How To Look Your Best According to Professional Stylists

on June 28, 2018



Everyone likes trying out their own beauty hacks and ideas, but sometimes it can’t hurt to get a little help from the pros! Here are 5 helpful styling tips and tricks from professional stylists to help you out with all your style questions and concerns:


Only follow trends you like & feel comfortable in!

1. According to Rachel Zoe, stylist to celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence and Sofia Vergara, it is important to not take trends too seriously. Zoe emphasizes the importance of finding the trends that work for you, and not simply wearing something just because it is considered “trendy.” Zoe says to wear clothes “the way that becomes the most you” and we couldn’t agree more!


Stay away from mixing different hardwares throughout your outfit.

2. Keeping with Rachel Zoe, she also recommends to not mix hardware on clothing and accessories. In Zoe’s opinion, if “…your bag has silver metal, but your jacket, your belt, and your shoes have gold. No.”


Test out small amounts of bright colors before you wear an entire outfit with them.

3. Heidi Nazarudin, creator of The Ambitionista blog, recommends testing out bright colors as “a cuff or bracelet, or even a lipstick,” instead of going straight for an article of clothing.


More than two prints can clash and look messy.

4. Fashion stylist Genevieve Yraola, who has worked for magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire, recommends the “rule of two” when incorporating prints into your outfit. The rule of two means that you should have no more than two different prints in your outfit, going over this amount will quickly make your outfit look mismatched and busy—not a good look!


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

5. Lastly, Isabel Dupré, stylist to stars such as Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron, says to spend more money on accessories. “Cool shoes, interesting jewelry—those can really elevate your look.” Accessories are also a great way to add color and personality to any outfit!

Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know which ones you might follow, and also any tips of your own!

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