How to Make Work Wear Into #WorkFlow

on February 26, 2019

Working that usual 9-5 could be a drag for many reasons. Waking up early, getting that 2pm crash, and being exhausted by the evening wears you out, but it shouldn’t take away the fun in plumping up your style in the workplace. Whether your boss is a stickler to obtaining a particular dress code or a free-for-all of a manager on allowing you to wear what you want, we can all agree that showing up to work in a fashionable outfit sets the mood in the workplace at a better volume for yourself. Here are some fun styles that scream chic and trendy, yet still are remarkably sophisticated and formal for that professional look.

1. Getting Around a Stickler of a Boss: Work Pants

Many people have jobs where they aren’t allowed to wear dressier outfits and must abide by a particular dress code in the office. It’s great to respect that, but how do you tip toe around expanding your wardrobe in a more voguish way? Definitely follow the dress code, however spice up those particular elements that the dress code requires. If you must wear all black, put on some fierce black knee high boots with a sharply angled blazer. If you must wear work pants, grab a pair that have a flare leg at the ankles. It’s so fun taking pieces and wiring them into a fun and stylist way.

2. Stuck With All Black

All black could be fun: it’s sexy, sophisticated, mysterious… Or, to others it could be very gothic and almost death-toned. Most work places require an “all black” attire rule that you must abide by. If you can add color, add it on your accessory palette such as necklaces, earrings, purses, or bracelets. Add a flared up blazer that has black and white patterns throughout; in the end, it’s still black. Instead of the cliche business-wear and office attire, here are some ideas on how to spice up your all black work wardrobe into a more fashionable and sophisticated way.

3. Color

If by the off chance your boss isn’t a stickler to dress codes or set on a specific style to abide by, then here is the right place for you. Color is so fun to mess around with in the right work environment, but make sure to keep it professional. A true business woman works best by expressing her true style. Whether it be all black, pops of bright color, or monochromatic prints, color is the best way to look approachable and delicate, yet professional and put together at the same time. Color brings life to the environment, so have fun with it!


Coats and gilets are bold. Sleeveless poncho coats and wraps could be worn indoors at the workplace and still get superior attention. Throw overs and outdoor wear are apart of everyday attire and flash off a necessary statement. These are perfect for all seasons, especially in Winter and Fall.

5. Dresses/Skirts

Skirts and dresses have a femininity glow to a woman’s attire. While suit jackets and blasers bring a masculine appeal to a woman’s apparel, skirts and dresses are ways to showcase that authoritative level and still maintain professional yet girly.

6. Polka Dots, Prints, Plaid, and Patterns!

Just like color, prints, patterns, and polka dots are so fun and bring your personality out through your work wear. They’re quirky and playful but not too giving from a dexterous workplace. The 4 P’s bring character and life into your clothing, and enables you to have a polished yet dainty feel within the environment. Leopard printed suit jackets, polka dot blouses, floral patterned tops, and plaid pants are ways to incorporate the 4 P’s into your work wear.

7. Professional Casual

We stan a cozy, comfortable, and chic look. To work in an environment that allows you to enjoy that as well? Now that’s a keeper. You can easily mix casual with professional, just as long as it doesn’t look sloppy. Play around with jeans and heels, slacks and flats, denim and clutches, wrapped tops and sweaters… You can still look stylish, sophisticated, and ready to work.

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