August Fashion Trend: The Button-Down Sundress

on August 9, 2018


It may be August, but that doesn’t mean the weather is cooling down just yet! There’s still plenty of time left to wear all your favorite summer looks, one in particular being the button-down sundress. This trend has become super popular this season, but if you don’t have one yet, it’s not too late to go out and buy one! Keep reading to find out why the button-down sundress is the perfect dress for any occasion this August.


1. It’s versatile. This dress can be worn to tons of different events and depending on the occasion, it can be dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories!


2. It’s comfortable. This is definitely the dress you’ll want to wear when you want to look nice while traveling but you don’t want to feel constricted or uncomfortable. It comes in many different styles meaning you’ll definitely be able to find one that works for you!


3. It’s unique. During the summer months, there are so many different styles of sundresses to choose from, but the button-down sundress gives off a vintage vibe while still being trendy and modern. No matter where you go in this dress, you’ll definitely find yourself receiving lots of compliments!


What do you think of the button-down sundress trend? Would you wear one? Let us know in the comments below!


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fashomadminAugust Fashion Trend: The Button-Down Sundress

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