It’s Taurus Season: This Months Picks for the Tough Bull Sign

on April 29, 2019

It’s time for another zodiac re-cap for this month’s picks. It’s officially Taurus season. Taurus’s are very independent, hard-headed, and persistent. They often lead a mysterious trail behind them to those they interact with. They are well-grounded, as they are an Earth Sign. As their sign is represented by a bull, they resemble the toughness and hard outer shell that bulls have in nature. Taurus’s have a deep fashion sense. As they are not leader’s in this case, they are also not followers. They often create their own trends and stick to their own liking; not necessarily following fads or something that is “in.” They are very particular with their fashion pieces and have heads turning when they strut by – always making a statement. They have a classic fashion sense, and love playing around with sophistication. They are super detailed in their looks and never leave the house without looking polished. There will always be accessories to top off the look whenever they leave the house. Fierce, hard to please, and determined, here is this months picks for the tough bull:

1. Overall Taurus Statement

Taurus women tend to lean towards earth tones and neutral shades, however they are open to color and pastels. They are more likely to wear muted and darker looks than lighter, however. They are all about the quality and classicness of the style. They enjoy fine details, especially when it comes to accessories. As the fashion industry changes, Taurus’s tend to stick to their own branded style and go with the flow – not following the industry’s rules. Going out of their way to make their own impressional statement is how they roll.

2. Everyday

A Taurus almost always wears a tailored and well fitted outfit. Taurus’s are tough guys, which usually drives them to the persona of wearing mostly black, but they can be seen in denim ripped jeans, a white blouse, or leather belt, and a great pair of shoes. Although they love a good bargain, it’s primarily about the quality of the material. A Taurus is always polished and dressed to perfection for themselves. It’s unusual for a Taurus to leave the house and not be put together from head to toe.

3. Night Owls

A Taurus is a night owl and will prowl until the early mornings of the next day. Their night attire is always spot on for the specific occasion. Whether it be a date, a night out with their friends, or a night for themselves, they will most likely be the most daring they could possibly be at this time. The nighttime is where they manage to look their best and will put on a statement.

4. Vacation Nation

Taurus’s are very hard-workers and get to earn their rewards and achievements from vacationing frequently. These signs are very detailed oriented and it shows with their fashion. They love to accessorize and bring detail to their neck. Oftentimes, they wear scarves and necklaces to bring attention to that area. As for a vacation day by the pool or beach, Taurus’s don’t fail to still make a detailed statement while they’re away.


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fashomadminIt’s Taurus Season: This Months Picks for the Tough Bull Sign

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