Introducing Fashom Stylist – Amy

on December 29, 2017


Fashion knows NO age!

It’s hard to pinpoint an age when I first became fascinated with fashion. I think I’ve always loved it. I remember in early primary school I’d spend all my mornings before school drawing and designing clothing with a friend (None of which I actually made as I wasn’t really too keen on the actual sewing part). I did do well in home ec in high school but didn’t own a sewing machine until recently, so I’ve started to make a few simple things now that I own one. It’s only been in the last 6 years where fashion has really come to the forefront for me again though. I take great delight in coming up with unique pairings and finding one of a kind piece.

The Styling Start-Up.

I was feeling creatively suppressed at my day job and instead went to my daily outfits for my creative outlet, that’s when I decided to start my blog Style Within Grace (although it was called Faith Filled Femme at first). I wanted to share the outfits I was coming up with and help give advice and style those who had trouble themselves. I’ve been growing my blog for about 5 years now. Earlier this year I went to a become a stylish day-long workshop with the Australian Style Institute to see if it was something I wanted to pursue and I loved every minute of it. I wanted to sign up for their course right away but have been putting aside money all year long so I could take it and have finally signed up to do it February next year. I can’t wait.

AmyDressember Day 19

Staying in the KNOW and ON TREND.

I follow a lot of other fashion bloggers and vloggers and I’m constantly looking for my favorite brands’ websites to see what new items they have coming in.

AmyDressember Day 04

Styling Esteem!

I think in the end it’s not about the clothing it’s about the attitude and confidence the clothing can bring! The best thing about styling is seeing the renewed confidence in a client because she now feels like herself and she feels comfy in her own skin.

Style knows NO wrong!

You can’t be wrong when it comes to style, if you feel good in it, you look good in it!

AmyKnee Highs Outfit 1

If you want Amy to be your stylist, pick her on our Fashom Styling Feature, and get styled with love!

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