ARIES: This Months Picks for the Feisty Fire Sign

on March 25, 2019

It’s Aries month! Aries are known as a hardheaded, independent, direct, and energetic women. Aries move quickly, sometimes with the appearance of more haste and impulsiveness than thought, patience, or follow-through. You know what you want, and you will find a way to get it done. Your zodiac symbol is the Ram, so you approach life “head-on” in most scenarios. Your straight forward personality shows through your fashion and style, so Aries tend to be the chameleon of the fashion world and blend with what is “in,” however they always make it look even better. Here are this months picks for the iconic Aries woman:

1. Street Style & Boss Basics


Aries LOVE comfort, athleisure, and the NYC street lifestyle. Signature luxury pieces are added to the mix, but Aries don’t really need that to produce a statement. Their fiery red status evokes a mystery behind each piece and it’s shown in each fit. In a way, Aries don’t think too much into their clothing, however that’s what makes it so unique. Their bold characteristics are shown through their personality – not much their style. Here are some styles that represent that “boss” side to an Aries that many people desire to have.

2. Everyday Comfort, Work Flow, and Weekend Getaways


Everyday looks to work, to class, or just a general weekend stroll around the block to run errands all fall within the same wavelength. If an Aries could wear sweats all day, they would. They have a business professional side to them like all signs, but they embark it in their own casual flare. Check out the pieces above that enlist an ideal look for an Aries for work, everyday style, and weekend adventures.

3. Night Owl Rouge


The best part about an Aries fashion sense is the carelessness put into it. Not saying necessarily there is no effort, but the effortless aspect is what makes it so intriguing. Without even trying, an Aries pulls off the ultimate challenge that many people struggle with: statements. Aries need to unwind and have a night out once in a while, and while they do, their fashion sense ultimately pulls through.

4. Hats and Head-On Apparel


Aries are “head-on,” which can be taken literally in their sense of style. The Aries woman tends to embellish in beanies, head pieces, and head jewelry in their clothing. The way they incorporate this is by adding it in as their final touch to their wardrobe. The ultimate Aries fit is not complete without some sort of head piece accessory. This can come across as a very grunge look, as some might say. Band tees and rock apparel fall very closely to this trend. Above are some inspired picks of headpieces an Aries might be caught red handed in.

5. Badwood Take


Natalie Wood is an LA native with her own streetstyle brand that was established in 2013. Personally, her entire take has an Aries aura specifically with style and grunge. She is a Capricorn (shoutout to the workaholic sign) but one of her dear friends Gabriella Abutbol models for her clothing and she is an Aries. Above are some inspo divided toward the visual representation of a pure Aries woman.

Disclaimer: All image credit goes to Polyvore, Badwood, Shop Look, Pinterest, and Fashionkill21. Fashom does not own any of these images, we upload them for inspiration purposes only. Cover image is from Pinterest. 

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  • Deanna Williams - March 26, 2019 reply

    I’m an Aries girl and fashom’s description certainly described my personality! I received my first box and was very pleased I kept the whole box. I am patiently waiting for my second style pick and hope to receive my box by my birthday mid month. Bring on the spring clothes.

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