5 Fresh Ways to Style Sneakers this Summer

on July 17, 2018

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Most people don’t think of sneakers as a summer style essential. In fact, when looking to spice up a look during the summer, sneakers are often the last type of shoe people consider. However, just as there are many different kinds of sandals to choose from, there are also many different kinds of sneakers. Check out our suggestions for unique ways to wear sneakers this summer!


1. With a dress. Sneakers don’t have to reserved for sporty looks. Try wearing a pair with a maxi dress or a sundress this summer for both style and comfort!


2. With casual looks. Sometimes you might just feel like wearing a white shirt and jean shorts. If that’s the case, adding a brightly colored sneaker can add a pop of color to your look and make it look like you put way more thought into your outfit than you actually did!


3. With bright looks. Just like you can use sneakers to add color to your look, you can also choose a pair that will balance out your outfit and keep it from clashing or looking overwhelming.

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4. To work. This one may seem hard to believe, but there are ways to style sneakers so that they’re appropriate for work! Try a pair with subtle colors to keep your look classy.


5. With fancy looks. Sneakers don’t only have to be worn with sundresses and maxi dresses, you can also try wearing them with more elegant looks. This will add a fun twist to your look, and unlike if you were wearing heels, you’ll be comfortable all night long!


Which of these tips was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, feel free to tell us any of your own!


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fashomadmin5 Fresh Ways to Style Sneakers this Summer

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