Lyn Slater the “Accidental Icon”

on February 22, 2018

How you will feel if you suddenly become a fashion icon! Lyn Slater is a 64 woman and she is known as the accidental icon.

She is fond of clothes and fashion and that was her life interest. She said in an interview with BuzzFeed news that her love for clothes started when she was very young as she used to go to a private school and they were not allowed to wear anything except their school uniform. She started to create her own style at that time by adding some special accessories to her uniform.

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Lyn launched her blog in 2014 about fashion and she gained popularity by posting different styles and looks of herself. Women around the world followed her and they were inspired by her way of dressing and her¬†passion for life and happiness. One day while she was waiting for her friend to enter a fashion event, everyone started to take photos with her and treating her like a celebrity. Her friend upon arrival called her an accidental icon. She says that’s how she named her blog.


Lyn Slater Is an icon of beauty, fashion, and happiness. You can feel and see through her photos how she is so happy and in love with herself. She is a great example of how one person can show everyone that life will not stop at a certain age and beauty has nothing to do with your face wrinkles.

Fashom has always celebrated self-love in everyday fashion. We continue showing our support by styling in outfits that suit you and your personality. Age no bar, get styled by Fashom.


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fashomadminLyn Slater the “Accidental Icon”

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  • Pamela Pardue - February 26, 2018 reply

    Was so happy to see you on a facebook post shared. I am 63 and struggle with my clothing taste. I always wear trendy, young looking fashions which appeal to my young at heart spirit. Had people tell me I dress too young for my age, skinny jeans and ankle platform boots were for teens. Who cares! I listen to myself. I am 95lbs and 5’2″ and I can wear what I choose. Thank you Lyn. Inspiration for all us 60 plus women.

    Fashom - April 16, 2018 reply

    We <3 your approach to your personal style, Pamela! Everyone should wear what they love and what makes them comfortable, just like you! xoxo

  • Jeanene Dillon - September 5, 2019 reply

    Loving this. I am 53 and I never k ow what kind of mood I am going to be in. I have cute clothes, cool clothes, and sometimes I really will dress lime a grandmother. You are an inspiration to us all. If I am happy and comfortable with what I am wearing, it does not bother me when people judge me and think that I am not dressing my age .

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