Pisces Women Style

on March 1, 2018

Hey there Fashomistas! Isn’t it crazy how you can dress and accessorize according to your zodiac?! We are in the zodiac of the Pisces right now. Pisces is from February 19th – March 20th. Pisces are known to be the most emotional and expressive zodiac there is. Pisces is the natural mermaid of all the signs. Pisces is the free-spirit, the hippie, the bohemian babe. Pisces is a water sign and loves going with the flow and not being restricted.

You can guess the Pisces probably don’t like pencil skirts or body con anything. You are better off catching a Pisces in a flowy sundress or a breezy A-line skirt. If a Pisces were to wear pants they would probably care for palazzos, flares, or bell bottoms. Pisces love to be free. The fewer accessories and layers of clothing, the better to them. They definitely don’t want to be weight down by heavy garments. You could catch Pisces in chiffon, jersey, cotton, silk/satin, etc.

Pisces love to feel and look otherworldly. They love pearlescent or iridescent garbs. Pisces love blues and purples of all hues, shades, and tints. It reminds them of the water. Pisces are no strangers to patterns. Pisces love to mix and match both patterns and colors. Pisces love complementary and analogous colors. Remember Pisces are free-spirited and something similar to a bohemian. Pisces is the zodiac sign that is said to have inspired Coachella. Think Solange in the Cranes in the Sky music video.

Pisces can be stuck in the 70s in their style. The 70s was a time of crazy prints, breezy dresses/skirts, and flared out pants. The 70s is a blur to most everyone, but we know as far as fashion is concerned it was a time of emancipation and invigoration. You can bet you could find a Pisces back in those days burning bras for feminism. A Pisces these days probably (on the more casual side when not at work) goes without a bra depending on the top. You would think that the Pisces would be an air sign and an Aquarius would be a water sign, but they are exactly the opposite. There is just something so free and passive about the water sign that is just not in the more controlled and somewhat aggressive air sign.

Here are some Pisces inspired looks:

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