Patriotic Outfits Perfect for the Fourth of July!

on July 2, 2018


The Fourth of July is known to be a day of family time, barbecues, and of course, fireworks! Leading up to the Fourth, patriotic decorations can be seen in any store you walk into, as well as countless red, white, and blue shirts with funny catchphrases. However, if you’re not one to wear a shirt that says “Four score and seven beers ago” on it, what are you supposed to wear on this national holiday? Look no further, because we’ve got three tips to help you look like the most put together Patriot at the party!


1. Stripes. What better time to wear stripes than July 4th? Stripes are a great way to join in on the festivities while still looking understated and classy. Plus, stripes can be worn on other days too, meaning you’re not spending money on something you can only wear once.


2. Red. While red is a color that looks good at any time of the year, it will add an extra pop on the Fourth of July. With a red shirt or sundress, all you’ll be missing is the white and the blue!


3. Jewelry. If you want to be even more subtle with your patriotic look, just go for some red, white, or blue jewelry! This will definitely spice up any outfit you’re wearing, while also showing that you still put in effort to add some American flair to your look.

Which of these patriotic tips do you like the best? Also, what’s your go-to Fourth of July outfit? Let us know in the comments! Have a great Fourth of July, everyone 🇺🇸

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fashomadminPatriotic Outfits Perfect for the Fourth of July!

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