7 Summer Style Essentials for Working Women

on June 12, 2018


With those hot summer days now upon us, the last thing you want to wear to work is a suit, tight dress, or basically anything that makes you feel as if you’re in the middle of a desert rather than the middle of an office. So, what can you wear to stay cool and still keep it professional? Here are seven summer style essentials for working women everywhere:


1. Loose-fitting pants. Loose-fitting pants have become a wardrobe must-have during the past few summers, and we know why. These pants are breathable and airy, which is perfect for 90 degree days when you have to be in an office instead of on a beach.


2. Wrap dresses. A wrap dress is a great solution to when you want to wear a dress but it’s too hot to wear anything form-fitting. Wrap dresses are appropriate for many settings, including professional ones. They’ll keep you looking and feeling cool any day of the week.

tank top

3. Tank tops. Many working women shy away from tank tops, thinking they are too casual or too hard to pair with anything else. However, tank tops are versatile and can make for trendy work outfits during the summer months.

work sandals

4. Sandals. You didn’t think we’d forget shoes, did you? Shoes are just as important to a cool work outfit, and sandals are the perfect style to try out. When paired with our suggested outfits, or with a look of your own, sandals are a classy addition to your summer work outfit.


5. Jumpsuits. A jumpsuit is often not thought of as something that can be worn in a professional setting, however, the right jumpsuit can give an updated look to your everyday work wear and will only have you looking hot—not feeling it!


6. Flowy skirts. Flowy skirts are a must-have for every working woman. They are the perfect combination of comfort and class, and they are super flattering on every figure.


7. Slip-on sneakers. If you don’t already own a pair of slip-on sneakers, you might want to think about investing in a pair now. These shoes are incredibly versatile and can be worn to work and on the weekends. Plus, they’re super comfortable and are great for city walking!

Let us know your thoughts on these outfits and feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions of your own! 


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Thanks to Natasha Waterman for contributing this piece and Calli Frasco for editing.


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fashomadmin7 Summer Style Essentials for Working Women

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