Fashom’s color, Color of the year

on December 31, 2017

Colors have meanings and they can make you feel a certain emotion and get a certain message from them. Take Orange, for example, people say that it represents envy, while yellow makes you feel happy. Red is the color of power while White is for peace. Pantone announced that purple especially the shade UltraViolet -that comes from the melding of blue and red- as the color of the year 2018.


Pantone mentioned that the color has a spiritual meaning and a connection to the cosmo. Also, it is a symbolism for counterculture and unconventionality. Moreover, the color has a powerful relationship with many big movements related to women like suffrage movements and also LGBTQ rights. So It’s not only a beautiful color but also a very strong one that represent freedom and rights movements.


At Fashom we chose purple as our brand color too. We believe in the right of being different and being able to express it through your look and your body. We believe in diversity in beauty. That’s why purple is our color!!


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fashomadminFashom’s color, Color of the year

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