The empowering couple: Stephanie and Arryn

on September 25, 2017

How to get the perfect body? This question takes too much of our time thinking about how to answer it and apply it. But really, who define beauty and perfection. Who put those standers. What makes women all around the world spend too much money and time on losing weight and diet programs. Is it their dream for getting a healthy body and achieve something they want to do in order to feel happy about themselves or it’s because of the hard standers that the society put for the definition of beauty?


Every woman is beautiful no matter how she looks, how much she weighs, or how her body looks like. There is nothing called beauty standers. The only scale that can measure beauty is your own self-satisfaction and approval of how you look. If you are happy with your weight and with your look, so you are beautiful. You should love yourself no matter how curvy you are or how skinny are your legs.


One of the amazing photoshoots that have been taken recently was the one of Stephanie and Arryn. They decided to take some photos that show their love to each other. Those photos were uploaded onto Wolf & Rose Photography’s Facebook page. Stephany decided to give her message of body positivity to everyone through this photoshoot and it was an amazing one that had a great response. Not only the beauty of Stephanie and Arryn was shown through the photoshoot but also their pure love to each other.


Stephanie wanted to tell all the people who saw her photos that she loves herself as it is and everyone should do the same and stop thinking about the unrealistic standards of beauty that the social media presence. The photoshoot gave Stephanie the opportunity to express her love to her fiancée and to her body.


Beauty is relative, there is no actual scale that can measure it. Don’t listen to others who tell you that you should look in a certain way to be beautiful, you are beautiful just the way you are. You have to love yourself and your body, it’s the only body you have and you look beautiful in it!

Fashom/plus-size-topless-women-photoshoot-wolf-rose-photography-59c257c013bb0__700.jpgWritten by: Amira Mohamed

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fashomadminThe empowering couple: Stephanie and Arryn

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