How to Dress Professionally for an Interview (and Still Look Stylish!)

on August 7, 2018


Between making sure your résumé looks perfect and practicing answers to different questions that could be asked, an outfit is usually the last thing you’re thinking about when preparing for an interview. Many people make the mistake of not putting too much thought into their look, and instead go for something that seems “professional.” However, your outfit has the potential to completely change the outcome of the interview, so keep reading for tips on how to dress your best for one!


1. Keep the weather in mind. Even though you may have an outfit that looks super appropriate and professional during the winter, that doesn’t mean it will look just as great for an interview during the spring. Additionally, on an exceptionally cold day during the summer, you may want to opt for something warmer than a dress or a short-sleeved shirt.

IMG_4196-Edit2. Avoid too many bright colors or patterns. While a few fun accessories can add to your look, be careful not to overdo it. Making your outfit too bright can be distracting, and may cause the interviewer to think you won’t take the job seriously.mode-automne-hiver-2015-femme-style-casual3. Don’t try to be too trendy. Along the same lines, it’s also a good idea to not include too many trendy pieces in your look. The point of an interview is to see if you are qualified for a job, so unless you’re interviewing at a fashion magazine, it’s probably best to leave the dad sneakers at home.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset4. Simple is better. When choosing an outfit for an interview, it is always best to go for a more simple look and dress that up with jewelry and other accessories. As mentioned before though, keep the accessories understated and professional.8cbb56aebe2dfec24694a3725e8bed425. Shoes are important, too. Shoes have the ability to make your outfit look more dressy or more casual depending on the ones you choose. A pair of classy heels is always a safe pick, though. These will add a finishing touch to your look and show your interviewer you mean business!

What did you think of these tips? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to add any interview tips of your own!


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fashomadminHow to Dress Professionally for an Interview (and Still Look Stylish!)

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