on January 12, 2018
Are there any Fashomistas out there starting or already running a business? I like to call such women “entrepreneuHERs” because the future is female!
If you are an entrepreuHER maybe you need some help with a business, brand or marketing strategy. If that’s the case allow me to introduce you to entrepreneuHER Surbhee Grover. Surbhee is the founder of the strategy consulting firm – Steel and Graffiti Inc. (www.steelandgraffiti.com) which specializes in Growth Strategy, Brand & Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy & Execution, Innovation Strategy, Executive Immersions, Incubation, and Operationalization. At Steel and Graffiti, they “keep it real” with you – their output is not lofty documents, but real impact.  The brand name represents the duality of their approach – balancing Analytics & Art, Science & Imagination, Structure & Fluidity…hence, Steel & Graffiti.
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The team provides a fresh perspective on the business through customer, consumer, and user insight. With team members in NYC, LA, London and Mumbai, Surbhee and her team bring a rich, international and all-encompassing view to the table. While the team leverages best in class frameworks, methods, and discipline; they are also unafraid to bend the rules a little every now and then, or even to make their own rules – to get to the big idea. For them, “Good just isn’t good enough!”
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Surbhee was personally styled by Fashom. We wanted her style to say, “I’m a professional, but I’m fun and approachable as well.” And she certainly wanted something she could put together quickly – no time for elaborate dressing for this one! So we styled her in a classic and professional black A-line pleated skirt and nude flats with a strap. These staple pieces! We chose to show off Surbhee’s fun side with a cute floral blouse.
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See how she’s flaunting her own personal style?! If you love Surbhee’s outfit or want something that suits your personality, try getting styled  by Fashom stylists and get your personalized box delivered for free!
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