5 Style Tips to Live by this Summer!

on June 7, 2018

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Summer is finally upon us which means it’s time to break out your shorts and sundresses and have some fun in the sun! It’s also important to remember some tips to looking and feeling your best this summer season and we’re here to help. Below are five fashion ‘rules’ to keep in mind this summer:

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1. Don’t be afraid to wear all white. While wearing an entirely white outfit may seem intimidating, it can actually be super stylish and eye-catching during the summer, especially when you dress it up with fun jewelry. Just be careful not to drip your ice cream on it (wink, wink)!

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2. Black is not just a winter color. Just like it’s okay to wear all-white outfits during the summer, it’s also okay to wear black on black, too! People are often hesitant to wear black during the summer as they don’t want their outfit to seem boring, but just like those all-white outfits, with the right accessories, a totally black outfit can be just as fun as one that is hot pink!

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3. Sneakers add a fun twist to any outfit. Some people might feel that pairing sneakers with a sundress looks underdressed or just plain unstylish, but it’s actually the opposite! Sneakers, such as a pair of Converse or Vans, go perfectly with so many summer outfits, and they make for a good balance between casual and fancy.

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4. Accessorize with earrings. When accessorizing an outfit, many people think of necklaces and bracelets before they think of earrings. However, earrings are just as important and can add a pop of color to the upper half of an outfit which is essential for a great summer look!

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5. Sunglasses complete an outfit. Gone are the days when sunglasses were simply used to shield your eyes from the sun. Now, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to add a little flair to your look. We’re loving the rose gold shades this season!

Let us know your thoughts on these tips and if there are any you definitely would or would not wear. We’d also love to hear any tips of your own!


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