Style Tips for Tall Ladies

on November 22, 2017

Being tall is not an obstacle to look fashionable. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to try on different styles that others who are shorter than you can’t. All what you have to do is to play it smart.

Here you are some tips that we think will make you look more beautiful than you are:

Love your height. It is what make you unique and special and you should be proud of it.


Try everything on: when it comes to clothes and shopping you should try everything. Don’t say it might not look good on me, first try it and I promise you that you will be surprised.


Don’t be scared of heels & wear beautiful pair of shoes: Believe it or not, first thing that people will do is to look at your shoes. They want to see how tall is your heels. So don’t make them see that you are wearing ugly shoes. And don’t be scared of wearing heels. Actually heels give you more self confidence and make you look sexy. Also look at all the tall models who wear heels on a daily basis. So don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to wear heels because you are tall, it’s all about you and what you really want.


Shopping online: You should know your measurement. Some of the models on the online stores aren’t that tall as they look so you should know your measurements and compare it with the model measurements, that are usually provided online, to know if the clothes will fit you or not before purchasing them.


Say hello to jumpsuits and high waist pants: Jumpsuits and tall lady make the perfect combination. Also the high waist pants will look gorgeous on you.


Shop brands and collections that are designed for tall ladies: Most of brands do that now, they make a special collection for tall ladies. You can shop from them and that will make the shopping process much easier for you.

Choose a tall celebrity: one last tip is to choose a tall celebrity and try to follow her and look at her clothes and outfit styles. Celebrities like to look stunning so they go to fashion designers and professional people to dress them. So it will be very helpful for a tall lady to see what is new in the fashion world for her through those celebrities.

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