession through what you are wearing.

Nada is one of those people who cares about her style of dressing and about the message that she wants to send. She works as a financial advisor at a well-known firm in Connecticut. She told us that she loves the business casual style, she also loves shoes and long boots.

Fashom (92 of 134).jpg

In the photoshoot, she appeared with a maroon dress, long black boots, and a black turban. Her style represents her profession as you can tell from the first look at her that she works in a bank or a job that is related to numbers. You can see that she cares about the small details through her photos.

Fashom (70 of 134).jpg

We speak the language of fashion and we can help you in understande this language and teach how to speak through your style.

If you haven’t tried it already, Fashom offers personally styled outfits that represent you.

fashomadminWe speak through what we wear

New features, New Fashom!

on December 14, 2017


Fashom started with the idea of sharing every-day-style and celebrating body positivity and self-love. We have offered a social platform that allows users to share their daily looks, comment on them, tag brands, and like them. During this journey, we gathered a global community of over 100,000 fashion enthusiasts.

We had recently introduced our peer-peer styling feature where anyone could become a style adviser. But now we are ready to take us to the next step.

Launch box_purple 4

Fashom now offers styled outfits for your budget and personality!

Fashom’s team is very excited to present this new offering to our audience in the US, where one of our professional stylists will curate 2 outfits for you based on your preferences. Unlike other platforms, Fashom offers a selection of items (10-12) on the app that you would want us to ship. You keep what you want and shipping & returns are free!

Loving it, aren’t we? We have spent several months on getting ethical, trendy and budget-friendly clothing, shoes and accessories. As an introductory offer styling is at no cost to you.

Fashom would love to style you in your work to play outfits. We would love to see you in your best looks while doing a great job in what you love.

Download latest update of FASHOM.

fashomadminNew features, New Fashom!

Fashion says “me too” style says “only me”

on December 5, 2017

We believe that your body is a great gift that you should care about and show that you love it. Amazing outfits not only show your beauty and express your personality.

Such representation of culture and personality is displayed by ‘Asmaa Elamrousy’ who is a Community Engagement Coordinator for an NGO that is called the Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA), which dedicated to promoting diversity, leadership and celebrating Muslim American heritage through storytelling.

FASHOM2ndroundFinals (35 of 63)

Asmaa told us about her different styles of dressing depending on the environment. For a normal workday at MALA, she tends to rock comfy shoes, blazers, dress shirts, long vests and flattering bootcut pants. But her personal style preference is to wear statement accessories, heels, embellished jackets, sparkly/sequin dresses, leather jackets and hats for her artist’s lifestyle.

In this photoshoot, Asmaa is dressed in a burgundy dree top with navy blue bootcut pants, she wore burgundy half boots and put on a navy blue hijab scarf that matches with the clothing colors. She chose to wear a grey bag to add contrast to her outfit, in addition to a long necklace with a cute squared pendant.

Fashom (66 of 134).jpg

Stayed tuned to know more about how Fashom is styling with a personal touch.

If you want to be a Fashom influencer or join our next photo session/campaign, fill out this contact form and we will contact you once we have something out of the box 😉

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Photography by: JGoldbergProductions

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fashomadminFashion says “me too” style says “only me”

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.

on November 29, 2017

Fashom’s story began when we found that all fashion apps were flooded with photoshopped images. As a mission, we created a family of Fashom users who believe in being themselves in front of the camera. We are now ready to take the next step.

We don’t believe in changing anyone, we want to help you look the best version of you. Very soon, Fashom will offer brand new styling features but you have to wait for it:).

A couple of weeks ago, we invited some members of the Fashom family in New York City to showcase our new features.

Kerlon Francis works as an IT Analyst and is also a business owner of an e-commerce store “Kay The Shoeist”.

FASHOM2ndroundFinals (24 of 63)

She told us that she loves her shoes and for a day to day outfit she would match it with a statement necklace. Being busy as an IT professional, it often poses challenges to manage time. That’s where Fashom wants to help all those busy women to bring their best out to the world.

Kelorn’s style is poise and bold in those wide-legged trousers, striped top with a statement necklace and high heels.

FASHOM2ndroundFinals (22 of 63).jpg

We believe you don’t have to change anything about you, you are beautiful just the way you are. You are probably as excited as us to see what’s coming next, but all good things come at the right time! Stay tuned…


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Photography by: JGoldbergProductions

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fashomadminStyle is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.

Dressing in Public

on November 12, 2017


Have you ever thought why women wear dresses and men wear suits? Why it is not the opposite. Why people see it is normal for women to wear pants, trousers, suits and even ties, but it is not that common for men to wear dresses and high heels. Why society changes only for women when it comes to clothes but it is hard to change for men. Who put these rules!


I think that the answer is social acceptance. Humans always find it hard to accept what is different. In many cases, they can deal with it but can not accept it that easily. They will always be afraid of what is new and different. Most philosophers stated it that people hate change they like everything to be the same. That’s why people at the beginning of every new and different idea or phenomena they start to fight it and hate it but with time they start to adapt it and accept it. History shows many of these examples.

When it comes to dressing and choosing what people wear in public, they only want to choose the things that will make them fit in the small community that they are entering. That’s why you will find a great pressure on a new student, for example, who are new to a school. They normally take too much time to choose what they will wear and if what they wear will make them look amazing in order to be easy for them to fit in the new school.


Also when someone starts a new job he/she will take time to find the good attire that will fit with the company culture and he/she will ask a lot about the dress code of the company in order to look like everyone else in the company.


Dressing like everyone makes people feel comfortable, but what about what you really want to wear. What if you want to wear a jeans and shirt and just to make your hair a ponytail and go out to a party, why we should dress up and wear our best clothes. Is it because of people acceptance or because we are afraid of what will people say.

I remember one time I was in New York City and having a walk with my friends and saw a man wearing a pink bikini and riding a pink bicycle. At the beginning, I found it was awkward but when I saw him again later,  I was very happy and admired his courage. He didn’t care about what will people say, he cared only about what will make him happy.

The problem with us is that we are scared from other and from what they will think and say about us. But do you know what? LET THEM THINK! The most important thing in this life is to be happy.

Life is too short and we have to please ourselves and not to focus on what people say or think. And believe me, people will not leave their life and their problems to only think about what you are wearing they will look at you just for a second and then will ignore you and ignore what you are doing. Just be happy with what you are and what you are wearing this is what really matters.

fashomadminDressing in Public

Do you believe what you see!!!

on November 5, 2017

We are surrounded by photos of beautiful models. We see them in T.V., magazines, internet, and even in streets. But have you ever thought about all these amazing photos? Do you think they are real and they weren’t edited to be more attractive? Two models decided to uncover the truth about these photos.


These two amazing plus size models – Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe – decided to work with the professional photographer ‘Karizza’, he took some photos for them and edited them by Photoshop. They said that they looked amazing in both photos, however, their experiment showed that what we see in magazines are not real. These extreme editing made people believe that they have something wrong with their bodies as most of the time they can not reach the idea of perfection that is showed by magazines.


These images of beauty and body perfection that media is trying to implement in our minds may hurt women that feel insecure about their bodies. I remember a campaign that I once saw on social media about the effect of media on young girls. They represented the campaign by a photo of a very young girl that has a magazine opened on a photo of a skinny model and the young girl was holding a pair of scissors in her hand and was trying to cut a part of her belly so as to look like the magazine model.

We at Fashom believe that what Diana and Callie did is amazing, they wanted to tell every girl not to be ashamed of her body and to love it. It’s the only body that you have and you have to love it and take care of it and to stop thinking about the beautiful image that we see in magazines, as most of the time these photos are not real. We know that you look gorgeous as you are and we appreciate the natural beauty that’s why we created an app that will help you in showing your beauty. You can download our app and follow us on our website and social media and show the whole world your real beauty.

fashomadminDo you believe what you see!!!

For the love of Culry Hair

on October 30, 2017


Two days ago a friend on Facebook added me to a group that gives some tips on how to take care of the curly hair. I loved the idea of the group. Most of the members of the group started to share their stories and struggle with curly hair and with how some people were very cruel toward them because of their hair.

Some societies put standards for hair and how it should be in order to be beautiful. One of the members shared her story about how she was bullied by people because of her curls starting from her mother, father, and siblings till her friends and her school. She said that she used to be ashamed of her hair and she used to straighten it all the time in order to fit in. When she finished her high school she got cancer and she was so scared of losing her hair. She said, ” being a girl with a curly hair was a nightmare, but imagining being bold is a horror movie”. When she shared her fears with family and friends they told her it’s not a big deal as her hair is bad anyway so losing it doesn’t cause a problem.


This cruelty made her feel insecure for so long then she decided that she will overcome that. She started to be better and heal from cancer and started to take care of her hair. She said, “I decided to be myself and love my hair, no more straitening my hair, no more letting anyone to makesme feel less of myself”.

We at Fashom wants to tell every girl that has a curly hair that curly hair is amazing and you should love it and be proud of it. Don’t let anyone makes you feel bad or that you have a problem. Those kind of people have a problem with their way of thinking and with their understanding of beauty. And we can help you at Fashom to have the amazing look that can match with your curls. Follow us and you will find creative tips that will help you in showing your beauty.


fashomadminFor the love of Culry Hair

Weddings around the world

on October 25, 2017

A certain feeling of happiness we feel when we hear the word wedding. We remember the beauty of the bride and the elegance of the groom. The nice wedding cake and the amazing music and dancing. The whole atmosphere of the wedding is cheerful and the idea of happiness and having a family is a fascinating idea.

There is a certain tradition for weeding and that changes according to every culture. In this article, we will have a look on a different kind of wedding dresses that brides wear in some different culture and country.


















fashomadminWeddings around the world