Springing into Trends

on January 19, 2018

Fashomistas, we are more than halfway through January now! Time is flying by. Spring will be here before you know it, which is great because I’m ready to shed my black and white minimalist palette for some Spring colors, especially pastels. The official first day of Spring starts on the Spring Equinox, March 20th. So, we need to start stocking up and shopping for it now before the time is here ladies because the time is already near.

This Spring is coming fast Fashomistas, and here are what colors you can expect to see trending in this upcoming season! There will be blues, purples, reds, browns, yellows, greens, pinks, and greys. Pastels are coming in season again ladies, and I can’t wait! I am here for the blues, purples, and pinks for sure. Some of you may be wondering why there are browns and greys listed as a part of the Spring Color Palette. The reason for this is because with all of these beautiful bright and bold spring colors sometimes you need a neutral to mellow it out and to make it fashion. I am all for color blocking, but if you try every color under the sun you’ll end up looking like a rainbow. In fashion, that’s usually never a good thing.

Here are some Fashom outfits I personally styled for some different Spring occasions.

First up, I utilized the colors listed as “taffy”, “yolk”, and “soft grey.” Taffy is a lilac tint that belongs to the purple family and yolk is a yellow shade. If you know anything about color theory, purple and yellow are known as complementary colors because of they… Yes, you guessed it… because they complement each other. Spring is still “sweater weather.” However, it can be a bit warmer with a cool breeze. I paired this sweater and cardigan with a cute denim skirt for a nice Spring date. Don’t forget this cute little daisy bag with that small, but a saturated pop of color in it. The soft grey acts as a neutral even though the taffy is relatively muted.

Taffy, Yolk, & Soft Grey

Second, I have an outfit that utilizes the colors listed as “rose water” and “rubber sole.” These colors go together so fittingly. A nice pastel pink blouse paired with a suede mini skirt and leather booties. This could be a cute working outfit depending on your job. If you can’t wear it to work, then you could always wear it to the movies or the mall!

Rose Water & Rubber Sole

Up next is a simple, casual day outfit with the use of the colors listed as “catalyst” and “woke.” Every woman needs a good dark wash denim; it is a staple in every wardrobe no matter the style for sure. These dark jeans go great with the breezy and dreamy green blouse with its simple string bow tie. The matching bag and neutral flats complete this look. This is a nice daytime, nowhere really to go, but still, want to be a cute outfit.

Catalyst & Woke

Last but certainly not least, is the outfit that pictures the colors listed as “baby blue” and “iD.” My favorite pairing for Spring would have to be baby, light, or powder blue on light wash denim. It is a match made in Heaven! Here’s some more color theory for you. Because blue and purple are next to each other on the color wheel they are considered analogous colors. “iD” is listed as a red, but I would say it is more like the color, red-violet, which a very deep or rich hue consisting of red and purple which makes even more sense as to why this bag and these shoes look good with this blue sweatshirt; because blue and red literally make purple. Blue is already a part of red-violet. Enough book sense for you and back to the fashion sense. Who said comfy couldn’t be cute. Maybe it’s a little breezy this sweatshirt will keep you warm. My favorite parts of this outfit are the bows on the sweatshirt as well as on the pants. It makes this simple ensemble stylish and fun. This outfit is perfect for a walk in the park or anything that causes for you to be out in the Spring air.

Baby Blue & iD

If you like this Spring color palette and if these outfits seem to be just your style, then download the Fashom App (www.fashom.com) for more outfit inspiration. Check out our new stylist feature if you want to “spring” into these trends, but need some help finding what you need, want, and actually like.

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