No makeup celebrities movement 

on October 23, 2017

Some people are crazy about makeup. They think that makeup can hide their age, change their look, or even make something extraordinary. All of that because they think that celebrities and actresses look exactly as how they look in the movies all the time. They don’t see them as normal people with messy hair when they wake up from sleeping. They think that those celebrities never have any face problems.

However, some actresses and celebrities decided to show the world that they are normal, that they have daily problems that everyone else has. One of these celebrities is Julia Roberts. She started to talk about her age and how she is proud of it and how her face skin started to change while she is aging. She started also to post many photos for her without makeup to show the world her real beauty and that there is no shame about aging and having it shown on her face.

Another example is Adele. She started to post photos for her without makeup and during her daily routine. She wants to show her fans how she looks when she is away from cameras and that she looks normal like everyone else.

Those celebrities want to tell everyone that there is nothing bad about being normal and about having face, body or style issues. They want to say that they are not perfect and there is nothing called perfection when it comes to the body. And the most important thing is that everyone should love himself/ herself as it is. We as Fashom share the same idea of body positivity and self-love. We believe that you should not hide your age, body marks, or even face issues. We believe that you should love yourself as it is and we can help you in doing so through our app and our website.

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