The Confidential Cancer: This Month’s Picks for the Most In-Tune Sign

on July 22, 2019

You may not notice it, but your personality traits run very in-tune to how you dress and what your fashion sense is. In fact, the connection between the two are very strong, that you can put your best foot forward with dressing your part. Cancers are very hard to read because of the fact that they are so reserved. Similar to their opposite spectrum sign, the Capricorn, they have a hard outer shell which resonates to their symbol: The Crab. They have a hard exterior, but when they are pushed to the extreme, their true colors are inside. Their outer shell is a way that Cancers protect their feelings before fully opening up. Cancers tend to be calm and at peace, but their inner feelings are shown once that is broken. You may never know what a cancer is thinking because they are so unpredictable. Due to all of these personality traits, Cancers get the misinterpretation that they are very emotional. They often have a strong sense of empathy which can lead to them having a lot of layers.

1. Mood of the Day

Typically, Cancers are very in-tune with their feelings and how the day brings them. Cancers are unpredictable, which means they are unpredictable with their outfits and style. Their styles may change one day based on what is happening internally for them. Cancers enjoy pieces that have meaning to them or that are sentimental. They also enjoy vintage pieces that have value. Cancers wear their emotions on their sleeve, so they will most likely do the same with their outfits. If they’re feeling down, they might wear blue. If they’re wearing orange, they might feel peachy. Above are some examples of colored pieces based on a Cancer’s mood:



2. Perfect Pastels for Everyday

Each sign has a color spectrum, and for Cancers, they love pastels. Cancers also thrive for comfortability. They tend to reach for clothing that are made of natural fibers such as cotton and wool. If Cancers could wear pajamas all day, they would. Below are picks that could go for the comfortability of a Cancer:


3. Night Out

Cancers are homebodies (like most of us) and love their pj’s, however they also love going out to unwind. When they do, they unleash a wilder side to them that many people don’t get to see. Cancers love to dress casually in a summer dress, blazer, or a set of heels. Again, they will veer towards a more colorful palette as opposed to the cliche all-black wear.


4. Date Night

Cancers enjoy romance and getting to know people on a more intimate level. They love getting dressed up for a passionate evening with an array of emotion. Cancers are flirty and playful, so when they get in this mood, their style is matched. Cancers are also very loving, so they will get into different prints, patterns, and even darker hues for the amorous vibes:

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Polyvore, Shop Look, Pinterest, and Fashionkill21. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from Pinterest. 

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fashomadminThe Confidential Cancer: This Month’s Picks for the Most In-Tune Sign

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