Sustainable Women’s Beauty Brands

on November 22, 2017

Green brands are officially making a name for themselves in the beauty industry. Organic and natural beauty brands have officially opened the doors for environmental lovers who want to use skin-care and cosmetic products that are sustainable and conscientious to our environment. Below we have compiled a list of three individual brands that use natural/organic chemicals to produce their cosmetics and skin-care lines. These brands also refuse to test their products on animals.


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PRODUCT RANGE | Hair, Makeup and Tea products

PRICE RANGE | $$-$$$

Aveda’s brand is based on the combination of wellness, beauty, and plant aromalogy. This company is phenomly known for their organic and natural hair products, but they have also branched out and crafted their own makeup and tea brand. Aveda is considered 90% organic and does NOT test their products on animals.


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PRODUCT RANGE | Makeup and Skin-care products

PRICE RANGE | $$-$$$

Burt’s Bee two main ingredients in their products are beeswax and willow bark, which immediately goes to show their commitment to using organic and natural chemicals in their makeup and skin-care products. Burt’s Bee prides themselves on being an organic company and refers to their company as ‘tree-hugging do-gooders.’ Burt’s Bee does NOT test their products on animals.


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PRODUCT RANGE | Makeup, Skin-care and beauty products

PRICE RANGE | $$-$$$

Tarte Cosmetics presents themselves as an ‘eco-chic, vegan friendly and cruelty free makeup’ brand. Tarte Cosmetics pride themselves on using all ingredients that have been based, tested and approved by the US FDA. The cosmetic brand also ensures a clean and safe work enviornment for their employees by using an international grading stystem. Tarte does NOT test their products on animals.

We at Fashom completely support cruelty free products.


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