The SAG Awards

on January 25, 2018

Did any of you Fashomistas watch the SAG Awards? It was a great award show wasn’t it, but did you see the FASHION?! The SAG Awards, like many other award shows, is known for its red carpet fashions. Celebrities walk the red carpet in some of the most fashion-forward and extravagant pieces out there.

You may be thinking, “How can I be fashion forward without breaking my bank and being way too extra?” That’s where we come in. Inspiration is everything in style. Fashion is what you were; style is how you wear it! Remember that difference. You don’t have to carbon copy someone’s outfit just because you like it. All you have to do is be inspired by it. Then you can make it your very own.

Our top eight favorite SAG Awards red carpet looks came from the following (in no particular order): Tracee Ellis Ross, Marisa Tomei, Yara Shahidi, Danielle Brooks, Clea DuVall, Diane Guerrero, Saoirse Ronan, and last but certainly not least Dasha Polanco. These eight women used the red carpet as their runway. They showcased their own personal style and their fashion sense. They wore pieces that were good for their own bodies and skin complexions as well. Sometimes we forget about those two factors and just wear anything because we think it looked hot on someone else. You have to wear what is right for you! Some trends these ladies inspired for us were: all white, all black, A-line dresses, midi dresses, jumpsuits and pantsuits, crop tops, and figure-hugging dresses!

Now let’s, take a look at each and see how we can use this in the day to day life-“style”.

First, we have Tracee Ellis Ross, who never disappoints on the red carpet. She is a Fashion diva much like her mother! She strutted her stuff in an all-white ensemble even down to her shoes which popped in contrast with her skin complexion. She chose a bold red lip in contrast to her neutral colored ensemble. When is it appropriate for us to wear an all-white ensemble? They are most fitting in the summer or winter. A nice white dress and heels in the summer will do the trick or a white sweater with white tights or jeans and a white coat for the winter.


Next, the lovely Marisa Tomei stepped out in one of our personal favorite styles of dresses which is the midi dress! She even paired it with a pair of single-soled sandal heels which are also our fave! Every woman, no matter the height, need at least one staple midi dress and a pair of single soles sandal heels in their closet. A midi dress is considered below the knee unlike a mini but doesn’t touch the floor like a maxi. As a short woman midi dresses are key to making you look longer and thinner depending on the color and pattern of your dress. Try dark shades to thin and lengthen you out.


Another staple piece is the A-line dress or skirt. Saoirse Ronan looks chic and classic in her black A-line dress. She finished the look with pointed toe heels, which are our fave for an A-line! If you have more of a classic look an A-line will do you well. They do, however, tend to make you look shorter, but both a-lines and pointed to us heels should have a place in every woman’s closet especially the working woman or businesswoman.



We’re going to address Yara Shahidi and Clea DuVall together. Yara killed in in an all black jumpsuit that had a cool train attached to it. Clea worked a black pantsuit. Black is our happy color so anything black we are drawn to, but these ladies really did it and went out of the box. We know trains on jumpsuits aren’t practical, but you could easily find a jumpsuit to wear for any occasion. If you’re not into dresses for your more dresses up occasion go outside of the box and wear a pantsuit like Clea. Both of these looks have the ability to make you look longer. We love a good jumpsuit, and pants are everything when it’s cold or We just don’t feel like being in a dress.



Danielle Brooks and Dasha Polanco looked stunning on the red carpet. Where are our curvy, full-figured Fashomistas at? These ladies are amazing at showcasing their curves in the correct way for their bodies. This is a major key in both fashion and style because it is what and how you wear pieces. Both women are wearing a fit just where they need it. Danielle is showcasing her bust while Dasha is showcasing all her curves, but it is done subtly and elegantly. If you want to show off a little there’s nothing wrong with that, but you don’t want to show off too much. Danielle’s dress fits her body, but she isn’t showing too much. She wants the attention up towards higher where her bust and beautiful face are. We all have an asset we like to show the most whether is it your bust or legs or curves. Dasha is a curvy woman she loves to showcase her figure not by baring it all but by framing it nicely. Her figure-hugging dress isn’t showing much, but those curves shine through as the center of attention. Even her wavy dresses are cohesive with her curvy aesthetic. So, for our everyday women: find your favorite asset, and then find the best way to showcase it without letting it all hang out. Don’t be afraid to be sexy!



Winter is withering away and Spring is near! Diane Guerrero came out in a crop top. She’s our kind of woman because we love crops. As soon as it gets warm I’m busting mine back out! There are so many types of crop tops. You can wear fitting ones like she has here, or you can wear a flowy boxy blouse shaped one, there are even cropped sweaters and hoodies for our lounging ladies. You can pair them with leggings, joggers, skirts, or jeans. If you have some tummy that’s nothing high waist bottoms can fix. We love high waist 90s style jeans personally because they flaunt our curves better.


If you need some help because you’re inspired by celebrities, but aren’t quite sure how to make it fit with your everyday life, then download Fashom App. We are here to help you. We can find pieces that fit your body, your work, and any occasion. Our new stylist feature matches a stylist with you who will personally style you. Remember it’s not just about fashion but your own personal style!

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