The Passionate Pisces: This Months Picks

on March 4, 2019

It’s Pisces season! And it’s time to celebrate their most prominent styles for this month. Pisces are passionate, flirty, and intuitive and their style reflects off of that. This imaginative and dreamy woman must determine how she will swim through life: with the flow or against it. She is spiritual and caring amongst her friends and strangers. Florals and girly patterns float around a Pisces’ style, yet they have a little spark of sexiness added to their chicness due to their artistic persona. Pisces are very strong and wise, which embarks in a great partner to have in life. They are the mermaid of the Zodiac and this water sign takes to flowy and iridescent patterns. Take a look at this months preview for the true Pisces style.

1. Flirty and Fun

Pisces are the reigning champions with flirty and fun styles. Pinks, dainty blues, and floral prints are key to their delicate aura. Above are some styles that Pisces could easily rock anytime and anywhere. Probably one of the girliest signs, Pisces have no problem expressing it through their style.

2. #Workflow: Casual and Chic

Every lady loves casual wear, especially if it looks chic while it’s comfy. When it comes to workwear, Pisces’ go with the flow while maintaining that superior professionalism. Work is very important to them, and they take superiority when needed be. If they can also get away with a stylish wardrobe in the workplace, these pieces above would be their signature.

3. Bohemian 

The queens of boho and festival wear, one of the most fun styles to mess around with is boho chic. Pisces dominate music festival wear and are the gypsies of the Zodiac. They wear bright, iridescent, mermadic colors and it illuminates through their personality. Knitted crop tops, crochet bralettes, and kimonos are apart of many Pisces’ wardrobes.

4. Dainty and Bold

When Pisces go out, they definitely rock the designer shield. They make it known to everyone that their bold looks represent who they are inside and out. With a delicate touch from their soft side, a Pisces can easily rock these bold looks above. There is a touch of daintiness as well as strong and bold highlights within these pieces. Parties or not, when a Pisces breaks through their fashionable side, you’ll be able to tell right away.

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Disclaimer: All images are from Pinterest. If you see a photo of yourself uncredited, let us know and we will add your name. 


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