Self Image Coaching

on November 24, 2017

Having a good self image is very important  as it affects every aspect of our lives. Some people think that self image of a person is the result of some events that happened in the person’s life and affected her self image. However, there is another school of thought that says self image has an effect on a person’s life. What is important here is to know how to have a positive self image about yourself and how to train yourself on embracing the good thoughts and believe about your personality.

Here you are some tips that will help you on your self image coaching process:

  1. Love yourself: First thing that anyone should do is that to love themselves. If you can’t love yourself  and think highly of  yourself  then who else will.sunset-hands-love-woman
  2. You should know your abilities and what you are capable of doing. That will affect your life and affect how you see yourself.
  3. You should know your success points and write them down. That will make you feel much better and good about yourself and make you feel that you are capable of achieving anything.


  1. Having a role model is an important thing and choosing a positive and good one can affect how you see yourself .Try to imitate their positivity and embrace it in your own life.
  2. Also from a time to time you should have a self-talk. This self-talk should be good and constructive. You should discuss what you think about yourself with yourself and make some decisions that will make you more positive and confident.


  1. You should take care of yourself. You should take care of your mental health by avoiding all the negative energy that is around you. And also by focusing only on the positive thoughts. You can also join a yoga or meditation classes that will help you in releasing the negative energy.


  1. Get a new look: getting a new look can be very helpful with raising your self esteem. Go for shopping and get a new hair cut that might be very refreshing.


  1. You should never think about what people think about you as long as you feel good about yourself and about what you’re doing in your life. People will never stop judging you so you should never care about their judgment you should only care about your happiness.


  1. You should surround yourself with positive and happy people that will affect your life and your mental health.

Group of multiracial friends having fun on the beach of tropical Bali island, Indonesia.

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