For the love of Culry Hair

on October 30, 2017


Two days ago a friend on Facebook added me to a group that gives some tips on how to take care of the curly hair. I loved the idea of the group. Most of the members of the group started to share their stories and struggle with curly hair and with how some people were very cruel toward them because of their hair.

Some societies put standards for hair and how it should be in order to be beautiful. One of the members shared her story about how she was bullied by people because of her curls starting from her mother, father, and siblings till her friends and her school. She said that she used to be ashamed of her hair and she used to straighten it all the time in order to fit in. When she finished her high school she got cancer and she was so scared of losing her hair. She said, ” being a girl with a curly hair was a nightmare, but imagining being bold is a horror movie”. When she shared her fears with family and friends they told her it’s not a big deal as her hair is bad anyway so losing it doesn’t cause a problem.


This cruelty made her feel insecure for so long then she decided that she will overcome that. She started to be better and heal from cancer and started to take care of her hair. She said, “I decided to be myself and love my hair, no more straitening my hair, no more letting anyone to makesme feel less of myself”.

We at Fashom wants to tell every girl that has a curly hair that curly hair is amazing and you should love it and be proud of it. Don’t let anyone makes you feel bad or that you have a problem. Those kind of people have a problem with their way of thinking and with their understanding of beauty. And we can help you at Fashom to have the amazing look that can match with your curls. Follow us and you will find creative tips that will help you in showing your beauty.


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fashomadminFor the love of Culry Hair

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