Get the Music Festival Look!

on May 3, 2018

It’s that time again! The time for flower crowns, flowy dresses, and strappy sandals; it’s music festival season! Although we’re not all lucky enough to attend the actual festivals, here are four ways to dress like you are—because that’s almost the same thing, right? 😉

1. Florals: While flower crowns aren’t exactly practical for everyday use, but florals certainly are. Florals scream springtime and add personality to any outfit. They also give off a casual and fun vibe, which is what music festivals are all about.

2. Jewelry: Jewelry is an underrated part of the ‘Music Festival Outfit.’ However, when done right, it can add so much to the look. When choosing the right jewelry for your look, we suggest you go for earthy colors and stones, such as turquoise and amber, or add a fun element to your outfit with delicate gold pieces.

3. Flow-y clothes: When it comes to dressing like you’re at any of the top music festivals, you should definitely go with the flow! Look for loose fitting dresses, tops, and bottoms to achieve the look.

4. Hairstyles: Hair is also an important part of your overall music festival look. Even with the right clothes, the look is not complete without a fitting hairstyle. While there are a wide variety of music-festival hairstyles, many people tend to go with soft waves or a messy braid.

Many of us aren’t able to make it to the actual festivals, but there are still ways to incorporate their defining details into our everyday attire.

And no matter what, remember to wear what works best for you and to have fun with it!

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fashomadminGet the Music Festival Look!

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