The Oscar Winning Trends

on March 10, 2018

Hey there Fashomistas? Did any of you catch the Oscars on Sunday? Well, we did, and we have some trends for you! From all white to goddess-like to simple elegance to looking like an Oscar for ladies in red! The ladies of the red carpet did not disappoint. No wonder women have an entire month dedicated to them. Women are talented, beautiful, and look good while doing any and everything! Let’s all take a bow!

As we mentioned before there were many trends on the red carpet this year, but the five we want to hone in on are all white, the goddess look, simple elegance, looking like an Oscar, and the lady in red.

All White

Rapper Dej Loaf says that she rocks all white when she’s feeling godly. Well, these ladies looked like Heaven on Earth in their all-white wear. All white is an all year ‘round trend. From Spring to Winter all-white wear is a winner! It is bold and elegant. It is chic and sexy. You’ve heard of red-hot, but what about white hot? These ladies styles are definitely WHITE HOT!

“The Goddess Look”

Who doesn’t want to look and feel like a walking goddess? Every woman is a goddess in her own light. The ladies of the red carpet strutted their stuff in flowing fits and empire waistlines. They look like they belong in a sculpture in Greece!

Simple Elegance

You can’t go wrong with a classic look. The simple and elegant look puts your beauty on display! With barely any flashy distractions, simple elegance flatters the body with crisp, clean lines. Color is everything with simple elegance. Make sure to wear colors that look good with the undertones and color of your skin for a standout but subtle look.

“Looking Like An Oscar”

Have you ever seen an Oscar? It is a solid gold trophy mounted on a black platform. Some ladies were able to pull off the look. They looked like they were dipped in gold with shimmer and sparkle! You’ve gotta love this look!

Lady In Red

Red is the color of passion and love. It can be worn year ‘round much like white in different shades to fit the season. These ladies showed up to the red carpet and were RED HOT! Red is a sensual and yet graceful color. Red is a statement color and tends to speak for itself.

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fashomadminThe Oscar Winning Trends

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