#10YearChallenge: Styles Coming Back From 10 Years Ago

on January 21, 2019

The #10YearChallenge isn’t just making a comeback with how people looked from ten years ago to now. 90’s styles and early 00’s are making a comeback into the fashion industry, and it has been showing on recent runway shows. With F/W 2019 shows approaching in February, there is high expectancy on what styles and trends from ten years ago will be making an appearance onto the runways. Here is the #10YearChallenge in the fashion industry, and you should jump on the bandwagon too 😉

1. Multi-Denim

Wearing denim on denim used to be a joke to flaunt around in. People looked at you funny if you walked out of the house looking like that. However, in the late 90’s and early 00’s, it was socially acceptable to walk out of the house in denim jeans and a denim jacket. This S/S 2019 season, we will be seeing patchwork of denim and washed out fabrics from Isabel Marant, Missoni, and Coach 1941.

2. Kinky and Short

The short skirts and short mini dresses are back in! Nights out are becoming revolutionary, to the glamor and delicacy that Miu Miu represents in their show, the confident sex appeal in Versace’s partake on the look, and the hardcore rock-glam that Celine showcased.

3. The Fanny Pack

What used to be a a side piece to carry personal belongings around the waist in the early 00’s is now being worn as a statement piece on the body. The fanny pack has made a comeback as an accessory to put together the overall look for an outfit. Of course, it is still used as an essential to carry personal belongings inside, however the most recent take on this fad is to show it off on the body with a sparkled pattern or designer logo symbolized on the front. Gucci and Salvador Ferragamo in particular have proven the industry with their take on the comeback of the fanny pack.

4. Bandanas and Head Pieces

Talk about that, “Aaliyah Look,” bandanas and other head wraps are returning for that summer of 95 vibe. Bandanas are edgy and a super stylish way to tuck away perspiration from the hair. A recent trend with the bandana is to wrap the accessory around the neck which portrays a Southern feel, or to tie it around your favorite bag to underscore your favorite bag.

5. Overall All Day Long

Overalls were left behind in the early 00’s and were only seen on farmers, construction workers, and toddlers since then. In recent months, celebrities and fashion designers have been showing off in them to extenuate their physique. Don’t be shocked if the runway shows off their thin and voluptuous body this season.

6. The Revolutionary Choker 

Chokers have made a recent appearance back in 2015… and they’re STILL not losing taste in the industry. If anything, more people keep jumping on the bandwagon on adding this piece to their overall look for their nights out, to attend class, for a scheduled interview, and for their day at work. Chokers are sexy, chic, playful, and fun – and they can also be dressed up or dressed down. These are one of the many fads we wish to stay “in” forever!

Disclaimer: All photo’s are credited to Pinterest.

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