Dressing in Public

on November 12, 2017


Have you ever thought why women wear dresses and men wear suits? Why it is not the opposite. Why people see it is normal for women to wear pants, trousers, suits and even ties, but it is not that common for men to wear dresses and high heels. Why society changes only for women when it comes to clothes but it is hard to change for men. Who put these rules!


I think that the answer is social acceptance. Humans always find it hard to accept what is different. In many cases, they can deal with it but can not accept it that easily. They will always be afraid of what is new and different. Most philosophers stated it that people hate change they like everything to be the same. That’s why people at the beginning of every new and different idea or phenomena they start to fight it and hate it but with time they start to adapt it and accept it. History shows many of these examples.

When it comes to dressing and choosing what people wear in public, they only want to choose the things that will make them fit in the small community that they are entering. That’s why you will find a great pressure on a new student, for example, who are new to a school. They normally take too much time to choose what they will wear and if what they wear will make them look amazing in order to be easy for them to fit in the new school.


Also when someone starts a new job he/she will take time to find the good attire that will fit with the company culture and he/she will ask a lot about the dress code of the company in order to look like everyone else in the company.


Dressing like everyone makes people feel comfortable, but what about what you really want to wear. What if you want to wear a jeans and shirt and just to make your hair a ponytail and go out to a party, why we should dress up and wear our best clothes. Is it because of people acceptance or because we are afraid of what will people say.

I remember one time I was in New York City and having a walk with my friends and saw a man wearing a pink bikini and riding a pink bicycle. At the beginning, I found it was awkward but when I saw him again later,  I was very happy and admired his courage. He didn’t care about what will people say, he cared only about what will make him happy.

The problem with us is that we are scared from other and from what they will think and say about us. But do you know what? LET THEM THINK! The most important thing in this life is to be happy.

Life is too short and we have to please ourselves and not to focus on what people say or think. And believe me, people will not leave their life and their problems to only think about what you are wearing they will look at you just for a second and then will ignore you and ignore what you are doing. Just be happy with what you are and what you are wearing this is what really matters.

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