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on September 11, 2017


Take your style to the world!

–essential travel clothes and tips

I am going to France for two weeks, and I am going to take a lot of pictures!!

What should I do to pack my clothes for 14 days’ trip?

Before you go

• Check out the local weather before you go so you can decide what to pack for the trip.

• Make a plan for your trip. You can pack your shoes and clothes base on the plan.

Essential travel clothes



The tank can be matched with a lot of styles. You can pair your tank with skirt, shorts or jeans. It is light, and you do not need a lot of room for it.


A simple T-shirt never goes wrong. Same as the tank, T-shirt can be a perfect match with any bottom. The good idea is bringing a simple and one color T-shirt.



Always bring a cardigan with you because you will never know if the weather changes. You can bring a light color cardigan to match your dark or white shirt or tank.



It highly depends on the weather of your destination. You can always bring a jean with you. You can also bring some short and skirt depend on the weather.



You need a sneaker if you walk a lot in the upcoming trip. Also, you can bring a ballet shoe which is flexible and easy to carry




A beautiful scarf can be a plus for your look. You can bring two different color silk scarves with you.

For a long time trip, do not pack heavy clothes and take a picture of every outfit you will wear for each day! Now, you will never forget what to bring, and you do not need to spend time on what should you wear every day.

Most importantly is to have a good mood, be happy and confident! Enjoy your trip!

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