Do you believe what you see!!!

on November 5, 2017

We are surrounded by photos of beautiful models. We see them in T.V., magazines, internet, and even in streets. But have you ever thought about all these amazing photos? Do you think they are real and they weren’t edited to be more attractive? Two models decided to uncover the truth about these photos.


These two amazing plus size models – Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe – decided to work with the professional photographer ‘Karizza’, he took some photos for them and edited them by Photoshop. They said that they looked amazing in both photos, however, their experiment showed that what we see in magazines are not real. These extreme editing made people believe that they have something wrong with their bodies as most of the time they can not reach the idea of perfection that is showed by magazines.


These images of beauty and body perfection that media is trying to implement in our minds may hurt women that feel insecure about their bodies. I remember a campaign that I once saw on social media about the effect of media on young girls. They represented the campaign by a photo of a very young girl that has a magazine opened on a photo of a skinny model and the young girl was holding a pair of scissors in her hand and was trying to cut a part of her belly so as to look like the magazine model.

We at Fashom believe that what Diana and Callie did is amazing, they wanted to tell every girl not to be ashamed of her body and to love it. It’s the only body that you have and you have to love it and take care of it and to stop thinking about the beautiful image that we see in magazines, as most of the time these photos are not real. We know that you look gorgeous as you are and we appreciate the natural beauty that’s why we created an app that will help you in showing your beauty. You can download our app and follow us on our website and social media and show the whole world your real beauty.

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fashomadminDo you believe what you see!!!

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