Born To Be A Leader: The Most Dominant Zodiac Sign

on August 19, 2019

Leo’s are stubborn but with taste. They rarely ever think twice about a decision they are going to make because they trust their gut. This applies to getting dressed; they are not one to run out and get the latest trend. Leo’s are known for their headstrong and fiery personalities — I mean, they are a fire sign after all. Their animal is also the Lion, so they are very dominant and brave when making choices. Leo’s are super independent and ooze confidence within themselves and in others. However, they enjoy attention and thrive off of others knowing how great they are. With this being said, Leo’s make a great friend. They are realistic and super difficult to dislike. They forgive easily, rarely hold grudges, love being in control, and dislike boring routines of day-to-day practices. Their fashion style mirrors their personality.

1. Leo’s Soft Lemon Look

With style and fashion, Leo’s love being noticed. They always clear the path to making a statement and make heads turn as they strut by. They love designer pieces and rarely leave the house without them. Flashy, glamorous, and boldness is the idea they’re going for. Bright and bold warm colors are a Leo’s best friend, and with fashion they make sure they can incorporate these to match their roaring personality.

2. The Layered Leo

Leo’s – like most signs – love to layer their pieces together. The texture and polished look of incorporating multiple pieces make them stand out. Even though they are a fire sign and are born in the summer, most love the opportunity to style in fall layers. With the transitional season approaching, Leo’s will always be prepared for colored leaves, brisk wind, and layered articles.

3. Let’s Get Down to Business

Leo is great at expressing their mood of the day through their fashion. They tend to dress in a style that represents their current feelings and emotions. Although at work they keep their style professional, they still add a bold accessory piece to spice up the look.

4. Night Out

This is where Leo’s express their wild and bright side of fashion the most. They naturally love to party and go out to unwind. They enjoy colors that are dramatic like red, gold, and black and they’re always on the prowl for a good time. Nighttime is where Leo is most comfortable, especially when they are spending time out on the town. They love to dance and visit the trendiest clubs, but only with the perfect outfit.

5. Lap Pool Oasis

Leo’s were born in the peak of summer so they love to spend time at the beach or by the pool. They love to lay out and relax, catch a tan, and sip cocktails by the oasis. They dress up for this occasion despite it being a lounge and rejuvenation session for them. I mean, Leo’s have to go all in or nothing.

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