on January 5, 2018

Do You Remember The Time?

I can’t ever really remember a time when fashion wasn’t a part of my life. I grew up admiring my mother who always dressed with grace and elegance. When I was a little girl I remember playing and trying on her high heeled shoes. I was always so fascinated by her collection of shoes and clothes and I was in a hurry to grow up so that one day I could fit into those pieces. When I was in middle and high school fashion literally saved my self-esteem. I suffered from a skin condition, called vitiligo which leaves depigmented patches of skin on random areas of the body. The articles of clothing and accessories that I chose to wear helped to conceal the vitiligo and made me feel normal. These days my fashion choices of bold colors and strategic pattern clashing are all about making me stand out rather than fit in.

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Falling Into Place

My career in styling started with the decision to go back to school with the specific purpose of earning a degree in Fashion Merchandising and from a natural knack of understanding how to coordinate pieces. Prior to making that decision, I felt lost and creatively drained working as a General Manager in the food industry. As soon as I went back to school everything seemed to fall into place: I met a professor who acted as a mentor to me and I was hired right after graduation at the place where I had been interning. All throughout, I was free to wear the outfits that I wanted to wear and to showcase my fashion style on Instagram – which is how I got Fashom’s attention.

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Pay Attention! Fashion Trends Are All Around You!

I’m fortunate to live in Brooklyn and commute into the city. When you look up and pay attention to your surroundings the latest fashion trends are all around you! Of course, I am on Instagram all the time following street style stars like Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, Anna Dello Russo, Vika Gazinskaya, Miroslava Duma, etc – the more outrageous the girl the better. Finally, I love the old school method of flipping through a fashion magazine. My favorites right now are Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar.

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When You Feel Good You Look Good!

Making people feel good through the knowledge that they look good.

Fashion = Therapy

There’s a misconception that people who follow fashion are materialistic. I disagree. I’ve always believed that fashion styling – the process of looking put together – can be very therapeutic.

If you want Elle to be your stylist, pick her on our Fashom Styling Feature, and get styled with love!


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